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  • Saturday, 21 November 2020

    Yeh Rishhta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 21st November 2020 Written Update " Gayu Listens Naira Blaming Kairav, Kartik Gets Angry on Naira "


    Yeh Rishhta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 21st  November 2020 Written Update " Gayu Listens Naira Blaming Kairav, Kartik Gets Angry on Naira "

    Yeh Rishhta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 21st  November 2020 Written Update " Gayu Listens Naira Blaming Kairav, Kartik Gets Angry on Naira ".

    The episode starts with Kaira. They're driving back towards Goenka's house. Kartik asks Naira not to worry more as Vansh is fine now.



    Naira thinks to tell Kartik about the accident's reality later. Kairav offers the candies and asks him to make Vansh healthy as soon as possible. Naira arrives there and tells Kairav that Vansh is fine now. She asks Kairav to tell her how Vansh fell from the terrace. But Kairav isn't saying a word to her.


    Naira asks him to speak as she noticed him following Vansh during the worship. Kairav is going from there but Naira stops him and asks him again to tell her the truth as she saw they were also arguing with each other before. Naira questions more and more then Kairav thinks what last time had happened when he told her about the gun.

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode Written Update 21st November 2020  


    Kairav is trying to leave but Naira doesn't let him go. Naira asks clearly whether he pushed Vansh. Kartik arrives there then Kairav goes towards him. Naira says to Kartik that Kairav is hiding something but Kartik doesn't listen to her. Kairav says to Kartik that he didn't push Vansh. Kartik replies that Naira doesn't mean that then Naira replies her mean was that as she saw when the accident happened. Kartik asks Naira to stop but she doesn't. She asks strictly to tell Kairav the truth as he doesn't know the risk of the matter.




    Kairav says that he doesn't know anything but Naira continues with her interrogation. The conversation heated between them. Kartik and Naira argue for this. Kartik says that when Kairav is saying that he had done nothing then she should believe his son.


    Naira replies that she saw what had happened and accidents can happen with anyone but now Kairav isn't telling anything to them. Kartik ends the conversation by saying that if there is anything to tell then Kairav will tell them but for now they're ending the discussion. Naira leaves then Kartik says to Kairav that his mother is so worried about him that's why she was asking so. Naira sits alone and cries then Kartik arrives there.


    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Upcoming Spoiler  Full Episode Written Update

     Seeing her Kartik says to her that he knows that she is in shock but she has to forget about the accident to move on in life. Naira says that she isn't worried more about what she had seen but there is also something else which they aren't understanding now. Kartik says that she wasn't asking but blaming Kairav. Kairav sits with Vansh's picture and he says to it that his mother is blaming him for the accident and she doesn't trust him.




    Other side, Kartik and Naira again argue with each other. Naira says that Kairav hides everything as once he put Akshara in the truck then he took the gun then he hides the mark sheet and now he isn't telling the truth. Kartik asks Naira to stop blaming the child and says that she doesn't want to end the topic. Vatsal is crying so Kaira decides to Gayatri back as Naira will stay in the hospital.


    They reach the hospital and there they get very shocking news. There the doctor asks Vansh to move his legs but he can't move them. Kaira shocks by this and Gayatri is in a very bad condition after listening to this. Vansh cries a lot that he can't move now. Everyone present there feels so bad. Kartik is calling Samarth but he isn't answering the call.


    Gayatri requests the doctor to make Vansh better. The doctor replies that they'll do more tests tomorrow and will try to save Vansh's legs. Vansh asks whether he'll become lame now. Naira can't see this and she comes out of the room. She has shattered. Kartik is also in bad condition. He comes to support Naira. He says to Naira that Vansh will be fine soon and they'll take him to the specialist.




     Kartik further says that it's just Vansh's legs are injured that's why he can't move his legs but soon everything will be fine. Kartik asks Naira to be strong as she has to support Gayatri also. Naira says that all this happened because of their Kairav. Kartik asks Naira to remove this nonsense from her mind as Kairav can't do this.


    Naira replies whatever was the reason but Kairav did this. Gayatri listens to Kaira's conversation and she is in shock now. Gayatri asks the nurse to stay with Vansh and she leaves. Kaira gets in then the sister tells them Gayatri has left and if wanted they can also go as Vansh will wake up in the morning now. Later Gayatri enters the Goenka house in grave danger. She runs towards Kairav. Kairav is afraid of seeing Gayatri in anger.


     Kaira also returns to Goenka's house. Suhasini asks why the three come back leaving Vansh alone. Kaira shocks after knowing that Gayatri is here. Gayatri questions Kairav that why he pushed Vansh from the terrace. 

    She says that she listened to this from his mother's mouth. Everyone gathers there then Gayatri says to Kairav that because of him Vansh can't move his legs anymore. Everyone shocks by the news.



    Precap For Yeh Rishhta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 22nd  November 2020 Written Update :

     Gayatri asks Naira to call the police to arrest Kairav. Kairav listens to this and runs away from the home. Kaira follows him and a truck hits him.

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