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  • Friday, 16 October 2020

    Yeh Hai Chahatein 16th October 2020 Episode Written Update " Rudraaksh Makes Preesha Jealous "


    Yeh Hai Chahatein 16th October 2020 Episode Written Update " Rudraaksh Makes Preesha Jealous "

    Yeh Hai Chahatein 16th October 2020 Episode Written Update " Rudraaksh Makes Preesha Jealous ".

    The episode begins on road. Yuvraj hits Neerja's vehicle and she is left bleeding unconscious.


    Few hours ago, Neerja tells Rahul that she wants to go to a dandiya party of a friend and she thinks of getting the data from the tab now. Yuvraj also leaves the place and he follows Neerja telling that he will finish her game. Preesha calls her mother to inform about the concert but disconnects seeing Rudraksh and he gets angry seeing her there.


     Yeh Hai Chahte 16th October 2020 Episode Written Update


    Yuvraj is waiting for Neerja outside the beauty parlor and sees her crossing the road. Yuvraj sees that she gets the pen drive from the shop and she leaves the place after giving money. Neerja finds her phone battery dead so doesn't call Preesha to tell about the evidence. Yuvraj tells that her bad time has begun as he won't let her reach there and follows her. Preesha says that she was doing the packing and Rudraksh asks her to stop her drama also not to touch his things.



    He says that he bought dresses with Keerti and her choice is best so he doesn't want to take old clothes with him. Rudraksh pushes her out of the room and she tells that when it will be proven that the video was fake he will say sorry himself to her.




    Preesha tries to contact Neerja to ask whether she got the pen drive and it disconnects. Neerja looks for the phone charger but couldn't find them and Yuvraj is following her. She gets the charger while Yuvraj speeds up his vehicle and hits her car. He says that he will send her above and hits the vehicle again two times. Yuvraj takes Pendrive from Neerja's purse and leaves from that place. Preesha is tensed as Neerja is not calling her and she tries but the phone is switched off.



    Balraj tells Rudraksh that Preesha and Saransh will be with him on the tour bus while others go in the vehicle. Ahana asks Keerti to go with them while Rudraksh says that she will be coming on his tour bus as they have to discuss the concert. Rudraksh takes Keerti in his arms when she finds difficulty in getting inside the tour bus and he is trying to make Preesha jealous.


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     She thinks that only one way can help her from this torture that is to prove her innocence. She again tries to call Neerja while Rahul picks the call and he informs her that Neerja got into a big accident due to which she is in a coma now.




    Preesha gets shocked and Rahul asks her not to disturb them. Saransh takes Preesha with him to the bus and sees Rudraksh being close with Keerti. Saransh asks Keerti to sit on the other side as his parents should sit together and Keerti says that his mother will only sit there. Keerti asks Saransh to sit with her else she will feel alone and gets friendly with him. Preesha thinks about how she will prove that she is not guilty as Neerja went into a coma.



    They reach Rajasthan and Balraj asks why Yuvraj is there while he says that he came as a representative of Rahul's company. Ahana asks why Rahul is not there and Yuvraj tells that his wife is in a coma after getting into an accident. Rudraksh sees Yuvraj there while he looks at Keerti thinking who this is and Sharda takes Saransh with her. Keerti looks at Sharda thinking that she will never forget what she is going to do with her and Yuvraj asks why she is looking at Sharda like this.



    Rudraksh asks Keerti to call him Rudra as that is what people near to him calls. Yuvraj tries to speak to Preesha while she avoids him and he thinks pr utilizing the situation. Everyone is happy that Rudraksh is getting his recognition like before and Ahana tells that people who try to destroy this will get destroyed themselves.



    Balraj also appreciates Keerti and Rudraksh tells her as the best partner till now. Balraj asks them to rest properly as the tour is long and Keerti asks Rudraksh whether he genuinely liked her performance. Rudraksh tells that her voice is pure and she says that she is so tired that she wants someone to do her massage. Rudraksh tells that he will do her massage and Preesha looks hurt when he closes the door.



    Precap For Yeh Hai Chahatein 17th October 2020 Episode Written Update :

    Keerti opens the door to see Preesha and Rudraksh comes out shirtless but again close the door. Yuvraj tries to convince Keerti for his plans but she slaps him and he sees Sharda's picture crossed with red.

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