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  • Tuesday, 23 February 2021

    Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 23rd February 2021 Full Episode Written Update " Virat Feeds Sai with his Hands, Pakhi Gets Angry "


    Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 23rd February 2021 Full Episode Written Update " Virat Feeds Sai with his Hands, Pakhi Gets Angry "

    Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 23rd February 2021 Full Episode Written Update " Virat Feeds Sai with his Hands, Pakhi Gets Angry."

    The episode begins in the Chavan mansion. Usha packs her things according to Sai’s instructions. Ashwini brings food for Usha hiding it from the family.


     Usha doesn’t agree to eat food as Sai is also hungry. Ashwini tells her that she has brought two tiffins, one for her and the other for Sai. She requests Usha to have the food as the next day is Shivratri and everyone has to keep fasting. Usha gets emotional and fears if the family finds Ashwini bringing food for them.


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    Ashwini tells her that she has brought the food hiding from everyone as she doesn’t want the family to taunt Sai for breaking her promise of not having food in this house. Usha cries and tells Ashwini that Sai has decided to leave the house. Ashwini is shocked by Usha’s words. She panics as she doesn’t want Sai to leave the house. She decides to talk to Sai and asks Usha to have her food. Sai is excited seeing the dishes brought by Virat.


    She teases Virat. She keeps teasing Virat to make fun of him. Virat enjoys Sai’s shayaris. Sai is amazed as she finds that Virat has brought her favourite dishes. Virat tells her that all the dishes are for Usha and her. Sai tells him that if he doesn’t have his food, then she will also stay hungry.



    She keeps Usha’s food separately. Virat makes Sai eat and Sai makes him eat the food with her own hands. Ashwini witnesses Virat and Sai’s bond and feels glad that Virat has convinced Sai not to leave the house. 

    Virat asks Sai why she’s arrogant in every matter. Sai asks him if he has brought food for others. Virat tells her that no one in the family likes street foods as she does.


    Sai tells him that he should have brought food for others too. Virat promises to bring something for everyone from the next time. Suddenly Sai feels dizzy. Virat takes her to the bed. Pakhi offers a glass of milk to Bhavani. Bhavani feels bad for Virat who’s hungry since the morning. Pakhi too worries for Virat. Bhavani asks Pakhi to call Virat downstairs.


     Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 23rd February 2021 WRITTEN UPDATE

    Virat asks Sai if she’s fine. Sai tells him that she’s having a headache. Virat brings food and makes her eat. Sai tells him that she will now get energy after having the food. They both have a friendly conversation. Sai decides to eat on her own. Virat tells her that he will make her eat and pretends to be sad as no one makes him eat. Sai makes him eat when Pakhi enters the room.



     Pakhi claps seeing the bond between Virat and Sai. She taunts both of them by saying that she could have captured the scene on the camera if she had brought her phone and show it to the family. Virat asks Pakhi if she has any work. Pakhi tells him that she was here to call him to have his food but wasn’t aware that he’s having a party bringing food from outside.


    She tells Virat that Sai has finally won. Sai understands Pakhi’s taunts. Pakhi taunts Sai telling her that she is being confident in treating Virat like her husband. Sai tells her that she has no lack confidence since her childhood. Pakhi taunts Virat asking him why Sai is behaving so nicely to him. Virat tells her that Sai will answer back if she keeps taunting her.


    Pakhi is taken aback seeing Virat’s behaviour and asks him how Sai convinced him so well. Virat gets irritated by Pakhi’s behaviour and asks her why she’s creating a scene just because he has brought food for Sai. Sai asks Pakhi to express her feelings to Virat that how much she’s hurt seeing Virat with his wife. Pakhi loses her temper and warns Sai. Sai tells Pakhi that she’s crossing the limit by entering into their room and interfering between Virat and her.



    She asks Pakhi if she would have also interfered between Karishma and Mohit by suddenly entering their room. She tells Pakhi that her taunts force her to misbehave with the latter. She tells Pakhi that she’s hurting her self respect by taunting her. Pakhi gets angry at Virat and asks him to stop Sai from insulting her. She tells Virat that Bhavani has asked her to call him to have his food.


     She taunts Virat and Sai for insulting her just because she was here to call him. Virat tells her that neither Sai nor he has insulted her but Sai has replied to her taunts. Pakhi is shocked as Virat always supports Sai. Virat asks her to put strength to her memory skills as he has many times gone against Sai. Pakhi tells him that he falls weak seeing Sai. She calls Virat to be a liar and betrayer. Sai defends Virat in front of Pakhi when Pakhi shouts at her.


    Pakhi leaves the room in anger. As she goes to her room, she throws things and creates the room a mess. She breaks down into tears. She gets a call from her mother. She becomes emotional talking to her mother. Her mother asks Pakhi if she can arrive at the Chavan mansion the next day for Shivratri. Pakhi asks her mother if her father and she patch up again after having a dirty fight.


     Pakhi’s mother tells her that it’s natural for every couple to patch up even after a harsh argument. Pakhi breaks down as she feels that Virat and Sai have become husband and wife in real terms.


    Precap For Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 24th February 2021 Full Episode Written Update :

     Bhavani senses something evil might happen in the Chavan mansion. Pulkit meets Sai in the temple. Sai angrily asks him about his wife and gets to know that Devyani is his wife. Pulkit tells Sai that he will meet Devyani on the same day in the Chavan mansion.

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