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  • Thursday, 14 January 2021

    Yeh Rishhta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th January 2021 Written Update " Kartik Says Bye to Naira's Thing, Leap and New Story "

    Yeh Rishhta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th January 2021 Written Update " Kartik Says Bye to Naira's Thing, Leap and New Story "


    Yeh Rishhta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th January 2021 Written Update 

    " Kartik Says Bye to Naira's Thing, Leap and New Story ".

    The episode starts with Kaira. They express their love for each other.



    They share some romantic moments. Kartik gets emotional and cries. Naira asks him to smile as she wants to see his smiling face in her next birth too. Later Naira gets disappear and Kartik sees a lot of parachute flying in the sky. Kartik leaves the place with a smile on his face. Later the next morning, Kartik returns to Goenka's house.

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode Written Update 14th January 2021


    He is entering the house with a smile on his face. Another side everyone is so worried about Kartik. Naksh suggests that they should file a complaint about it to the police. Meanwhile, everyone notices Kartik entering the house. They all take a breath of relief as Kartik is absolutely fine. He comes and stands in front of Naira's picture. Akshara starts crying then he goes to her takes her from Gayatri's in his hands. Kairav and other children also reach there.


     After going in Kartik's lap, Akshara also stops crying. Everyone is happy seeing such a change in Kartik. Kairav goes to Kartik. Kartik pampers him and Kairav hugs him. Kartik asks everyone not to worry anymore about him as he has returned now. Everyone becomes happy after listening to these words from Kartik and feels relaxed. Krishna also goes to Kartik.




    Later Kartik packs Naira's clothes, bangles, jewelry, pictures, and the bracelet she gifted to Kartik, in a box. He smiles while packing the stuff and recalls Naira's words asking him that she wants to take his smiling face with her so that when they'll meet in the next birth then she feels the same. Kartik locks the box. Later, after a few months, Kartik is hurriedly and carelessly running on the road at a very fast speed.


    At the last he catches a kite. He recalls a few moments before, he was playing with Akshara and celebrating a festival. Krish and Vansh arrive there. Kartik spends a happy time with them and asks about Kairav. They tell him that Kairav is in the washroom. Krish and Vansh run behind each other for the sweets and Kartik's eyes are waiting for Kairav.


    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Upcoming Spoiler  Full Episode Written Update 

    Manish arrives there and asks Kartik to give Akshara into his lap. Manish says to Kartik that otherwise, Akshara will forget them as he only let them play with her for five minutes only. Kartik refuses to give her. Manish requests for the same but Kartik doesn't listen to him. He gives a reply to Manish for every reason. Suwarna arrives there and asks Manish to think of some new ideas as with such old ideas Akshara will not come to him.



    Manish replies that he is the father of Kartik and he'll do what Kartik did in his childhood for his wishes. Later Suwarna goes with Surekha. Akhilesh and Luv-Kush arrive there. Akhilesh asks why they haven't flown any kite yet. Kartik replies that they're waiting for Kairav as he is in the washroom. Luv replies that Kairav is neither present in the washroom nor the house also. Everyone gets worried. Kartik goes to search for him.


    He looks at the CCTV camera's live videos on his phone but Kairav isn't present there. Luv apologizes as he didn't realize before, the effect of his talk on Kartik. Later Kartik finds Kairav sneezing. Seeing his sneezing, Kartik becomes worried and about to call a doctor. Kairav stops him saying that he is having sneeze because of the dust only. Kartik becomes more worried and goes to an on-air purifier for Kairav. Vansh says to Krish that Kartik has changed a lot.


    Luv replies that Kairav hasn't changed, he becomes worried for Kairav and Akshara. Later Kartik brings Kairav with a sweater there. Everyone becomes happy to see Kairav safe. They all are planning to fly kites. Kairav misses his Mumma and writes a note on the kite for her.




    Krish and Vansh notice tears in Kairav's eyes. Vansh clears Kairav specs. Kartik asks them to fly the kites now. Suwarna discusses the other preparations with Surekha in Suhasini's absence. They all are enjoying a lot while flying the kites. Kirti arrives there and they all become so happy to see her there. Kartik asks her to fly the kites but she says that she'll help Surekha and Suwarna.


    Kirti says to Suwarna that she tries a lot the see Kartik's pain but she can't see it. Suwarna says time has great power to heal. Kirti gets emotional and asks why Naksh isn't understanding this and is still in pain. Manish says everyone's way of dealing with the problems is different like Suhasini has gone to the ashram. Surekha says that Krishna too joined her.


     Kirti praises Kartik's courage to deal with the situation. Later a noise drops to their ears then they go in to check Gayatri. Gayatri is in bad condition as she can't make kachoris so she becomes so worried. Suwarna says that Naira's leaving affected Gayatri badly. Kairav and Kartik are still flying the kites.

     Kairav's kite is about to cut then he asks Kartik to save it as it has a message on it. Kartik tries his best to save Kairav's kite.


    Precap For Yeh Rishhta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th January 2021 Written Update :

    Kairav's kite cut down by the other kite. Kartik runs to catch the kite. Everyone tries to stop him but he doesn't listen to them. Kairav is worried about what if Kartik will read his message.

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