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  • Thursday, 12 March 2020

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 12th March 2020 Written Update " Jhaveri to Kill Naira "

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 12th March 2020 Written Update " Jhaveri to Kill Naira "

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 12th March 2020 Written Update " Jhaveri to Kill Naira ".

    The episode starts with Kaira. They tell to everyone that they prepared a video of their every past Holi and want to show to everyone.

    Listening to this Abhishek takes a breath of relief but Jhaveri says to him that Naira is lieing. Kairav and Vansh are getting bored as no one is playing Holi with them. Vansh gets an idea of seeing the Dhol. Later as Naira is about to start the video, the people with Dhol arrive there and the chip falls from Naira's hand. The people bring Kaira to dance and don't let them go.

    Naira thinks about the chip. Naira tries to inform Naksh about this but he doesn't hear. There Jhaveri gets a chance to reach the chip. Kairav doesn't let Naira go. Later when Jhaveri is about to pick up the chip, Naira goes and picks it up before him. Naira keeps the chip in a pouch and hangs it around her waist. Jhaveri notices this.

    Goenkas are enjoying the dance and Jhaveri's eyes are on the pouch. Seeing Gayatri's sad face, Samarth says her to enjoy the moment as everyone is enjoying. As everyone is gathered for dance then Naira says to Kartik that they should play the video now. Kartik agrees to her. They both apply Gulaal on each other's faces and spend some romantic moments. Naira is coming to play the video and Jhaveri's eyes are stick to her.

    Naira opens the pouch but before she played the video, she receives a call from Naksh. Naira tells him that she is near the screen and is about to play the video. Before Naira starts the video, Jhaveri holds her hand tightly. Naira says to him to leave her hand but he refuses saying her to leave the chip.

    Jhaveri is forcing her for the chip and later Naira falls in the pit and Jhaveri gets the chip. Everyone is busy in celebrating the Holi, so no one sees the incident. Kartik gets an idea that Naira is in danger so he says Naksh to take him to Naira. Naira shouts and Jhaveri asks Abhishek to cover the pit. Naira shouts for help but Abhishek covers the pit and keeps plant pots over it. They both leave and Kartik reaches there with Naksh.

    They both become worried as Naira isn't present near the screen. Naksh gets Naira's phone but they both can't see Naira fallen into the pit. Abhishek and Jhaveri are playing the chip into their phone. Seeing the video Jhaveri says that Naira never gives up and now she retrieved the deleted video. Abhishek afraid and says to Jhaveri that when Naira will tell to everyone that they pushed her into the pit.

    He says Jhaveri to do something about it. Jhaveri says to Abhishek that now Naira's story will end. Kartik is getting a feeling that Naira is in danger. Seeing Jhaveri, Manish says to himself that it looks like he is thinking some deep move. Manish goes to Jhaveri but before he reaches to them, Jhaveri moves aside with Abhishek.

    Naira struggles to come out and shouts for help but because of loud music, no one can hear her. Naksh and Kartik are searching Naira. Jhaveri comes to Naira and says that she has to die as she is a danger for his son's life. Jhaveri releases smoky gas into the pit. Naira says to him to stop but he doesn't. Jhaveri says that with her end, his son's difficulties will also end. He also breaks the chip. Manish reaches to Jhaveri and asks him what's going on then he replies that he is searching for Thandai. Jhaveri leaves and Manish suspects him.

    Kartik falls once while searching for Naira. Naira covers her face with her duppata so that she can't breathe the smoke. Suwarna reaches Manish then he says to him that he suspects Jhaveri and doesn't believe that everything is fine now. Naira is facing difficulty in breathing. Kairav and Vansh start searching their smoke machine.

    Later Gayatri tells Samarth that she is happy that Kaira is back now. Samarth says her to stay away from Naira as she doesn't care about relations. Kartik reaches to them and asks about Naira but Gayatri replies that she saw her some time ago.

    Kartik says them inform him when they'll see her again and leaves. Samarth brings Gayatri near the pit as she is allergic to colors. They hear some noise but don't understand that it's coming from the pit and leave. Naira becomes unconscious and sees herself in clouds and away from Kartik and Kairav.

    Precap For Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 13th March 2020 Written Update :
    Kairav and Vansh reach to the pit to take their smoke machine and try to open the pit. Kartik prays to God.

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