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  • Thursday, 6 February 2020

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 6th February 2019 Written Update " Naira-Kartik's Romantic Anniversary Luv-Kush Reaches to Trisha

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 6th February 2019 Written Update

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 6th February 2019 Written Update " Naira-Kartik's Romantic Anniversary Luv-Kush Reaches to Trisha ".

    The episode starts with Suwarna goes to Naira and Manish goes to Kartik. They talk to them about Trisha and explain to them that apart from Trisha they have other responsibilities too.

    Suwarna says the whole family is feeling bad for Trisha but it doesn't mean that we stop looking after our other duties. Manish remembers the moment and says that Vansh has come to this world then you asked for everyone that your pain will not fall on this child's happiness and started searching happiness in every moment. Suwarna and Manish say that they should celebrate valentine's day as it's their first marriage anniversary too.

     Kaira says they can't do this when Trisha is in such condition then Manish says the doctor is there for her. Suwarna says it doesn't affect Trisha whether they celebrate the day or not but it means special for Kartik. Manish and Suwarna give Kaira new dresses and ask them to get ready. There Trisha is becoming a little conscious then the doctor says to the nurse that they'll wait for a while and then they'll inform her family. Kaira reaches in the dark place where Manish and Suwarna plan a surprise for them. They become so happy to see the decorated place for them.

    Naira says to Kartik that they are so lucky as they have such kind of parents. Kartik replies as per their demand they should enjoy this moment. They see their old pictures and cut the cake. 

    They dance and spend some quality time with each other. In the early morning, Naira keeps her phone on charging and goes to the kitchen to boil milk for Kairav. Luv-Kush comes downstairs and then they notice that Naira's phone is vibrating.

    They become worried. Luv receives the call from the doctor on Naira's phone and becomes pale listening that Trisha is gaining consciousness and it'll be better if she arrives in the hospital now. Luv-Kush tells this to Abhishek then Abhishek asks them to delete the doctor's call details from Naira's phone and reach the hospital now. Luv deleted the call details then Kush says he isn't coming with them. Luv says it's important to reach there to shut Trisha's mouth up and he forces Kush to come with him. Naira comes near to her phone then Luv-Kush secretly goes out of the house.

    Trisha's condition is improving now and the nurse goes out from her room. There Luv-Kush and Abhishek too reach the hospital. Kush asks them that they should go back now but they don't listen to him like they every time do. Later Abhishek tells a plan to Luv-Kush to get information about Trisha's room.
    Luv starts acting that he has a stomach ache and they enter the hospital. They reach outside of Trisha's room and listen to the doctor saying that she'll soon wake up now. The doctor leaves the room saying she is going to another patient and asks the nurse to inform her when Mrs. Goenka arrives.

     Kaira is on its way to the hospital. Abhishek makes a false call to the nurse then she leaves Trisha's room. Abhishek sends Luv-Kush to Trisha's room and asks them to make Trisha feared so she doesn't tell anything to anyone and he stands out of the room.

    Luv calls to Trisha's name then her heartbeat becomes fast, Kush asks him that they should go back. Luv tries to wake her up and there Abhishek sees Kaira coming towards Trisha's room and he runs away. Kush forces and says to Luv that Abhishek has gone and they should also leave now and during this, by Luv's mistake Trisha's condition becomes more critical. Kaira reaches to Trisha's room and they become so worried about seeing Trisha's condition and the stopped machines. Kartik calls the doctor. Luv-Kush hides themselves.

    The doctor says it's strange as a few time back she was fine then Naira notices the open knob. Seeing the removed knob the doctor asks the nurse who arrived there and removes that knob. Kartik asks the doctor to fix the knob as they'll later gather information about who did this.

     The knob isn't fixing and there Kush's condition is also declining. Dr. Vyas comes and gives an electric shock to Trisha and seeing this Naira breaks into tears and Kartik supports her. Kush says to Luv that they should tell everything to Kaira. Kartik shouts at the hospital's staff then they decide not to tell now. The nurse tells Kaira that Trisha is stable and become conscious now.

    Precap For Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 7th February 2019 Written Update:

     Kaira brings Trisha home. Suhasini doesn't like this and says to Naira that it'll affect their reputation.

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