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  • Friday, 20 March 2020

    Kasauti Zindagi Kay 20th March 2020 Episode Written Update " Anurag is Happy to Accept Prerna's Challenge "

    Kasauti Zindagi Kay 20th March 2020 Episode Written Update " Anurag is Happy to Accept Prerna's Challenge "

    Kasauti Zindagi Kay 20th March 2020 Episode Written Update " Anurag is Happy to Accept Prerna's Challenge ".

    The episode begins at the Basu mansion. Nivedita is in the kitchen cutting vegetables and angrily calls Prerna asking what is she thinking that their business will go down if she bought the auction land.

    Nivedita blames her for losing her CEO position but she tells that she will take revenge on her to earn trust from Komolika and Prerna mocks at her telling that she hadn't changed a bit in these years. She tells that she thought that they will know about Komolika playing games with them and thanks to her for reminding that along with Anurag, Komolika must also be let down.

     Prerna enquires who is the new CEO and Nivedita tells that it is Ronit before cutting the call. Anurag locks his room and takes the picture of him with Komolika and hangs it by the other side where his picture with Prerna is present. He touches the face of Prerna in the picture recalling him with her caring and loving each other. He also remembers cheating with Komolika for saving Prerna and the good memories with her.

     Anurag tells that no one can replace her even today and Prerna thinks that this is the right time to give Anurag, Komolika, and Ronit together a blow of revenge. Anurag tells that Prerna has the full right to be angry with him and Prerna is telling that Anurag was the one who deceived her the most and tells that he was always first for her.

    Flashback is shown that Prerna and Anurag singing through the road.  Both think of the situation in their life like the song. Prerna tells that even now Anurag will be her first target as he started the game recalling him pushing her from the bridge. Anurag tells that he is ready to go through her hatred and Prerna tells that Ronit also has to get the part of his actions.

     Ronit is explaining his plans to Anurag, Komolika, and Nivedita about the plot. He tells that after hearing his brilliant idea everyone is going to get amused and Komolika tells that she won't be shocked as he is her brother. She tells  Anurag that now he will also understand that his wife is smart along with being beautiful and gorgeous.
    She says that she knows that to whom she should give the job and Anurag tells that he didn't doubt her. Prerna is discussing her plans with her team and she is against the idea of creating a housing plan there.She tells that they have to think something else as there is no development in this place and there is a requirement for jobs here. Ronit tells that Prerna purchasing their land at costly rice destroyed their profitable plan and he tells that they can even get the profit now by destroying her profit. Komolika asks how they are going to do this.

    Prerna tells that they will bring up an industrial area there along with small residential areas so that they can work there living there. She tells that they can pay the house rent with the money for work and tells that they will develop a township so that people can get everything without traveling from one place to another.

    Ronit tells that after building the mall they will have some land left out which should be converted from commercial land to residential land. Prerna says that she should convert the land from residential to commercial. Ronit tells that the number of their flats will be of low price so that no one will think of buying Prerna's land.

    He tells that Prerna will have to regret her decision and Komolika tells Nivedita that this is called to use brains. Komolika asks to do the conversion of the land by going to the municipal office and she asks him not to come over his emotions by not completing his work correctly then he will have to suffer a loss of his position and power. Anurag asks whether she is threatening him and she asks him to think as he likes as she is looking forward to results.

    Anurag tells that he gave her the result before 8 years and asks her to suffer every day as he walks off angrily. Kajal brings tea for Prerna but she tells that she is getting late and Kajal starts insisting to taste the tea a bit. Prerna tells that she is like Kukki and appreciates her for the tea and tells that she gets the habit it will never leave.

    Kajal tells that she prays that she gets the habit so that she can make her the tea always. Prerna asks where the driver went as he forgot the key in his house so that she should take another car and asks Mahesh how he got this sweet girl as his wife. Mahesh blushes asking what is this sister and she goes telling that she is late.

    Kajal tells Mahesh that his sister is so lovely and says that she must have earned a lot of money. Kajal asks him to use his brain by buttering his sister and he tells that it is not good to bring their selfish intentions between love. Kajal goes telling that no one does their job in their house as she is the one doing the house chores and acts like Mahesh is doing them when she is there as she sees Prerna there.

    Prerna tells them that they are cute and she goes getting the call. Kajal scolds Mahesh for making the sad face and asks whether this was for making his sister think that she is making him suffer a lot. Kajal asks him not to get her angrier.

     Komolika while searching in the cupboard gets a baby doll and she tells that Prerna told her that she will never be a mother but she became the mother of a lovely girl. She tells that Prerna became a mother without her child for a bigger girl and says that her daughter is not alive. Komolika recalls going to the orphanage asking the heartbroken staff what happened there and he tells that place got into the fire.

     He says that everyone was dead also the baby she gave to him and he tells that one woman was crying hard which made him also into tears. Komolika enquires about the woman and he tells that she was tall and says that she even showed her photo to know whether she gave the baby or not. Komolika shows Prerna's photo and the man recognizes her. He says that when she came to know that the baby is dead she became mad and the flashback ends.

    Komolika smiles thinking that and thinks that Prerna cursed her but she couldn't be a mother even after giving birth and she thinks that if Prerna's daughter was there she would have been 8 years. A girl in her uniform is shown running with balloons and Komolika thinks that the baby died in the fire.

    Precap For Kasauti Zindagi Kay 21st March 2020 Episode Written Update :

     The girl gives the balloon to Prerna as she feels good about it but when Prerna regrets taking the balloon the girl gives telling that she made this with her heart. Prerna asks her to go carefully and she gets shaken hearing that the girl is 8 years. The child hopes to meet Prerna soon as she finds her lovely.

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