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  • Tuesday, 20 October 2020

    Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 Full Episode 20th October 2020 Written Update " Gopi Feeds Cake to Aham, Kanak Does Gehna's Aarti ".


    Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 Full Episode 20th October 2020 Written Update " Gopi Feeds Cake to Aham, Kanak Does Gehna's Aarti "

    Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 Full Episode 20th October 2020 Written Update " Gopi Feeds Cake to Aham, Kanak Does Gehna's Aarti ".

    The episode begins at Desai's house. Hema calls out for Kanak seeing Gopi being caring for Gehna.



     Pankaj and Chetan try to know about the money that Prabhul gets on retirement but Jamna starts asking what Kokila will like to eat. Prabhul gets a call and he tells his sons that the person called told that the amount in the cheque is a surprise that will be revealed at the party.



     They go while Prabhul tells his wife that he is thinking to give Gehna a part of the money and she agrees as she loves them like parents. Gopi asks what she is doing while Gehna takes her blessings realizing who she is and Kokila comes there calling for her. Kanak and Hema are looking at them from the house while Gehna takes blessings from Kokila, Urmila, and Hetal.


    Kokila is happy to know that she is Gehna and Gopi asks what she is doing in this hot sunlight. She says that she came to warm water in sunlight and Kokila asks who said her to do this while she says sister in law. Gehna tries to cover up the situation telling maybe she heard wrong. Hema starts to do aarti but is stopped by Kanak and tells she will do aarti as she is the eldest daughter in law.




    She puts teeka and does the aarti to welcome them. Kokila stops her from going telling that there is one more to have aarti and brings Gehna telling that she should do the aarti as Gehna is entering with them in the house. Kanak asks Hema to do the aarti and Kokila stops her asking Kanak to do aarti and teeka.


    Gehna asks Kokila to leave this and tells that she will make tea for them when they take sit inside the home. But Kokila insists on completing the aarti as it takes only a little time and Kanak does the aarti thinking about taking revenge on Gehna for this.

     Prabhul and Jamna welcome the Modi family inside the Desai home. Kanak looks at Gehna in anger and everyone joins for aarti. Prabhul introduces his family members to Kokila and tells that his younger son Anant will be present for the function tomorrow.


    Kokila introduces her family to her brother's family and she praises the idol statue of Lord kept there. Kokila says that Gopi made the cake for Ahem's b' day even though he is not with them and asks Gehna to bring a knife. Gopi cuts the cake recalling the memories with Ahem and Kanak asks Gehna to go to the outhouse.



    Kokila and Gopi get emotional hugging each other. Gopi looks for Gehna to give cake and Jamna tells that she will be in the outhouse to take a rest as she was doing work from the morning. Gopi says that she will come after giving her cake to Gehna but Kanak and Hema is not happy with their behavior.


    Gopi calls for Gehna in the dark and she sees Ahem eating cake from her hands. Kokila puts the lights on calling Gopi and asks why she is restless. She asks who ate cake as Gehna is not seen here and she remembers seeing Ahem there. 

    She says that he looked like Ahem and Kokila asks whether she saw him in dreams again. She shows the cake he ate but Kokila tells her not to give fake hope to her. This was her imagination so Gopi doesn't tell anything.

    Precap For Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 Full Episode 21st October 2020 Written Update :

     Gopi helps Gehna in getting ready but Kanak destroys her happiness. Anant comes home and sees Gehna.

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