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  • Friday, 20 November 2020

    Anupamaaa 20th November 2020 Episode Written Update " Anupamaa and Family to Reach Same Resort Where Vanraj-Kavya are Enjoying "


    Anupamaaa 20th November 2020 Episode Written Update " Anupamaa and Family to Reach Same Resort Where Vanraj-Kavya are Enjoying "

    Anupamaaa 20th November 2020 Episode Written Update " Anupamaa and Family to Reach Same Resort Where Vanraj-Kavya are Enjoying ".

    The episode begins in the Shah house. Vanraj calls Anupamaa asking her to inform Leela about his arrival in Hyderabad.



     Anupamaa asks him to call frequently. Vanraj hurts Anupamaa by taking her father’s name. Anupamaa asks him not to take her father’s name who’s no longer in this world. She tells Vanraj that Leela tried calling him and realized that he is still in Gujarat as there was no change in the announcement of regional language.



    Anupamaa 20th November 2020 Episode Written Update

     Vanraj understands Anupamaa to be right and decides to be extra careful. Rakhi tells her friend, who’s the owner of the resort to help her expose Vanraj and Kavya’s affair as Anupamaa is her good friend. Janaki, Rakhi’s friend decides to help her. Rakhi plans evil to expose Vanraj’s affair. Vanraj and Kavya decide to roam around as their room didn’t get ready. Samar gets excited seeing carrot’s pickle made by Anupamaa. He asks Anupamaa if Vanraj and Kavya have gone together. Anupamaa tells him that she knows everything but doesn’t want her children to get involved in it.



    Samar doesn’t know how to ignore such things. He asks Anupamaa if she doesn’t get angry at Vanraj. Anupamaa tells him that she feels hurt by Vanraj’s behaviour. Samar fears if Leela and Hasmukh get to know about Vanraj and Kavya’s affair. Anupamaa is also confused as neither she wants to hide the truth from the elders nor hurt them by telling them the truth.





    Vanraj plays a joke with Kavya telling her that Rakhi is following them. Later Kavya realizes that Vanraj is talking about a magazine cover where Rakhi’s photo is printed. Rakhi decides to be extra careful so that Vanraj doesn’t see her anywhere in the resort. Vanraj and Kavya get impatient as they didn’t get their room to check-in.


    Anupamaa teaches dance to her students online. After her class, Nandini calls Anupamaa to be cute and wants Anupamaa to adopt her. Meanwhile, Rakhi clicks photos of Vanraj and Kavya’s while the couple was enjoying together. Kinjal comes running to call Anupamaa. She informs Anupamaa that Rakhi has sent some photos and seeing them Leela got upset. Anupamaa runs towards Shah's house. She asks Leela what’s the matter and finds Rakhi has sent her a photo from the resort.

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    Anupamaa senses a relief. Leela informs Anupamaa that Rakhi is apologetic for her behaviour and has booked rooms for the family in the resort. Anupamaa is worried. Rakhi calls Anupamaa asking her if the family will come to the resort. Kinjal thinks the idea is right. Paritosh, Hasmukh and others also agree to Rakhi’s plan. Leela also wants to go. Anupamaa informs Rakhi that they will come to the resort.





    The family is excited to go out for a vacation together as Rakhi has booked a room for the entire family including Nandini. Anupamaa worries if Rakhi has some plan in her mind but soon consoles herself as she must be overthinking. Nandini tells Kinjal that she cannot come with them to the resort as it is a family tour and she doesn’t want a favour.



    Samar feels bad when mama ji taunts him for being sad. Mama ji asks Samar to tell Nandini to pay her bill if she doesn’t want a favour from anyone. Samar thinks it’s a good idea and thanks mama ji. He walks to Nandini and asks her to accompany them. He asks Nandini to pay her bills as she is an independent girl. Nandini thinks that she cannot afford to pay a bill in a five-star hotel. Kinjal convinces her telling her that the resort belongs to Rakhi’s friend and she can get a discount for it.


    Samar requests Nandini. Hasmukh too asks Nandini to accompany them as he will help her pay the bill. Samar dances in excitement. Rakhi enjoys her vacation singing song. Janaki comes to inform Rakhi that Vanraj has asked her staff to plan a surprise birthday celebration for Kavya the next day at midnight. She tells Rakhi about Vanraj’s decoration ideas to surprise Kavya with the ring.




    Rakhi thanks Janaki and decides to give a shock party to Vanraj. She starts enjoying with her friends. Anupamaa tells Hasmukh that the doctor has permitted to go out for the long trip in the car. Leela asks Anupamaa to inform Vanraj that they are going out to the resort. Anupamaa texts Vanraj about their trip. Everyone gets ready and meets near the car.



     Nandini carries a small bag, unlike others. Samar doesn’t know if he should confess his feelings to Nandini. Meanwhile, Vanraj forgets to see Anupamaa’s text. Everyone gets inside the car and is shocked to see Leela in a suit. The family members suggest Anupamaa wear a suit too. Anupamaa denies getting embarrassed. She fears before leaving her house and prays God. Vanraj and Kavya enjoy in the swimming pool.


    Precap For Anupamaaa 21st November 2020 Episode Written Update :

    Vanraj taunts Anupamaa for going out. Anupamaa informs him that the entire family is out on a vacation. As she goes to tell him the resort name, Rakhi pushes her and Anupamaa’s phone fall on the ground.

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