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  • Saturday, 14 March 2020

    Kasauti Zindagi Kay 14th March 2020 Episode Written Update " Prerna's Shocking Entry at Basu House "

    Kasauti Zindagi Kay 14th March 2020 Episode Written Update " Prerna's Shocking Entry at Basu House "

    Kasauti Zindagi Kay 14th March 2020 Episode Written Update " Prerna's Shocking Entry at Basu House ".

    The episode begins at Basu house. Kaushik tells his friend that Kukki wanted him to get arrested for flirting with Naina. His friend tells that he is getting a crush on that girl and Kaushik tells that she is very mean.

     Kukki tells Prerna that the girl was molested by the boy but the girl was afraid else she would have filed a complaint. Prerna tells that she thinks that he is misunderstanding him but Kukki tells that this boy tried to flirt with her in the airport and tells that the biggest problem is that he studies in the same college she studies.

    Kasauti Zindagi Ki Written Update 14th March 2020 Episode Full Written Update

    Kaushik tells that now that girl will disturb him every day and Prerna tells that she thinks Kukki is wrong here from hearing these many things. Prerna asks her who this boy is but Kukki doesn't tell that he is the nephew of that handsome man as it will upset Prerna. Anurag asks Kaushik to be home early as the party is at 9 pm tomorrow.

    Prerna asks Kukki to tell more about him but she tells that when she comes to know she will tell. His friend leaves and Kaushik sets the reminder for the party as Anurag says that many investors will be there for the party. Mohini is busy with the preparations and Nivedita asks whether she doesn't want to go to the club with her friends but Mohini tells that Komolika has told her to supervise the preparations.

    Rakhi also comes there and Mohini is shouting at the servants for incomplete works. Rakhi tells her to share the work so that she will get time to enjoy but Mohini says that she loves decorating home and Nivedita tells Rakhi that telling no to Komolika is tough. Rakhi asks always Mohini was the head of the family but Mohini tells that it was when everything was under Moloy but now everything belongs to Komolika.

    Mohini tells that her biggest treasures are her children but she still hates poor people and she doesn't want herself or her children to go through that phase. Nivedita tells Rakhi that Komolika can do anything when Rakhi tells that she is going to talk to Komolika as she can't maltreat someone like this. Nivedita goes telling that she needs to go to the office and Rakhi looks on.

    Kukki in the middle of the road hits angrily at the car asking why she is not able to reach any place at the right time and rickshaw doesn't stop. She waves at a car and Kaushik is in the car. Kukki tells that she didn't want to get help from him but she wants to reach somewhere urgently. He locks the car when she tries to get into the car and recalls her asking the police to arrest him.

    Kaushik tells that he will never help her and goes driving the car. Tanisha is excited to taste the dishes and Mohini asks her to go to the kitchen for eating. Mohini praises Rakhi and then asks Nivedita whether any more guests are yet to come. Kaushik is not yet there but his friend is waiting there and Komolika comes there to Mohini.

     Rakhi tells Komolika that she needs to talk to her and she goes to her. Komolika tells that it was the biggest dream to be the daughter in law of Basu family when Rakhi asks about this and Rakhi asks doesn't she think that she should more respectful towards her mother. Komolika tells that girls don't belong to her house after marriage and asks her to go back with respect after enjoying her days in her own house.

     She asks Rakhi not to interfere in the matters of house and says to her that her needs are now fulfilled by Basu company. Komolika tells her that everything she gets is due to her wish so she asks her no to trouble her. Komolika goes telling Rakhi that if she tries to do like this again she will not feel good about this and Tanisha comes there asking why can't she live here forever like Kaushik. Rakhi tells that they will talk about this later and goes to Anurag asking how she is looking.

    He tells like always and she takes his face in hand telling that she knows. Anurag goes to welcome his guests and Nivedita gets stunned to hear Tapur telling someone that she will only call him his name and name was Anupam. Nivedita comes there asking him to go out else she will call police but stops seeing another man and Tapur tells her that this is her college friend and she only invited him. Nivedita apologizes to them and thinks about what is wrong with her.

    She thinks that it was her biggest mistake to marry Anupam as he never understood her and now she is disturbed when someone takes his name. Nivedita and Sonalika come near Anurag when he was sitting near a guest.

    He tells Anurag that they shouldn't have lost the deal and tells some foreign investors are interested in their mall project but these investors should give the money at the right time. Komolika asks them isn't it a good offer and both agree. Komolika thinks that today in her party people from other places also and think that it was not easy to get this fame as she was forced to do the things she never wanted. Weather conditions changes soon  and a car comes to the Basu mansion.

     Komolika asks the servant to shut the windows thinking that it is going to be windy and lights also flicker. Mohini tells that she feels like something is going bad and Prerna enters the house. Komolika gets stunned hearing Prerna telling her that her game is over but doesn't see when she turns then Prerna goes to Mohini and Anurag thinking about the past. Komolika asks servant to on the center light and everyone gets shocked to see Prerna there.

    Bajaj also enters the scene and he looks at everyone. Anurag has introduced them as Mr. Rishabh Bajaj and Mrs. Prerna Bajaj as they are going to be their foreign investors. Anurag recalls Bajaj being with Prerna in the past and he recalls Kukki being loving to him. Anurag is told that he might be shocked as Prerna bought the land where he was planning the Basu city and other Basu's are shocked to realize the truth. Lights come and Bajaj asks Anurag whether he remembers him telling that they will meet again and asks how is he.

     Anurag nods his head and Bajaj takes Prerna with him when Komolika takes Anurag with her. Nivedita tells Mohini that now she understood that how Anurag failed the auction and Mohini tells that Anurag forgets everything when Prerna comes in front of him. Anurag asks Komolika to speak to the walls and she asks what feelings did he have seeing Prerna. She asks whether he felt bad hearing this and she asks whether he left this auction for Prerna to win. Komolika warns Anurag that if he is thinking to make Prerna happy like this she will have to suffer a lot in her life.

    Precap For Kasauti Zindagi Kay 14th March 2020 Episode Written Update :

    Prerna tells looking Anurag's photo that she came back just to take revenge from him and Mohini tells her that she knows that they are targeting them. Bajaj tells that Prerna who loved Anurag is not alive now but she is now his Prerna.

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