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  • Thursday, 12 March 2020

    Kasauti Zindagi Kay 12th March 2020 Episode Written Update " Prerna-Anurag's Face off Stuck In Lift "

    Kasauti Zindagi Kay 12th March 2020 Episode Written Update " Prerna-Anurag's Face off Stuck In Lift "

    Kasauti Zindagi Kay 12th March 2020 Episode Written Update " Prerna-Anurag's Face off Stuck In Lift ".

    The episode begins at the office. Some error occurs when Nivedita tries to watch TV. She gets angry at the staff and fails to get Anurag to pick the call.

    The auction continues and Anurag calls above the rate Prerna called. Prerna gives the phone to her staff after calling Bajaj and he tells the staff to get the property. Prerna thanks Bajaj and she calls yet higher rate. The auction host asks whether she is sure about the rate and then he apologizes.

    Kaushik is stopped at the entrance as the auction has started and he tells Kukki that because of her he was not able to attend the auction. She asks him to thank her as if he went inside Prerna would have created trouble for him and he tells that she talks too much. Another guest comes and asks Mohini why she is standing at the door. Komolika tells her guest that only Anurag can win over the auction and she tells the servant that it is the bad coffee.

     She signals her servant to go and she asks Mohini to make the coffee for which replies sure. Mrs. Banerjee asks Mohini what this is and she responds that Komolika likes the coffee she prepares. Mrs. Banerjee asks whether she doesn't think that Komolika is not respecting her as Prerna used to and Mohini asks not to say again.

    Anurag gets shocked as Prerna calls the rate for 60 crores and he doesn't call a higher rate realizing the loss. Prerna wins the auction and Anurag is looking at her side as he couldn't see her face. Bajaj is seeing the live auction and thinks that now he will know who is standing against him in the auction. Prerna asks her staff to complete the rest of the formalities and journalists cover her for news.

    Nivedita is informed that they have lost the auction and she asks for the name of the person who has bought the land but he tells that it is not yet found and she thinks who this person can be. Anurag comes to congratulate Prerna and tells that he didn't know that someone else will desperate to buy the land. He tells that he thought that nobody will come to buy the land as this land doesn't worth this much and he had his plans and dreams but it is broken now.

    Anurag tells her that nobody will come to buy her land when she will try to sell the place building house as the opposite plot belongs to him. He tells that people will only come to the place if he builds a mall there but if he delays or not builds a mall people will never come to stay there.

    Anurag tells that she should have done her homework before giving 60 crores to this place. Anurag starts to leave but stops hearing her voice as she turns telling that every which harms him gives her pleasure. He gets stunned to see Prerna and the incidents when Komolika tells Anurag's intentions are reminded. She also recalls him getting intimate with Komolika and also about him pushing her down to the river.

     Anurag recalls Komolika threatening to trap Prerna in the murder case and Prerna faces him. Anurag thinks that he can't be weak in front of her as she will understand else what he feels for her even today. Prerna asks whether his talking stopped seeing her and he tells that he is amused that how she escaped from death.

    Prerna tells that she wants to make his life hell and he tells smiling that this is the problem, middle class girls, like her that when they see a good boy they drag themselves behind them.  Anurag provokes her and asks her why she is here again after 8 years. He tells that there is no use in her return as no one wants her there and she tells that she gets the feeling that he is frightened in her return.

    He tells that she is highly mistaken and asks her whether she has forgotten that he ousted her from his life by pushing her. She recalls the incident and tells Anurag to be ready as many pushes like this is going to affect him. She tells that she will snatch everything from him the way he did to her.

    He acts sober but tells that he is even getting tears about her sympathy and she asks him to keep the sympathy for himself. Anurag asks her to return from where she came if she wants to be happy as it is 8 years. She tells that she doesn't have any advice for him as she will not give him a chance to be happy. Prerna goes and he thinks that he was right thinking that she is near him.

     Anurag thinks of sending her back again and Prerna thinks both Komolika and Anurag will not be able to breathe peacefully. Nivedita informs Komolika that they have lost the auction as some woman has won over and Komolika tells that she will have to talk to Anurag. She asks the guests to be out as she gets angry and asks Mohini who will be that girl who defeated Anurag Basu.

    The staff tells Prerna that nobody thought that Anurag will get defeated and she tells that they should always expect the unexpected. Prerna is informed about Bajaj calling the staff and she tells that he is caring and taking the stress as he is not here. The security informs Kukki and Kaushik that they can go inside as the auction is over. She gets a call from Prerna and she gets happy knowing that they won the land. Prerna asks her to wait at the reception and Kaushik comes to her seeing her reaction. Kaushik gets a call from Anurag telling not to come inside as he is in the lift and he is coming down.

    Prerna and Anurag in the same lift and she looks away in anger. Kukki sits near Kaushik and they get irritated knowing that they are sitting next to each other. Kaushik tells that she has been around him like his Anurag would have been suffering because of Prerna. He tells her that why Anurag and Prerna meet everywhere and Kukki tells that it is because this is a small world. Both get annoyed. Prerna is trying to get out of the lift and Anurag tells her that lift will not stop as it is going on. Both get irked by each other's presence and while trying to get out the lift again closes. Anurag tries to press the button and Prerna tells how this stopped immediately.

    Anurag and Prerna get into a fight with their words. Prerna tells that she won the land and he tells that who takes that land for this price. She tells that she will not build a residence there so Anurag will not get any people in the mall. Anurag calls for help from anyone outside and he calls Kaushik telling that he got stuck in the lift with the person who won the auction. Kaushik tells Kukki that Anurag and Prerna got stuck in the lift but she doesn't believe. Kukki calls Prerna and understands that she got trapped in the lift. Light fails in the lift and they put the mobile torch on. He tells that now he thinks that Prerna will tell that she is afraid and she tells that she is not afraid anymore as someone dear to her cheated on her. Prerna tells that her all fears went off with that and Anurag looks on.

    Precap For Kasauti Zindagi Kay 13th March 2020 Episode Written Update :

     Anurag gets a call from Komolika and he tells her dearly that he will talk later. He refuses to tell Mohini about the girl defeated him as he is afraid that Komolika will harm her. Kaushik is taken to the police station on Kukki's complaint. Anurag thinks that he can't believe that Prerna defeated him and she thinks that she is waiting for the moment for actual revenge.

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