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  • Wednesday, 18 March 2020

    Kasauti Zindagi Kay 18th March 2020 Episode Written Update " Prerna Gets Shock to See Veena's Situation "

    Kasauti Zindagi Kay 18th March 2020 Episode Written Update " Prerna Gets Shock to See Veena's Situation ".

    Kasauti Zindagi Kay 18th March 2020 Episode Written Update " Prerna Gets Shock to See Veena's Situation ".

    The episode begins at the Basu mansion. Komolika asks Nivedita whether she is telling that she will be the next target of Prerna but Nivedita asks her to wait before counter-attacking.

    Komolika taunts her asking what type of businesswoman she is and says that their business will face loses if they are going to wait for more. She starts yelling at Nivedita telling that she can't trust her anymore and asks is this her business tactic even after she appointing her as the CEO.

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    Komolika asks her whether she should have known about their dream project being stolen by Prerna and Nivedita asks why is she too upset, is it because they lost to Prerna in the auction or about Prerna's next move. Nivedita tells that she will not take her frustration over Prerna to her but stops seeing her angry and Komolika tells Nivedita that from tomorrow there is no need for her to come to the office instead she should help Debuda in kitchen.

    Nivedita tells Mohini that Komolika can't treat her like a servant as this company belongs to Moloy and Mohini asks her whether she forgot what Komolika did for them when her father was critical. Flashback is shown when Moloy is taken to hospital and Komolika giving blood to him to save his life. Nivedita tells that it is how Komolika reached their good book and then she didn't stop as she came to everywhere where she shouldn't have been.

    Mohini tells that she knows that what Komolika is doing is not right but how can they forget what she did for them. Rakhi tells that she cannot take any risk with Komolika as she will send her to the kitchen and Tapur also tells that she talks only how much it is allowed. Komolika barges into the room in anger and sees Anurag sleeping peacefully.

    Komolika wakes Anurag telling to press her head as it is paining but he tells that he thought her neck is paining telling that he will press her neck first. 

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    Anurag tells them he is serious and Komolika asks him not to joke around her till she settles Prerna's matter. Komolika calls Ronit asking him to meet her and tells Anurag that she knows that he never cared for her love but she cares so now what she is doing is for her love, business, and reputation.

     She tells Anurag that Ronit will complete her task of defeating Prerna. Kukki is driving the car and Prerna tells that she also felt strange about her dad's attitude when she first met him but he is a good guy. Kukki tells that she knows that her dad is the best but never shows any love to her and tells that she missed her classes to spend her time with him while dropping him off to the airport.

    Kukki asks why her dad is no loving her now as he used to love her in childhood days but Prerna tells that Bajaj loves her but is not easy to express. Prerna tries to calm Kukki as she is sad with her father's behavior to her and Kukki tells that something is there which is taking her away from him. Prerna asks to stop the car and tells that she will come now. She goes behind her mother through the roads and thinks about why she is going in this area.

    Veena comes calling for Kajal but when Mahesh comes to take the bag she doesn't allow him to take as he is having a fever. He asks her to let him hold the bag as she didn't let him go to the Bazar.

    Shivani comes there asking them to make his wife understand and Kajal comes there asking Veena whether she gave her one saree to Suman as she is not getting that now. Prerna gets stunned to see her family's situation and Veena tells that she gave the saree to Suman as she was going to her house after so many years. Kajal nods when Veena tells that she will return the saree when she comes and Kajal starts telling about the things that are required in the kitchen for food which is over.

    Veena asks how she will bring things as even their things are at pledge. Prerna knocks at the door and Veena comes hugging her. Shivani and Mahesh also get happy seeing her. Prerna tells that she needs to talk to Veena and tells that she went to their old house to search for them but they were not there. She says that she didn't know about their condition and Veena tells that they have sold the old house. She introduces Kajal to Prerna as Mahesh's wife and she smiles at her. Kajal tells that tea powder is over otherwise she would have made tea for her but Shivani tells that they now don't drink tea anymore so they are not keeping tea powder.

     Kajal asks Shivani why she is telling lie as Prerna is their own and Prerna tells that they are going to stay at her house. Veena tells that they can't stay with her as they don't welcome being at Bajaj's house. Ronit comes to Basu mansion and Komolika welcomes him hugging. Ronit asks what is her order and Komolika asks whether she can't call her brother. Ronit tells that she is his family so it is his priority and tells that he will be there for her with one call. Mohini greets Ronit and Komolika asks whether she made the special rasagulla with her own hands.

    Mohini tells that she will bring it as it is ready and seeing Nivedita upstairs she asks her to come and meet her brother. Mohini brings rasagulla and Komolika tells that Mohini's hands have magic as no other shop has this much tasty rasagulla and even this is Anurag's favorite. Komolika asks Ronit to eat the sweet for whom this is a piece of good news and she announces that from today Ronit will be at the CEO position in the Basu industry. Everyone gets stunned and he gets excited as he never expected this. She asks Nivedita whether she will not wish her brother and Nivedita congratulates Ronit.

     Mohini also congratulates him and him thanks, everyone. He tells that he is glad to see the trust Komolika has shown in him and tells that he will complete whatever job she gives with the whole heart as he will always make her proud without letting her down. Komolika tells Ronit to prove that she didn't do wrong by giving him such a position and asks him to fail Prerna's plans as they have to again dream for the project of Basu city. Ronit tells that he will get a solution soon for this problem and goes upstairs. Komolika tells Nivedita that sometimes to control things they will have to do something different and asks her not to feel bad.

    She taunts Nivedita and asks her to walk through the house wearing the hat of the chef as she will look cute. Nivedita feels humiliated and tells that she was not feeling anything funny about her words as Mohini felt. Nivedita goes when Mohini tries to calm her down telling that she was mocking at her.

    Precap For Kasauti Zindagi Kay 19th March 2020 Episode Written Update :

     Prerna tells about her achievements to Veena. Nivedita calls Prerna angrily to tell that because of her she is now moved from the CEO position and Prerna gets to know that Ronit is the new CEO. Prerna takes this as an opportunity for revenge and Anurag tells that he is ready to suffer her hatred.

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