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  • Friday, 13 March 2020

    Kasauti Zindagi Kay 13th March 2020 Episode Written Update " Anurag Helps Prerna Inside the Lift "

    Kasauti Zindagi Kay 13th March 2020 Episode Written Update " Anurag Helps Prerna Inside the Lift "

    Kasauti Zindagi Kay 13th March 2020 Episode Written Update " Anurag Helps Prerna Inside the Lift ".

    The episode begins at the auction place. Kukki comes running behind Kaushik telling that he was right about Prerna being trapped in the lift and she asks she doesn't understand why his uncle is around Prerna always.

    Kaushik tells that her Prerna is stalking Anurag and Kukki starts fighting asking not to tell bad about Prerna. He asks then not to talk badly about Anurag also and fights to tell that each other blaming. Anurag and  Prerna are still in the lift and she asks him to take the phone as it rings. Komolika calls him asking when he is returning home and he hurriedly tells that he is in the lift so he will call later.

     She asks with whom he is as he is not ready to talk with her and he cuts the call telling that he will talk later. Bajaj calls Prerna whether she is okay as he came to know from Kukki that she is stuck in the lift and she tells that she will be fine. The staff is informed about the lift getting stuck and she assures to call the mechanic.

    Anurag thinks that it was good if he has got a way to make everything right without hurting her but it was not there and tells he doesn't know how much time they will take more while Prerna tells that how will she know he says that he didn't ask her. Mechanic arrives and Kukki asks him to fasten up.

     Prerna calls her asking how much time it will take more and the lights come again. Prerna tries to open up the lift but gets hurt and she asks Anurag not to touch her. He tells that he was helping and her hand is stuck in the lift but she tells that she will not take help from him. Anurag helps her to get her hand out and both look at each other. He thinks if he tells everything truth whether she will believe him and decides not to tell as the things will get more complicated.

    Kukki and Kaushik wait desperately for Anurag and Prerna. The lift opens and both get out of the lift. Prerna gets into the driving seat and starts horn to clear the obstacles. Anurag gets the car keys from Kaushik and Prerna shoes him thumbs down as he has lost the auction. Kukki thinks that something is going on and thinks that it may be a business rivalry.

    Anurag takes his car from front and Prerna overtakes him recalling his words in the auction asking her to go back if she wants to be happy. She gets angry thinking over it again and Kukki asks her whether she is okay as she is driving rashly.

    Kukki asks Prerna whether she knows that handsome man and Prerna recalls him pushing her from the bridge. She tells that she doesn't want to waste time understanding him and Anurag drops Kaushik at college. Prerna also drops Kukki at the college and asks her to enjoy her day at college. Nivedita sees Anurag coming home and asks how this happened.

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     Mohini also comes to Anurag how is it possible as she doesn't understand and asks about the girl who won over the auction. Anurag doesn't tell as he is afraid about Komolika will hurt Prerna and tells that what happened is bad but it will worse if they sit thinking about this. Anurag tells that in business these unexpected things happen so they should move on and tells that he has kept party for his investors so they have to focus on its arrangements.

     Komolika tells Anurag that it was their land so he can't get defeated and Nivedita tells that in business these things are common as he said. Nivedita goes telling that she has a lot of work to finish while Anurag goes upstairs. Prerna is still driving thinking of Anurag talking to Komolika in the lift and also him getting intimate with her in his farmhouse. She sees Veena but cannot get her as she has gone.

    Bajaj calls her asking how is she and she tells that she is okay. Bajaj asks whether she is distracted with something else and Prerna asks is he here. Bajaj tells that he is still in London but he knows her well as they are living together for 8 years. She tells that she saw her mother and he tells that she should go and meet her.

     Prerna tells that now she is not there and tells that she will go to her house afterward as if she goes now she will only have about the revenge in her mind. Prerna tells that what she wants now is to give a thrust to Anurag for which he will never be prepared and Bajaj tells that he might have not even thought about that.

    Prerna tells that after this she will spend time with her mother and he tells that he is very proud of her and asks her to take care of herself as he knows that she will take care of Kukki. A girl is going behind Kaushik and Kukki gets upset that he is studying in her college. Kukki wonders seeing him denying a girl and she goes to that girl telling him that they will teach him a lesson.

    Kukki complained about Kaushik on disturbing a girl to the police standing there. Inspector asks them to charge an FIR coming to the station and arrests Kaushik without telling the reason. He asks the inspector which girl did he flirt and he doesn't even know. Kukki comes there and he tells the inspector that this girl is mad.

    He says to him that she is taking revenge in him and tells her that even in his bad dreams be will not be behind her. Kukki and Kaushik start fighting in the station. Kukki tells that he helped her doesn't mean that he can molest any girl and he asks did he do this to her. Kukki brings the Naina telling that he molested her and Kaushik asks Naina how can she do this to him.

    Kukki comes in between them and the inspector asks them to stop as the fight sharpens up. Inspector asks Naina whether this is the boy who molested her and when she doesn't answer Kukki tells that she is frightened but she saw that with her eyes. Kaushik asks Naina to tell the truth and she tells that he didn't do anything. Kaushik leaves and Naina also goes nodding her no.

    Kukki tries to tell that she saw that and inspector scolds her telling that boy's full life would have got spoilt with her complaint. She apologizes to the inspector and goes out. Kukki asks Naina what she did and she tells that she loves Kaushik as everyone is in love with him she wanted to make him her own that's why she did this.

    Naina tells that he didn't do anything but she pushed him towards herself and he pushed her away telling not to talk with him again. Kukki asks why she went to cops and Naina tells that she thought that he will say yes when he gets frightened. Kukki asks whether she is made but Naina goes telling sorry. Kaushik comes in the car asking whether she wants to ask him sorry and she tells that she won't apologize for trusting Naina's words.

    Kaushik tells that he knows that it is not her fault but she troubled him so he asks her to see what he will do to her. Anurag in his room thinks that when he saw her he thought of hugging her and to apologize telling all the truth but his truth will be a lie for her. He thinks that he is happy about being hated by Prerna and she is thinking that she is waiting for the time for him to get defeated actually.

    She thinks that she needs him to be fallen as she has fallen and to see this with her eyes but the difference will be she lost her love but he will lose the money he loves more.

    Precap For Kasauti Zindagi Kay 14th March 2020 Episode Written Update :

     Rakhi asks Mohini that she was the head of the house but she tells that not now it was before. Mohini tells that now everything is in Komolika's name. Anurag welcomes Prerna but she tells that she came to see how things gets spoiled. Bajaj tells Anurag that he killed his Prerna with his own hands but this now Bajaj's Prerna.

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