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  • Wednesday, 9 June 2021

    Anupamaa 9th June 2021 Written Update " Vanraj-Kavya's Fight Over Honeymoon, Anupamaa Taunts Vanraj "


    Anupamaa 9th June 2021 Written Update " Vanraj-Kavya's Fight Over Honeymoon, Anupamaa Taunts Vanraj ".

    Anupamaa 9th June 2021 Written Update " Vanraj-Kavya's Fight Over Honeymoon, Anupamaa Taunts Vanraj ".

    The episode begins in the resort. Vanraj saves Anupamaa from falling from the wheelchair. Rakhi instigates Kavya as Vanraj is still closer to his ex-wife.



    Kavya asks Anupamaa to get well soon so that she can see off Vanraj and her for their honeymoon abroad. Leela criticizes Kavya for talking about her honeymoon in front of the elders and children. Kavya tells her that Vanraj doesn’t give her time as he’s busy taking care of Anupamaa or stays with his family. She asks Vanraj about his favorite destination for their honeymoon.



     Leela gets irritated at Kavya for having no shame. Kavya calls Vanraj to be shameless as he always thinks about his ex-wife. She asks Anupamaa to get well soon so that her honeymoon doesn’t get spoiled. Vanraj shouts at Kavya and asks her to leave. He warns Kavya not to stare at Anupamaa weirdly and orders her to leave. Kavya leaves in disgust. The Shahs take Anupamaa inside the resort. Kavya decides to take revenge when they reach home.


    The Shahs celebrate Anupamaa’s home welcoming through cake cutting ceremony. Hasmukh wishes Anupamaa to blossom again and restart her life afresh. Anupamaa thanks him and tells her family that they are her reason to survive. She cuts the cake. Advait comes to be a part of the celebration. Anupamaa thanks him for being her courage to fight her battle. Advait tells her that he’s learning a lot from Anupamaa too.




    He tells the Shahs that Anupamaa will move forward with her positive attitude. He gets emotional as he appreciates Anupamaa’s investment in relationships. When Anupamaa asks him the reason for his tears, he makes a funny excuse of not being able to eat the cake for so long. Advait tells the family that Anupamaa’s surgery is done but her treatment will continue. After Advait leaves, the family makes each other eat the cake.


    As Vanraj enters his room, he finds Kavya packing her clothes. Kavya asks him to get ready as they will be going back to their hometown soon. She tells Vanraj that they don’t have a point to stay in the resort as she has to join her office to secure her job.

     She blames the Shahs for not being with Vanraj but with Anupamaa. Vanraj asks her to stop blaming his family as they are an integral part of his life. He asks Kavya to leave for Ahmedabad if she wants as he will go back with his family only. 

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    He leaves the room while Kavya throws her trolley in anger.

    Later Kavya decides to impress Vanraj. As she comes back to her cottage, she finds Kinjal with a mixer that she was using in her kitchen. Kinjal tells her that from spices to mixer whatever she’s using belongs to Anupamaa. Kavya tells her that Anupamaa is the ex-daughter-in-law of the Shahs and now everything belongs to her. Kinjal asks her to have shame before calling her anything of her own.



    Kavya asks her respect like her mother-in-law. Both of them start snatching the mixer which Rakhi witnesses. Rakhi asks both of them to stop. Kinjal snatches the mixer from Kavya and leaves. Rakhi warns Kavya to behave properly with her daughter. She decked to talk to Kinjal too. Vanraj calls in few companies for his resume and his jobs. Paritosh finds him stressed. Vanraj tells him about his job issues.


    Paritosh asks him not to worry and asks him to give him a chance to handle the family’s expenses. Vanraj doesn’t want to pressure Paritosh and Kinjal from the starting of their marriage as it is too early to take such responsibilities. Paritosh understands his father’s situation. Vanraj asks him to help him find a job but denies joining Rakhi’s company. Kavya cooks a special dish for Vanraj to impress him. She wants Vanraj to forget Anupamaa’s cooked food eating her special dish. Kinjal offers water to Anupamaa to drink.


     She asks Anupamaa to tell her the recipe for the mango pickle which she wants to make for her. Anupamaa tells her the recipe for the pickle. Rakhi hears Anupamaa and Kinjal’s conversation. Anupamaa asks Rakhi to come inside. Kinjal asks both of them to talk and leaves. Rakhi congratulates Anupamaa for beating up cancer. She taunts Anupamaa for getting rid of her disease, Vanraj, and also the responsibilities of her family.



    She is worried for her daughter Kinjal who has to handle everything after she leaves the Shah house. Anupamaa asks her not to worry as Kinjal is smart enough. 

    Rakhi is worried about Kinjal’s career. She decides to hire a maid in the Shah house so that Kinjal doesn’t become the next Anupamaa.


    Precap For Anupamaa 10th June 2021 Written Update:

     The Shahs take their leave from the resort. Anupamaa gets emotional. Advait plays the flute before the Shahs leave. Kavya gets excited as she finds a separate car that is decorated for the newlywed couple.

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