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  • Monday, 30 November 2020

    Yeh Rishhta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 30th November 2020 Written Update "Kaira's New Journey At Mumbai, Riddhima the New Entry "


    Yeh Rishhta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 30th November 2020 Written Update "Kaira's New Journey At Mumbai, Riddhima the New Entry "

    Yeh Rishhta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 30th November 2020 Written Update "Kaira's New Journey At Mumbai, Riddhima the New Entry ".

    The episode starts with Kaira. They both are cycling on the roads of Mumbai. Naira saves a boy who is about to hit by a taxi.



    The mother of the boy calls Naira 'Sherani'. Kartik also praises Naira. The boy's mother thanks Naira. Kartik asks the woman to take care of her boy as anything can happen. Kartik and Naira become silent for a while. Kartik asks Naira not to think more. Naira replies if she saved someone else's child then she is Sherani but when she saved her own child's life then she is none.

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode Written Update 30th November 2020


     Kartik hugs Naira with love. Alarms ring in their phones then they both start moving their cycles. They both reach a new house. While going up Naira's foot slips from the stairs and Kartik holds her. Kaira reaches inside the house. There they both discuss their today's to do things. Kartik makes two cups of tea. Naira goes to Akshara's room. Later Kartik is drinking alone the tea in another flat and Naira is drinking the tea in another flat, sitting alone.


     A flashback shows that Kaira enters the society in the same lift but Kartik goes to the second floor's flat and Naira goes to the third floor's flat. Before leaving Kartik says goodbye to Naira and asks her to send some pictures before tea time. Naira asks her maid that why she didn't add ginger to her tea whereas Kartik asks his maid to drink the tea with him.



    Naira sends Akshara's pictures to Kartik. Later they both look at Kairav's pictures hanging on the houses of their walls. Later while cooking the Kachoris, Naira notices that her maid Sudha is talking to Akshara in Marathi, Naira says that when Akshara will start talking then she'll make Sudha quiet. After cooking the Kachoris Naira goes to her balcony with having the kachoris in a basket.


     Kartik comes out of his balcony. He takes the smell of kachoris. Naira sends the basket of kachoris with the help of a rope to Kartik's balcony. Kartik takes the plate and says to Naira that no one can't cook kachoris like her. Kartik thanks her and takes the kachoris inside. Kartik is making smileys on the kachoris then Kairav arrives there and he hugs Kairav. Kairav sees the kachoris and recalls the moments when Naira used to cook kachoris for him and serve the same to him with a lot of love.


     Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Upcoming Spoiler  Full Episode Written Update

    Kairav becomes nervous and he refuses to eat the kachoris. Kartik asks him that he has made the smileys on the kachoris. Kairav looks at the door then Kartik asks him not to worry as no one has entered this house. Kartik says that his mother can't enter this house as he'll not allow her to come inside the house.



    Kartik is trying to divert Kairav's mind and later Kairav has a smile on his face.  They both do a race to eat the kachoris fast. Kartik finishes first and wins the race. Kairav takes a smiley from the drawer and puts it in Naira's basket and thanks to her but he calls her 'Aai' as he doesn't know that she is Naira. Kairav again thanks to her for daily cooking delicious food for him.


     He further says to Aai as she can't speak so he doesn't whether she is listening to her praise or not. Kairav goes inside. Naira is happy as she got thirty smileys from Kairav in thirty days and she is today happier as she listened to Kairav's voice also. Naira prays the god to continue the same process until everything becomes fine. On one side, Kartik has fun with Kairav and another side Naira is also so happy. They all have a lot of fun but in their own houses.


     Later Kartik receives a call from someone. Kartik tells Kairav that it's time for him to meet the person. Kairav becomes so happy and excited. Later Kairav and Kartik reach the beach to meet Ridhima. Ridhima is a beautiful young lady. Kairav becomes so happy to see her.




    They both make a castle of sand on the beach but a wave comes and breaks down their castle. Kairav and Ridhima laugh together and enjoy the moments. Kairav goes to play in the waves then seeing Kartik alone, Ridhima says to him that his and Kairav's special day is coming soon and before this, he should tell Naira about her. Kartik remains silent.


    Other side, Naira says to Akshara that Kairav and Kartik's birthdays are coming so they both will make their birthdays so special this time. She further says to Akshara that she can easily wish Kartik but find a way to wish Kairav also. Ridhima insists Kartik tell Naira but Kartik says that Naira will not come to the birthday party.


    Ridhima replies that she is insisting because she knows that these kinds of issues never hide. Ridhima says to Kartik that he should think once if Naira gets to know about it from someone or somewhere else.


    Precap For Yeh Rishhta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 1st December 2020 Written Update :

     Kartik is spending time with Naira. Ridhima makes a call to Kartik. Kartik rejects the call. Naira says to Kartik that it looks that he is hiding something from her and questions about Ridhima.

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