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  • Wednesday, 13 January 2021

    Anupamaaa 13th January 2021 Episode Written Update "Anupamaa Decides to Break Her Marriage, Kavya Comes to Live At Nandini House"


    Anupamaaa 13th January 2021 Episode Written Update "Anupamaa Decides to Break Her Marriage, Kavya Comes to Live At Nandini House"

    Anupamaaa 13th January 2021 Episode Written Update "Anupamaa Decides to Break Her Marriage, Kavya Comes to Live At Nandini House".

    Shah’s see Kavya. Vanraj recalls Kavya’s word “Her love for him will drag her back to him”. 

    Nandini asks her why she has come here? and says not to create any problem here and go back. Leela says Kavya is shameless. And they should change their name from Shah’s to drama family. Nandini asks Kavya not to do any drama and leave the place. 

    Anupamaa 13th January 2021 Episode Written Update

    Vanraj says to Kavya that he understands her love and insecurities. He asks Kavya to leave the place. Kavya takes her luggage and enters her new house. Shah’s stands shocked. Kavya comes outside with a coffee. Shahs goes inside their house.

    Vanraj calls Kavya why she is doing all this. Kavya tells Vanraj that he is not allowing her to come close to him and love between them is not allowing her to get separated from him. Vanraj says this is crazy. Kavya says ‘love is crazy’. Vanraj says by being CCTV neither she nor he will be able to live peacefully. Kavya says no problem at least she will be able to live. Vanraj hangs up the call.

    Kavya sees Anupama. Further, Kinjal asks Anupama why she didn’t support her today. Anupama makes Kinjal understand that she should take care while speaking with elders. Kinjal recalls how she misbehaved with Vanraj. Nandini tries to talk to kavya and welcomes her to this hell. 

    She says that she had done wrong by coming to this colony. And she will soon realize her mistake. kavya says that she can live in this hell for Vanraj. There, Hasmuk asks Leela not to create any drama as they can stop Kavya from entering their house but not in the colony. 

    Leela shares with Hasmuk that she thought Vanraj and Anupama’s relationship will get mend. But with Kavya’s re-entry, Anupama won’t be able to forget Vanraj’s betrayal. As long as kavya is in Vanraj`s life everything will not be right. To make it right either Vanraj has to leave kavya or they had to do something for it.

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    Vanraj along with Paritosh and Anupama to go to the doctor and they wait for their cab. At that time kavya comes with a cab and says she will take care of Vanraj and also asks Paritosh to come with them. Anupama allows Vanraj to go with Kavya. kavya taunts Anupama that one who loves truly can take care every time and she loves Vanraj truly.

    Kinjal asks Anupama why she is bearing so much. She asks Anupama why she is not breaking her ties with Vanraj. Kinjal says Anu is the strongest woman and she should move on in life. 

    Anupama thinks Kinjal’s word and decides to break her ties with Vanraj. She decides to move on. The doctor tells Vanraj that his recovery is fast. Vanraj gives all credits to his family. Doctor asks to come for a checkup after one week. Kavya asks Vanraj to come back home with her as he is feeling better.

    Leela gets annoyed with Anupama for allowing Vanraj to go with Kavya asks why she has not gone to medical with Vanraj? why she has not claimed her right? and worries that kavya will take him to her home.  Anupama questions Leela why she always makes her understand and not Vanraj. She gets adamant not to go back to Vanraj. Later, Anupama apologizes to Leela. 

    Leela says to Anupama, she is not Vanraj’s wife thus she doesn’t respect her too. Anupama says sorry to Leela. Anu says she thinks baa as maa not sass. Paritosh comes alone and Shah thinks Vanraj went with Kavya. Vanraj surprise Shah’s. Leela, Pakhi, and others get happy. Kavya thinks she won’t let Vanraj stay with his family for long.

    Precap For Anupamaaa 14th January 2021 Episode Written Update :

     Kavya shares with Vanraj that she fears whether he will fall in love with Anupama. The thing that could not happen in the previous 25 years won`t happen in this time. 

    Anupama gives Vanraj a simple shirt as he likes simple shirt as per kavya`s telling for Makar Sankranti. Vanraj says his taste has been changed.

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