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  • Friday, 16 October 2020

    Anupamaaa 16th October 2020 Episode Written Update " Anupamaa Gets Ready for Marriage Vanraj Stucks at Home Kavya Waits For him at Temple "


    Anupamaaa 16th October 2020 Episode Written Update " Anupamaa Gets Ready for Marriage Vanraj Stucks at Home Kavya Waits For him at Temple "

    Anupamaaa 16th October 2020 Episode Written Update " Anupamaa Gets Ready for Marriage Vanraj Stucks at Home Kavya Waits For him at Temple ".

    The episode begins in the Shah house. Pakhi and Devika spent time watching pictures of the functions.



    Dolly is also spending a nice time with Pakhi and Devika. Anupamaa comes into the room and hesitantly asks Pakhi for the face pack. She then asks Dolly to help her with eyebrows. Dolly agrees instantly to help Anupamaa get ready for her wedding the next day. Devika and Pakhi are happily shocked to hear Anupamaa’s demands for herself.



    Anupamaa 16th October 2020 Episode Written Update

    Anupamaa wants to look beautiful for Vanraj. The ladies dance together in the room to enjoy the moment. At night, Anupamaa goes to her room and finds Vanraj asleep. Vanraj wakes up and gets afraid seeing Anupamaa with a face pack. He asks Anupamaa what she has applied to her face. Anupamaa tells him that she is trying to change in a way he has changed for the better. She blushes and smiles. She feels like something new is going to happen.



    In the early morning, Anupamaa does her prayer. She seems very happy and thanks to God for giving her so much happiness. She feels like she’s at the top of the world. She walks and dances through the garden cherishing her wedding day. She picks up a rose and puts it in her hair. She then waters the plants. She goes to the kitchen and does the ritual she does every day.




     Vanraj gets ready pretending to be going for office. He then gets Kavya’s text and receives a photo of her in bridal attire. Kavya gets ready before time and is excited about her wedding. She asks Vanraj to reach the temple by 8 AM so that all the rituals of the wedding get comfortably completed. Vanraj is also excited about his wedding with Kavya. He wishes Anupamaa to handle everything in the house when he will be in the temple with Kavya.


    Anupamaa enters the room and blushes to see Vanraj. Vanraj wishes her on the occasion of their wedding day. He wants to leave for the temple as soon as possible. Nandini gets angry at Kavya for ruining Anupamaa’s life and happiness. 

    Kavya asks her not to irritate her early in the morning. 

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    Nandini asks Kavya not to play dirty for her happiness. But Kavya is adamant and leaves for the temple. Vanraj kisses Anupamaa on the forehead.

    Vanraj’s coat gets struck in Anupamaa’s saree. Anupamaa tells Vanraj that Kanha ji doesn’t want him to leave for the day. Vanraj tells her that he will come back to her wherever he will go. He leaves for the temple. Kavya too leaves by car.

    Vanraj gets hurt at the main gate of the house. Sanjay asks him not to go on the wrong path and control the messy situation. He tells Vanraj that he’s not a kid like Paritosh who will believe in his fake stories. He sees Kavya leaving Nandini’s house in the bridal attire. He threatens Vanraj not to leave the house.



    Vanraj gets angry and tells Sanjay that no one can stop him today from going to the temple. He asks Sanjay to do whatever he can do. Sanjay calls Leela and Hasmukh. He then tells Leela that Vanraj is leaving for the office on his wedding day. Hasmukh also asks Vanraj not to leave. Sanjay too supports Leela and Hasmukh.



    Vanraj has to re-enter the house on Hasmukh and Leela’s insistence. Meanwhile, Kavya reaches the temple and sits for the wedding ritual. The priest looks for Kavya’s groom. Kavya asks him to arrange for marriage and wait for the groom to come. She eagerly waits for Vanraj. Vanraj comes back to his room. 

    Anupamaa is shocked to see Vanraj and asks him why he’s back. Vanraj pretends to be nice and tells her that he felt how much she wanted to stay him back. Anupamaa blushes.




    All the other family members enter the room teasing Anupamaa and Vanraj. Samar asks Vanraj not to flirt before marriage. Pakhi also teases her parents. Paritosh and Samar take Vanraj with them. Meanwhile, the ladies help Anupamaa getting dressed up. Paritosh and Samar give kurtas to Vanraj to choose for his wedding.



    Sanjay too brings some kurtas so that Vanraj is unable to leave the house. Kavya waits for Vanraj and blushes. Dolly, Pakhi, and Devika make Anupamaa ready with her wedding outfit. Anupamaa blushes and cherishes the moment of getting ready with jewelry. She looks at Vanraj’s photo and blushes. Devika, Pakhi, and Dolly tease Anupamaa. Pakhi goes to call her father so that Vanraj and Anupamaa can meet each other before marriage.



     The priest in the temple is in hurry and asks Kavya to look for her groom. Sanjay looks for Vanraj if he has gone out to the temple. Samar and Paritosh ask Vanraj to come with them to get ready. Sanjay decides to keep an eye on Vanraj. Vanraj goes to the room giving Sanjay an angry look. He’s restless and anxious not knowing how to manage the situation.


    Precap For Anupamaaa 17th October 2020 Episode Written Update :

     Anupamaa and Vanraj meet each other at the wedding attires.The family members dance on the occasion of Vanraj and Anupamaa’s wedding. Kavya gets hurt as Vanraj doesn’t arrive at the temple. She decides to confront Vanraj in front of everyone.

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