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  • Wednesday, 21 October 2020

    Yeh Rishhta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 21st October 2020 Written Update " Kartik-Naira Says Sorry to Kairav, Naira Tries to Talk to Naksh "

    Yeh Rishhta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 21st October 2020 Written Update " Kartik-Naira Says Sorry to Kairav, Naira Tries to Talk to Naksh "

    Yeh Rishhta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 21st October 2020 Written Update " Kartik-Naira Says Sorry to Kairav, Naira Tries to Talk to Naksh "

    The episode starts with Kairav. He tries to gather the courage to jump from the balcony. He comes on the front side of the balcony and hangs on it.


    He gets full of fear when his shoes fall and his sight isn't clear as he already lost his glasses. Kairav is in extremely bad condition. Kaira enters the Goenka house and Kairav shouts for them in fear. Kaira shocks to see Kairav hanging on the balcony. The rest of the members also reaches and everyone gets worried after seeing Kairav.


    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode Written Update 21st October 2020


     Naira asks to Kairav to hold the railings as they're coming to him. Kairav questions them that why they left him alone in the house. Kartik is trying to open the lock but it isn't opening. Everyone shouts and asks Kairav to not to leave his grip over the railings. Naira asks everyone not to shout as this will make him more panic. Kartik breaks the door by hitting it with his legs then Kartik and Naira hurriedly go to Kairav.



    They pull him up and Kairav is safe now. Kaira gets emotional and they hug Kairav. Kartik asks Kairav that why he was there on the balcony and why didn't he make them a call. Kairav replies he was on the balcony to shout for help and he didn't recall anyone's contact number so he didn't call anyone. Naira makes him calm.


     When Kairav asks Kaira that why they left him alone, Kartik replies that it was due to a misunderstanding as they thought he has gone with his grandparents. Krishna asks Suwarna for Akshara and later holds her in her lap. Seeing this Manish gets angry. Krishna comes to Kairav holding Akshara then Kairav recalls about the adoption and runs towards his room.



    Kaira goes behind him. There Kartik asks Kairav to tell the matter then Kairav says that nobody loves him and they never listen to him. Naira questions Kairav that why he thinks that they don't love him. Kairav replies that they only want and love girls only. He further says that he isn't lucky at all. Kartik recalls Naira's words that children are of a jealous type and they never want to share their relationships or stuff with anyone else.

     Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Upcoming Spoiler  Full Episode Written Update

    Kartik pampers Kairav and says that only they know how lucky he is. Naira says to Kairav that he is their favorite one. Kartik says to him that always listens to him and will accept his demands. Kairav becomes happy and he says to Kaira that he doesn't want to share his parents with anyone else. Now Kaira understands the real matter.

     Naira tells to Kaira that with sharing love increases only. She explains to him by taking an example that before only his parents love him but now Akshara will also love him so it increases overall love for him. Kartik says to Kairav that Akshara is born between many children and when he was born, he was the only child they loved him 100%. Kairav replies to him that it was only 50% as he was on a secret mission. Kartik replies that being apart from him doesn't create any differences and he was the best child for him.


    Naira tells Kairav that before him they were only husband and wife but he makes the mother and father so he has a very special place for him in their lives. Kairav is still angry with Kaira and isn't talking to them. They both try to make him happy. With Kaira's all the efforts, Kairav is happy again. The three spend a happy time with each other. Vansh and Krish enter Kairav's room. Vansh asks Kairav that was he practicing to become a superhero. Vansh also hands over Kairav his shoes and glasses. Overall Kairav is happy now. Kaira is happy seeing that how Vansh and Krish care for Kairav.



    Naira leaves the room saying that she is going to bring some eatables for them. Kartik follows her and sees that Naira is crying secretly. Kartik goes to her and hugs her. Naira says to Kartik that her heart is still afraid for Kairav and they did a huge mistake by not noticing Kairav in the house. Kartik promises to Naira that this thing will never happen again.


    Naira says that this thing has created a space in Kairav's heart and he is also insecure about why he thinks of himself as unlucky. She further says that they have removed all the insecurities from his heart as they also have to tell him about Krishna's adoption.

     Kartik replies that they'll tell him later. Naira says that they had signed the papers so they need to tell the family and Kairav as if he'll get know about this from anyone else then he'll get hurt.


    Later Manish asks Naira to talk to Naksh and Kartik says that only Naksh is increasing the issue. Naira replies that being a sister she'll talk to Naksh but she can't interfere more in the husband's wife's matter. Naira makes a call to Naksh and they talk about Kairav. Later Naira talks to Naksh about Krish that in Kirti and his matter only Krish is suffering.

     Naksh replies that he'll bring Krish back with all the efforts. Later Naira says to Kartik that they have to do something for Krish. On the other hand, Kairav is still sad with Krishna.


    Precap For Yeh Rishhta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 22nd October 2020 Written Update :

     Kairav isn't talking to Kaira. Manish tells them Kairav has seen them signing the adoption papers. How Kaira will handle this problem now?


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