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  • Thursday, 15 October 2020

    Yeh Hai Chahatein 15th October 2020 Episode Written Update “ Rudraaksh Makes Preesha Jealous Over Keerti “


    Yeh Hai Chahatein 15th October 2020 Episode Written Update “ Rudraaksh Makes Preesha Jealous Over Keerti “

    Yeh Hai Chahatein 15th October 2020 Episode Written Update “ Rudraaksh Makes Preesha Jealous Over Keerti “.


    The episode begins at Khurana's house. Neerja says Preesha through a call that she can get the full CCTV footage to prove her innocence.



    She says that she has sent the iPad for repair and Yuvraj overhears the talk thinking that he will look at how Preesha gets the Pendrive. Keerti says that she will remove his ban if they agree with her conditions and she says that she can do this as she is the daughter of a minister. Rudraksh asks for the reason why she wants to do this with him and she says that her father doesn't think that this can be her life.


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    She wants to be like him as her father won't help her in singing career and she asks Balraj to make her career as he did for Rudraksh. Rahul asks Neerja what she is doing here and she says that she came to take a pen. Rahul goes to open the drawer while Neerja asks whether he wants coffee and he says yes but says that he will come.


    Rahul gets happy to find a tab there and Neerja remembers asking the repair shop owner for a broken tab else her husband will be upset. She thinks that she knew that Rahul will check and now he won't doubt her. Balraj shakes hands with Keerti agreeing that he will make her a star and she hugs Rudraksh as he also agrees.




    Ahana looks at Preesha and Keerti apologizes for reacting like this and asks him not to count her in fangirls who try to get close to him. Keerti says that he and Preesha are good together as they are known as Rusha between people. Keerti tells that their relationship will be completely professional and he says that she will get success soon if she goes like this.


    Ahuja says that the ban should be removed by tomorrow for them to start the tour and Keerti goes after saying that the ban will be removed today itself. Ahana says that she is brilliant and Ahuja says that Balraj shouldn't go with Rudraksh as this won't create a good image in front of the public after the award function. Ahuja says this is for some time and says that sending Preesha with Rudraksh will make the tour superhit.


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     Everyone gets shocked while Balraj opposes this idea. Rahul says Yuvraj that he is going to get the new concert and Yuvraj asks whether this is confirmed. Ahuja asks Balraj to think as they are a famous couple and seeing them together will help people to forget this controversy. He says everything will be fine and asks him to send Preesha on this tour.




    Balraj says that they will have to take Preesha with them as this is to improve Rudraksha's image. Neerja takes snacks and tea knowing that Yuvraj came there. Rahul calls Ahuja asking when he is coming to sign the concert contract and says that the main singer is Rudraksh as his ban will be removed.


     Ahuja says that if Rudraksh is not there this tour would have been canceled and Rahul gets angry. Yuvraj sees Neerja there and asks Rahul didn't he tell the servant to bring this. Neerja says that she wanted to ask Rahul about lunch and asks whether he is upset. Rahul says that nothing happened and asks her not to worry but Yuvraj doubts her for eavesdropping. Everyone gets happy when Keerti comes telling that his ban is removed and he hugs Keerti in happiness.


    Sharda hugs Keerti while she thinks that it is good that she has forgotten everything but now she will be reminded as she is back. Balraj thanks Keerti and asks Rudraksh to do his packing as he has to leave tomorrow morning. Rudraksh asks Keerti to travel with him on his tour bus and she agrees to tell that it is fun. Saransh comes there asking about the tour and he remembers Keerti getting an award in the function.



     Saransh worries about his online classes and Keerti says that he can attend from anywhere as it is online so he can get entertained as well as have classes. Rudraksh asks Keerti to come with him to the room for discussing the songs also to help him in packing. Rahul is angry about Ahuja but Yuvraj asks him to think about his wife plotting against him and he says nothing is like that.


     Rahul doesn't believe Yuvraj saying bad about Neerja and Yuvraj asks about where the tab he kept. Rahul shows the tab and asks him to stop talking nonsense. Yuvraj thinks of bringing the truth himself. Preesha thinks about Rudraksh being close to Keerti and tells that he can't tolerate this behavior. Neerja calls Preesha telling that she may prove her innocence by showing the full CCTV footage to Rudraksh.


    She says that she sends that tab for repairing and promises to complete the work soon. Neerja asks the repair shop owner to put every data in the pen drive and says that she will come to collect by evening. Yuvraj overhears this and tells that he will look at how she is going to help. 

    Preesha comes in search of Rudraksh in the room and Ahana says that Rudraksh went outside with Keerti. Ahana says that Rudraksh has moved away from her forever and mocks at her.


    Preesha says that they should be together as they are doing a concert together and even she is going with them but thinks that she should prove her innocence.



    Precap For Yeh Hai Chahatein 16th October 2020 Episode Written Update :

     Rudraksh holds Keerti in his arms while Neerja gets into an accident.

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