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  • Tuesday, 17 March 2020

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 17th March 2020 Written Update " Kartik Doubts On Sister Leela "

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 17th March 2020 Written Update " Kartik Doubts On Sister Leela "

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 17th March 2020 Written Update " Kartik Doubts On Sister Leela ".

    The episode starts with an emotional Kaira. Kartik says to Naira that they should thanks to god for whatever they have now. He further says that their daughter must have been born somewhere else.

    Naira agrees to him and says that they should go to Gayatri now. Later Kaira brings Gayatri back to Goenka house. Seeing Kairav there, Naira again gets emotional and hugs Kairav. Kairav asks her why she is sad and crying. Naira replies she isn't crying, she is smiling. Kartik calls Naira aside and Gayatri says them not to tell anything to anyone.

    As they step into the house, they see Samarth waiting for them. Gayatri asks him why he didn't go to the office yet. He replies that he didn't go because she lied to him. He tells Gayatri that he knows that she went to the hospital, not to Trisha. He says to her that he get knew when Vansh made a video call to her then he saw that she is in a hospital.

     Kaira becomes shocked. Naira says to Samarth that she can make him understand everything but he stops her saying that it's the matter between husband and wife. Everyone gathers there and Samarth shouts at Gayatri. Suhasini asks Samarth, why he is so angry then he replies that they should ask from Gayatri. Samarth says to Gayatri that the upcoming child is only his as she never wants that he become a father and that's why she always becomes careless.

    He further says to her that the child means the burden to her and she doesn't want that Vansh will go to share his mother. Samarth hurls accusation at her. Gayatri feels so bad. She tries to explain to him everything but he doesn't listen to her. Akhilesh and Suwarna say Samarth not to give stress to Gayatri but he doesn't stop.

     Naira says Samarth to stop, he bends his hands and says Naira to stop. Naira replies she can't stop now as he is applying false allegations on Gayatri. Naira says to him that every pregnancy is different and mother feels sometimes to eat and sometimes not to eat. Naira further says to Samarth that he should keep Gayatri happy and safe but she lives in fear and stress because of him.

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Upcoming Spoiler 17th March  Full Episode Written Update

    Naira tells him that Gayatri said them not to tell about this accident because she knows that you'll become angry with her. Kartik tells to Samarth that Gayatri remains in fear only because of him. He further says to Samarth that he should enjoy the feeling of becoming a father but he always becomes angry with her. Naira says that Vansh and the upcoming child are equal for Gayatri. Manish and Suhasini say to Samarth that it's everyone's responsibility to make Gayatri happy and stress-free.

    Surekha spends a happy time with Kairav and Vansh. Seeing her, Manish says to Suhasini that they should take care that Surekha always remains happy in the house's peaceful environment. Suhasini tells Manish and Suwarna that Guruji said that they have to do big worship and usually they do that when big trouble is coming to their house. She becomes tensed.

     When Naira gets to know that Kartik is going to talk to sister Leela, she goes to the kitchen. Kartik makes a call to sister Leela but she becomes shocked when she gets to know that it's Kartik Goenka. Kartik makes her remember that her sister Kirti gave birth to a boy and his wife to a girl. Leela says that the girls died after a few moments. Before Kartik can say anything more to her, she disconnects the call and later switches off her phone.

     She becomes she feared. Naira arrives then Kartik tells her that he didn't talk as the call was disconnected. As Naira leaves the room, Kartik says that Leela willing to disconnect the call and it was not normal when she talked about their daughter. Kartik feels that Leela is hiding something from them. Guilty Samarth says sorry to Gayatri. Later Kaira drives to bring Kairav's project material.

    Talking to each other, they realize that it's 11 p.m. and at midnight their daughter was born and become sad. Gayatri goes to make a milkshake for Vansh on his demand. Samarth doesn't like this.At midnight, Kaira wishes a happy birthday to their dead daughter. They both become emotional and cry a lot with each other.

     Naira tells to Kartik that when she was in Goa, she used to worship on this day. Kartik replies that he too did the same. Naira says that they'll do worship this time also but without telling to anyone as everyone is happy for Krish's birthday. Later Goenkas give birthday wishes to Krish with joy. Suhasini gets emotional remembering Kaira's daughter. She says that every year with the happiness of Krish's birthday she feels sadness for Kaira's daughter.

     Suhasini further says that women are strong but a mother always remains weak and they shouldn't show their pain in front of Naira. At the same time, Kaira reaches there. Manish says sorry to Naira as they're wishing Krish. Naira replies it's a good thing to wish and celebrate for the alive person rather than for a dead person. She says that they'll celebrate this day with the same love and joy. Kartik says everyone does not tell Kairav about this.

    Naira says that she'll bake a cake for Krish and will enjoy it. Kartik says he too will help her. Kartik asks about Kairav and Vansh then Samarth replies that they're in their room. Kaira goes to them. Later Suwarna says that Kaira was trying to hide but their pain was clear on their faces. In the early morning, everyone gathers when Kaira prepares a cake for Krish.

    Kairav and Vansh shoot a video for Krish. Manish asks Kaira that they want to go anywhere then they reply that they'll go after the cake cutting. All the members cut the cake and Vansh shoots their video. Later Surekha says Kairav and Vansh to get ready for their school and Suwarna says Kaira to go wherever they want to go. Suwarna and Suhasini pray to God for easing today's day for Kaira. Kaira reaches to sister Leela's house with a cheque for her.

    Before opening the door, Leela sees Kaira through a hole. She becomes worried about seeing Kaira and goes in without opening the door. Later a boy opens the door and lies to Kaira that Leela has gone somewhere because of her health issues. Leela is hiding behind the door. The boy asks Kaira about them then Naira introduces themselves and says that they get to know about Leela's disease, so they come here to meet her once. The boy introduces himself as Leela's son. Kartik gives the cheque to the boy saying that Leela helped him a lot in the hospital once and says if they need any other he'll then they can inform him. Leela drops something by mistake then his boy says that it's his cat.

    As Kaira is leaving, Kartik notices a woman's shadow in the house. The boy hands over the cheque to his mother Leela and asks her why she didn't meet them as they were a nice person. Later Kaira reaches the temple for worship. They ask the priest about the preparations then he replies that everything is ready as they called him and said to prepare Prasad for around a hundred children.

    Naira asks him whom he is talking about then Goenkas reach there. Kaira becomes surprised. Manish says to Kaira that if they can join their happiness then they can join their sadness too. The priest starts the worship. Everyone gets emotional and remembers the dead child. Everyone prays for the peace of the child's soul. Everyone closes their eyes then Mata ki Chunnari falls on Kartik and he opens his eyes. He shocks to see sister Leela with his son on the scooty.

     Kartik runs towards them. Before he reaches them their scooty moves ahead. Kartik runs behind their running scooty and Leela covers her face when she notices Kartik and says her son Naresh to do hurry. Kartik still runs behind the fast going scooty. Later Kartik wanders when he collides with a cycle and Leela goes away. Kartik asks people there about Leela's direction but no one knows that. There a bell falls into the Hawan Kund, it extinguishes the worship's fire and everyone shocks.

    They get another shock when they notice that Kartik isn't present there. Suhasini says that it's ominous. Naira says she is in worry that's why Kartik goes somewhere. Suwarna says her not to overthink it.

    Precap For Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 18th March 2020 Written Update :

    Listening to Suwarna's conversation with Manish, Naira decides to make her love life happy again. Kartik ignores her.

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