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  • Saturday, 27 February 2021

    Anupamaa 27th February Episode Written Update " Anupamaa Saves Pakhi, Vanraj Thanks her, Kavya gets Jealous "


    Anupamaa 27th February Episode Written Update " Anupamaa Saves Pakhi, Vanraj Thanks her, Kavya gets Jealous "

    Anupamaa 27th February Episode Written Update " Anupamaa Saves Pakhi, Vanraj Thanks her, Kavya gets Jealous ".

    The episode begins where Anupamaa and Vanraj are seen in the car trying to find Pakhi.


     Anupamaa and Vanraj decide to apologize to Pakhi once they find her. Anupamaa decides to accompany Pakhi wherever she goes. She stops the car seeing a crowd of police and common men. Anupamaa and Vanraj hear their conversation and get to know that girls are kidnapped frequently. They fear thinking about Pakhi and hold each other’s hand.


    Anupamaa 27th Feburary Episode Written Update


    Three boys find Pakhi in a park. Pakhi awakes to sense their presence. Vanraj gets Rakhi’s call. He gets to know from Rakhi that Pakhi is seen by some of her known people. Pakhi runs seeing the boys though the boys wanted to help Pakhi. She fears as she finds herself alone in a dark place and regrets leaving the house in anger. She realizes her mistake of leaving the house. Suddenly a stranger comes behind Pakhi.


    Rakhi tries her best to find Pakhi when Kavya asks her why she’s pretending to be so nice and sweet. Rakhi calls Pakhi to be sick for being insensitive when Pakhi is missing. Mama ji fears if kidnappers kidnap Pakhi. Leela cries as she panics. Vanraj asks Anupamaa to stop the car and asks the three boys about Pakhi’s whereabouts. They tell them how Pakhi ran seeing them. Anupamaa heads towards the direction where Pakhi ran.



    A woman and a man kidnap Pakhi and decide to demand a lump sum amount from Pakhi’s family. Anupamaa fears Pakhi’s safety. Pakhi whispers her parents’ name. The kidnappers quickly put Pakhi inside the car as they hear Vanraj and Anupamaa calling Pakhi. The man fails to start the car due to some technical problem. Vanraj panics seeing the dark place and prays for her safety.


     The car starts when Anupamaa realizes that Pakhi is inside the car. Minu cries as she is worried about Pakhi. Dolly shouts at Minu as she loses her cool. Leela consoles Minu and asks her to pray for Pakhi’s wellness. Pakhi just whispers calling her parents. The kidnappers hope to take Pakhi away without any risk. But to their surprise, a police zip arrives and so do Anupamaa and Vanraj. The police arrest the kidnappers while Anupamaa and Vanraj take out Pakhi from the car.

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode Written Update 27th February 2021


     Anupamaa adores her while Vanraj apologizes to her. The police inform Anupamaa and Vanraj that these kidnappers trade girls for money and ruin their lives. Vanraj gets angry and asks the inspector to punish them. The police officer assures Vanraj and Anupamaa that the kidnappers will be strongly punished. Anupamaa decides to go home.

    Anupamaa and Vanraj bring Pakhi home and call a doctor to check up on Pakhi. The doctor tells them that Pakhi is fine and will gain consciousness soon. He asks the family to allow Pakhi to rest. Leela thanks God for Pakhi’s safety. Rakhi asks Vanraj and Anupamaa how they came to know that Pakhi was inside the car.


     Vanraj tells her that Anupamaa sensed Pakhi’s presence in the car like every mother can sense her kid. He thanks Anupamaa for her instinct and noting the car’s number.

     Hasmukh appreciates Anupamaa. Vanraj too thanks to her for saving Pakhi. Dolly asks everyone to let Pakhi rest. Leela asks Vanraj and Anupamaa to freshen up but both of them deny to leave Pakhi alone which irritates Kavya. Everyone leaves the room while Kavya stands there. Vanraj asks Anupamaa to change her clothes.


    Anupamaa leaves the room and so does Kavya. After freshening up, Anupamaa goes to the temple and thanks to the almighty lighting up a candle. She asks the almighty to give her happiness to Pakhi and all Pakhi’s disappointment to her. Leela still panics. Rakhi tries consoling her. Anupamaa is surprised and feels happy seeing Rakhi’s sensitive behavior. Leela appreciates Rakhi for her help and thanks to her.



     Anupamaa hugs Rakhi and gets emotional. She thanks Rakhi for her help. Rakhi asks Anupamaa not to blame herself for Pakhi’s condition as somethings are out of her mother’s control too. Kinjal feels happy seeing Rakhi’s polite behavior. Rakhi bids goodbye to Kavya and asks Kavya to deal with her loneliness now as Vanraj is Pakhi’s father, not her boyfriend.


    She warns Kavya not to try her dirty games as Vanraj doesn’t care about her presence or absence in the house. She leaves for her home. Leela gives an angry look to Kavya and tells that real people can be recognized in the bad times. She asks Paritosh to book a cab for Kavya when Kavya decides to manage by herself and leaves the house. Anupamaa decides to go to Pakhi. She asks Vanraj to have dinner as she’s there with Pakhi.


    Pakhi calls her parents and seeing them she breaks down into tears. Anupamaa hugs her and consoles her. Pakhi apologizes to her parents. Anupamaa and Vanraj apologise to Pakhi. Pakhi cries and calls herself stupid for leaving the house in anger.

     Vanraj accepts his mistakes for not taking care of her. Anupamaa warns Pakhi not to ever leave the house in anger. Anupamaa and Vanraj hug Pakhi.


    Precap For Anupamaa 28th February Episode Written Update:

     Kavya calls Pakhi to be a great player for distancing Vanraj from her. Anupamaa tells Vanraj that they can try to put less impact of their divorce on their children. Leela orders both of them to stop their drama of divorce. Kavya decides to blackmail Vanraj emotionally to make him realize her value.

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