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  • Monday, 16 March 2020

    Kasauti Zindagi Kay 16th March 2020 Episode Written Update " Prerna-Anurag's Angry Dance "

    Kasauti Zindagi Kay 16th March 2020 Episode Written Update " Prerna-Anurag's Angry Dance "

    Kasauti Zindagi Kay 16th March 2020 Episode Written Update " Prerna-Anurag's Angry Dance ".

    The episode begins at the Basu mansion. Komolika tells Anurag that if he is thinking about giving happiness to Prerna by staying away from her, she will have to suffer.

    He says to her that if she says anything bad about Prerna again he will tell something that Komolika can't bear and she tells to try it on her. Anurag tells that Prerna is living the life which she deserves and he will not allow anyone to come between her happiness even though they are not with each other.

    Komolika tells that so it is clear that Anurag could have won the auction but his heart slipped seeing Prerna and says that this love has only defeated him. Komolika tells that she got everything that she needed but he didn't even get his love and she tells that she doesn't want to know about his sacrificing love.

    Anurag goes telling her to talk with the walls and Komolika thinks that she doesn't feel like Anurag lost this auction intentionally but it was Prerna's win and gets the doubt that how that simple innocent Prerna became this strong to be the businesswoman. Bajaj is informed that if they don't have at least 6% of the shares there is no profit in investing in the mall. Prerna goes from there and Bajaj asks the person to speak with the decision taking the person of the Basu industry or else he will have to find some other ways.

     He tells that he doesn't think that Anurag will have the problem in sharing the 6% shares but Bajaj tells that he needs the whole role. The person tells that he understood that Bajaj needs Anurag's shares and he goes. Kukki is on the road trying to get some vehicle and Kaushik thinks not to go back as she is a mad girl not a cute one and she troubled him a lot by taking him to the police station.

    Kukki gets frightened seeing the loneliness of the place but her phone also doesn't have a network there and she tries to calm herself down. Anurag and Prerna come face to face each other and Bajaj looks at them. Prerna asks Anurag whether he is shocked and he tells to provoke her that Basu's welcomes everyone without looking who they are.

     Prerna tells that she came to look at how things are going to get spoilt and says that before she suffered a lot seeing him in trouble but now she feels happy and calm seeing him like this. Bajaj comes there asking whether he can borrow his wife and she goes with him. Kukki is still in the road waiting for help while Kaushik comes there again.

    She asks why he came again and he tells that how can he leave an alone, poor girl on the road. Kukki tells that she is a black belt but she asks him to help her as she was in the hurry for being at a party. She gets into the car and asks Kaushik to reach fast in that place.

    He tells that before leaving she should make the video of her telling that she sat on the car according to her wish. She agrees to it and he makes the video. He tells that she looks ugly in the camera and he starts the car but it gets some problem there. He tells what happened as it was okay till now and he tells that he will check.

    Nivedita tells Anurag that Bajaj wants to invest in their company and Anurag tells that it's okay as they get the profit only if the mall is a success. The person there tells that the terms and conditions are set by Prerna and Bajaj just agrees to it. They get shocked knowing that they are planning to even buy the shares and Komolika comes there telling that if they give 6% shares of their company they will become the owners of the company.

     Komolika asks Shomik to have a drink and tells Anurag when he goes that Shomik is with Bajaj and Prerna. Komolika tells that their partner Shomik has 46% shares and Nivedita tells that of they give Prerna 6% shares along with Shomik's she will get 52% share. Rakhi tells that then the owner will be Prerna and Mohini and Nivedita asks Anurag to not agree to this as this is a trap.

    He goes telling that he is hungry and Nivedita asks how Komolika allowed Prerna to come back into their lives. Komolika tells that she doesn't want to behave rudely in front of Anurag that he becomes attached to Prerna again and she will never let this happen. Tapur gets confused seeing the reactions of Prerna and Anurag when they saw each other.

    Kaushik tells Kukki that she sat in his car causing the damage to his car also and they get into a fight inside the car. He asks her to get out of the car as it is his car and she leaves getting into an autorickshaw. Bajaj tells Prerna that he underestimated her that she won't be able to handle the things after coming back to this home as they were her own and he tells that he just came for this party to make everything in her favor.

    She tells him that she doesn't have any emotions for them as she doesn't have any relationship with them. They get seated and Bajaj tells that he thought that her wounds will be remembered after coming to this city and Prerna tells that she will snatch everything from those who snatched from her.

    Prerna thanks Bajaj for supporting her always and they hear the announcement that the dance will be started soon. Couple dance starts as Anurag dance with Komolika and Bajaj with Prerna. Dance partners changes with the dance and Prerna is with Anurag. Both dance with each other and Komolika is looking at them as she is with Bajaj.

    Anurag tells whether she came here to get his attention and tells that she shouldn't have come there. Anurag tells that she is not dressed according to the theme of the party and she tells that she doesn't like red now. He recalls the past and she remembers him cheating on her but he drags her to dance with him.

    Precap For Kasauti Zindagi Kay 17th March 2020 Episode Written Update :

    Bajaj tells Komolika that Anurag may give her a push after these years as they can't believe in man and situations. Komolika tells that he will not do like this and Prerna tells looking Anurag's photo with Komolika that she came back to take revenge on them. Mohini sees her there and Bajaj tells that this is his Prerna, not Anurag's as he killed her with his own hands.

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