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  • Monday, 16 March 2020

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 16th March 2020 Mahaepisode Written Update " Naira-Kartik's Romance Holi Naira Remember Painful Past "

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 16th March 2020 Mahaepisode Written Update " Naira-Kartik's Romance Holi Naira Remember Painful Past "

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 16th March 2020 Mahaepisode Written Update " Naira-Kartik's Romance Holi Naira Remember Painful Past "

    The episode starts with shattered Surekha. Naira says that she can understand Surekha's situation and she too feels bad for Luv-Kush.

     Naira tells to everyone that along with the court she fought with herself also. Kartik says that he is the witness and tells everyone that whenever they said anything wrong about Luv-Kush in the court, they always feel bad. Naira says that they become stone-hearted from outside but from inside they always care for Luv-Kush.

    Manish apologies as he didn't believe Kaira and blame them. Suhasini says she only wants that Luv-Kush doesn't face any problem in the jail then Kartik replies that he'll take care of this thing. Manish praises Kaira and says to Suhasini that Kaira always takes care of every member of this house. Trisha says that she'll send Kairav's luggage to this house and leave for the orphanage. Naira hugs her and says her to take care of herself.

    Later a devastated Surekha gets emotional seeing Luv-Kush's picture. Akhilesh comes to her and asks where she is going. Surekha replies that she doesn't want to live here now. Akhilesh says to her that it's not easy but she has to compromise. Surekha replies that she can't compromise anymore when her sons are in remand room and begs Akhilesh to let her go. Later in the midnight, Surekha is leaving the house then Kairav and Vansh come to her wearing Luv-Kush's hairs like wigs.

     Kaira says to Surekha to understand Kairav and Vansh as Luv-Kush as no one feels good without them. Kaira tells to Surekha that they heard her conservation with Akhilesh and says sorry for that. Kartik says to Surekha and Akhilesh that they always love him more than Luv-Kush and they also mean more than his parents to him.

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Upcoming Spoiler 16th March  Full Episode Written Update

    Kaira says to them that when Luv-Kush will return from jail then they'll become more intelligent and responsible. Kartik says to Surekha and Akhilesh that they can punish him if they want but he doesn't let them leave this house. Kairav and Vansh also say Surekha not to leave the house. Surekha takes her luggage but can't get out of the house. Everyone supports Surekha.

    Kairav gets an idea to make everyone happy. Later Kartik and Naira talk to each other that after every trouble they think that it's last but again a new issue begins in their lives. Naira says that if they're together then they can fight against any problem. Kairav and Vansh gather everyone and wish holi to everyone. Kairav says to everyone that they should be happy as when Luv-Kush will return with more knowledge. Kairav and Vansh go to Surekha and apply color on her face and wish happy Holi to her.

     She too wishes them the same and says sorry to everyone as firstly because of her sons and her their Holi was spoiled. She further says that the festival is still left and they can celebrate this now. Kaira thanks Kairav and Vansh as they did a big thing. Everyone applies color on each other's faces. Kartik says to Naira that they have to make the day better now.

    Vansh says to everyone that they have to play balloon hide and seek now. They start playing the game and enjoy it a lot. It creates a happy and joyful environment in the house. There is a smile on everyone's face. Suhasini says that Kaira is the luster of this house and prays to the God that their couple always lives together like this. Kaira is busy with each other then everyone leaves them alone. Later Kaira realizes that and laughs.

    They spend some happy moments with each other. Surekha and Akhilesh reach into their room and Kairav and Vansh are already there. They say that they'll sleep with them today. There Samarth says to Gayatri not to become careless as the coming child means a lot to him and he is eagerly waiting for him. Gayatri doesn't like his sayings. Kaira spends quality time with each other.

     In the early morning, Kaira wakes up and Kartik says Naira not to leave him and again they get romantic. On the dinner table, Suwarna asks Samarth about Gayatri then he replies that she is coming. Suwarna asks Kairav about Kaira as they don't come on the dining table and busy with each other in their room.

    There Kartik says to Naira that she should say to god to always keep them together. Gayatri is coming downstairs and her feet slip. She falls very badly. No one sees this as everyone is sitting outside the house and enjoying their meal. Kaira comes out of their room and shocks to see Gayatri in such a condition. They run towards her and lift her.

     Later Samarth realizes that his phone is left into his room. There Kartik says that he going to call Samarth but Gayatri stops him and says to Kaira not to tell anyone about this accident. Gayatri says that Samarth is so excited for this baby and if someone will happen to this child then he'll understand that she did this intentionally. She says to Kartik to bring the car and take her to the doctor but he replies that they should tell to anyone about this. But Gayatri stops him. Later Kaira brings Gayatri out of the house then Samarth asks them where they're going.

    Gayatri replies that they're going to meet Trisha as she is going again to the orphanage. Kairav and Vansh say that they also want to go then Naira says to them Santoshi prepared pancakes for them. They both go into the house to eat pancakes. Samarth says that he doesn't want to eat the pancakes to he is coming with them.

     Manish stops Samarth saying that they have to sort out with some clients. Samarth stays ta home and Kaira takes Gayatri to the doctor. Naira says to Gayatri that the should tell to anyone then Gayatri replies that they can't do this. Gayatri says to Kartik that her doctor is far away so they have to go to a nearby hospital. Kaira remembers that the nearby hospital is the city hospital in which their daughter was born dead. Kaira reaches the hospital with Gayatri.

    The doctor takes Gayatri into the check-up room. Kartik says to Naira that Gayatri is afraid of Samarth's anger more than the upcoming child. Naira says that this pressure is not good for Gayatri in her pregnancy. There Gayatri says the doctor to do hurry. The doctor says Gayatri to remain calm. Kartik goes to fill the formalities and Naira prays for the goodness of Gayatri. There Gayatri is continuously thinking about Samarth.Seeing the maternity ward in the hospital, Naira remembers her earlier pregnancy.

    Naira going somewhere in her thoughts and Kartik follows her. They both reach into the maternity room. They remember their first child and get emotional. Naira asks Kartik does he remember then he replies that he remembered everything as here he became a father for the first time. Naira says that she didn't even know that time that she became a mother.

     Kartik says that their Kairav is so special. Naira says that if she gets any power then she'll bring their daughter back. Kartik says that their memories freshen again here and he wants to carry their daughter again in his hands. Naira prays to God and says what happened to them may not happen with Gayatri. She prays for Gayatri's and her child's goodness. The doctor tells Kaira that Gayatri and her child are safe and says them to take care that Gayatri doesn't take any stress. Kaira thanks to the doctor. Kartik says Naira to take some rest but she leaves saying that she can't breathe here.

    Naira comes out and sits in a park. Kartik decides to meet sister Leela who holds Kaira's daughter in Kartik's hands. There Naira sees a mother with a child then she asks God why he brings them here again. Kartik asks the other sister and sister Leela. The sister tells him that Leela left her job because of her cancer. Kartik asks about Leela's address and contact number as he wants to help her. The nurse gives him Leela's details. When Karthik approaches Naira, she shows him a girl, saying that their daughter too would be of the same age. Kartik agrees to her and says that if she too would present then.

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