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  • Wednesday, 13 January 2021

    Yeh Rishhta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th January 2021 Written Update " Kartik Promises Naira to Move On, One Last Dance Togather "


    Yeh Rishhta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th January 2021 Written Update " Kartik Promises Naira to Move On, One Last Dance Togather "

    Yeh Rishhta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th January 2021 Written Update " Kartik Promises Naira to Move On, One Last Dance Togather ".

    The episode starts with Kartik. He says to Naira in his hallucinations that he wants to stay with her only.



     Naira replies to him that she is always with him. Kartik says that he wants her in reality as wherever he goes or whatever he does, he always sees her only and nothing else. Naira replies that he should accept the truth of her life now. Kartik says that he can't accept this as after accepting the truth you lose the person every time.


    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode Written Update 13th January 2021

    He further says that he doesn't want to live now as he feels helpless without her as when he called her she doesn't reply and when he tries to touch her she vanishes. He lashes out his anger that the world wants the person to proceed in his life without their loved ones but it's the most difficult task for them. He says that instead of dying every day, he should die once. Naira asks him about the children.


    She says Kartik to go and search her in her children's as the blood from Kairav's feet and tears from Akshara's eyes are hers. She further says that she'll always remain alive in her children's breathing and her husband's memory. Kartik replies that he doesn't want that kind of memory as he wants her only because the memories don't let him move ahead in his life.




    Naira asks him to think of himself in place of her because she doesn't want to die and wants to live a happy life with her children and family. She says that she was losing her life but at that time also she was only worried about him and their children only. She further says that she can only hear his voice when she was dying.


     She explains to him that she tried hard to live with all her efforts but the reverse happened to her. She says that she wanted to enjoy every moment of her life with him and their children only and wanted to live the moments about which they dreamt about. Kartik gets emotional and apologizes to Naira for not saving her life.


    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Upcoming Spoiler  Full Episode Written Update 

     Naira asks him that it wasn't his mistake as everything happened because of destiny only. Kartik says that he'll fulfill his promises and now he'll also die to stay with her only. Naira explains to him that death brings nothing as they have the chance to make their life better only when they're alive. She says to him that he can alter his and their children's lives now. Kartik kneels and later he can feel the touch of Naira. Kartik hands over Naira's bracelet to her.




    Seeing it Naira says to him that many things are left incompleted now. They share their pain as their love story also remains incomplete. Naira wears the bracelets on Kartik's wrist. She says to Kartik that he has to move in his life and has to complete the incomplete things in his life because they can't die with the dead ones but can live with the alive.



     She asks him to fulfill the children and the family's responsibilities. Kartik replies that he can't do this alone. She replies that her love is always with him. Kartik replies that he wants her company only. She asks Kartik to close his eyes. Later they reach in front of the Goenka house. Naira holds Kartik's hand and takes him inside the house. There Naira shows him Suhasini's pain and worries for Kartik. Kirti is also praying for Kartik's well being as the house needs him.


    Gayatri requesting Naira to come back as she wants to apologize to her. Naira asks Kartik to tell Gayatri that she has no complaint with her. Showing the other members Naira says to him that he has to fulfill every responsibility for them. Showing Suwarna, Naira says that he should take care of her as she has the pain to lose her daughter.



     Kairav asks Suwarna about Kartik. He says he too wants to become an angel like his Mumma and Papa. Kartik feels so bad. Naira explains to Kartik that the family needs him the most at present time and he should live for them. She asks Kartik to fulfill the responsibilities of the children by being a father and mother also.


    Kartik replies that he can't do this as is helpless now. He questions Naira that why she did this with him as he can't live without her and now he can't die because of their children. Naira replies that she doesn't want anyone to think of him as a cowardly person as love teaches him to live not to die. She says to him that he has the chance to fulfill his other promises. She asks Kartik to promise her that he'll not try to end his life again.


     Kartik does the same. Naira seeks Kartik's permission to leave now. Kartik gets emotional and hugs her. Naira asks him to call her whenever he'll need her and she'll come.

     She says that death can only create differences between them can't separate them. She further says to Kartik that he'll feel her touch when the air will blow. They spend some time with each other.


    Precap For Yeh Rishhta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th January 2021 Written Update :

     Kartik puts Naira's belongings, pictures, and other memories in a box and locks it. Will this bring a new change in Kartik's life?

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