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  • Thursday, 19 November 2020

    Anupamaaa 19th November 2020 Episode Written Update " Rakhi Caught Vanraj-Kavya Romancing Anupamaa Learns Yoga "


    Anupamaaa 19th November 2020 Episode Written Update " Rakhi Caught Vanraj-Kavya Romancing Anupamaa Learns Yoga "

    Anupamaaa 19th November 2020 Episode Written Update " Rakhi Caught Vanraj-Kavya Romancing Anupamaa Learns Yoga ".

    The episode begins in the Shah house. Anupamaa wears her shoes and gets ready to accompany Hasmukh for the morning walk.



     Nandini comes and wishes the Shahs good morning. She is the yoga teacher of Hasmukh and Anupamaa. Vanraj comes out of the house and taunts Anupamaa for wearing sports shoes with a saree asking her if it’s a new fashion. Hasmukh stands for Anupamaa and tells Vanraj that saree being the tradition and shoes being the symbol of speed, the combination is a new identity for Anupamaa.


    Anupamaa 19th November 2020 Episode Written Update


    Vanraj again taunts Anupamaa asking her to be careful while walking rather than falling in the street. Samar tells his father that the person who falls in the ground can stand up but the person who has downgraded his image can never get back to his previous position. Hasmukh thinks Samar to be right. Anupamaa takes the water bottle and goes out for a morning walk with Hasmukh, Nandini, and Samar. She enjoys the morning vibe.


    Samar enjoys being with Nandini and seeing Anupamaa happy. After reaching the park, Nandini teaches yoga to Anupamaa and Hasmukh. Hasmukh gets exhausted. Samar takes him to buy coconut water for him. Nandini teaches Anupamaa and makes her understand the usefulness of meditation. She asks Anupamaa to wear a pair of headphones to avoid the sound of the outside world.




    Anupamaa meditates and gets flashbacks of the intimate scene between Vanraj and Kavya. Seeing Anupamaa in such a condition, Nandini gives her water and asks her to relax. She makes Anupamaa understand and asks her to face the pain she’s running from. She asks Anupamaa to be strong so that she can deal with the pain not getting affected by it.


    Anupamaa thinks Nandini to be right and decides to face her pain to make herself strong. Samar and Hasmukh bring coconut water for Anupamaa and Nandini. Hearing the time, Anupamaa runs towards Shah's house in fear of Leela’s scolding. 

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    She faces Vanraj while entering the house. She tells Vanraj that he must be celebrating someone’s birthday without getting upset. Vanraj is shocked as Anupamaa remembers Kavya’s birthday. Vanraj feels a sense of relief as he will not have to see Anupamaa for the next two days.


    While Anupamaa does her household chores, Kinjal and her mother visit the Shah house. Anupamaa wishes them. Kinjal takes Anupamaa’s blessings. Leela taunts Rakhi for not wishing them on Diwali. Everyone in the family sits in the living hall. Rakhi looks for Vanraj but gets to know that he is out of town for office work.




    She taunts Vanraj for being hard-working as he is running two families together and later turns her statement taking the name of Anupamaa’s mother’s house along with the Shah house. Anupamaa tells Rakhi that they all wanted to discuss Kinjal and Paritosh’s wedding. Rakhi asks Anupamaa not to hurry as Kinjal and Paritosh have their exams.


    She denies fixing the date as she wants to know the family properly. She doesn’t want to risk her daughter’s life and wants to judge the Shahs. Leela loses her temper and tells Rakhi that they too have the right to judge the girl’s family Paritosh is getting married too. 

    Anupamaa asks Rakhi and Leela to calm down. Rakhi tells Anupamaa that she wants to take precautions before her daughter’s wedding as people’s character changes with time.


    Anupamaa understands that Rakhi is taunting Vanraj. Rakhi talks about Vanraj without taking his name. Anupamaa tells her that she doesn’t care where her husband has gone. She requests Rakhi to talk properly as the elders are present in front of them. Kinjal too requests her mother to behave properly. Leela asks Rakhi if she has come here to ruin their new year. Rakhi defends herself and accuses Leela of overreacting every time.



    She informs the family that she is going out for a vacation with her friends and after returning she will think about her daughter’s wedding. Anupamaa tells her that the wedding has to take place which they will discuss afterward. Rakhi and Kinjal take their leave. Anupamaa fears if Rakhi denies the wedding due to Vanraj’s behavior.


     Vanraj and Kavya reach their destination and appreciate the view of the place. They feel glad to get this vacation. Vanraj promises to spend quail time with her. Rakhi sees the couple together in the resort as she also visits the same place with her friends. She decides to utilize the situation and appreciates her luck for getting such a chance.


    The manager informs Kavya and Vanraj that their room isn’t ready yet and asks them to enjoy the surroundings till it gets ready. Rakhi notices them and decides to ruin the image of the Shahs. Anupamaa opens the room where she has seen Vanraj and Kavya together. Vanraj and Kavya enjoy the surroundings and spend quality time with each other. Anupamaa tries to face her pain. She opens her cupboard and finds Vanraj’s sherwani. Kavya shows Vanraj a shirt which she bought for him. Anupamaa takes out her sarees and doesn’t know how she will deal as this house doesn’t feel like hers anymore.



    Precap For Anupamaaa 20th November 2020 Episode Written Update :

     Rakhi clicks pictures of Kavya and Vanraj together. Kinjal tells Anupamaa that after Rakhi has sent few pictures which have disappointed Leela.

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