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  • Wednesday, 15 January 2020

    Kasauti Zindagi Kay 15th January 2020 Episode Written Update " Anurag Accepts his Love for Prerna "

    Kasauti Zindagi Kay 15th January 2020 Episode Written Update " Anurag Accepts his Love for Prerna ".

    Kasauti Zindagi Kay 15th January 2020 Episode Written Update " Anurag Accepts his Love for Prerna ".

    The episode begins at the Basu mansion. Anurag takes Prerna upstairs as she has pain in her leg and Mohini tells Moloy to ask Prerna to be in her limits as she is going to marry someone else.

    Moloy tells that she is an insecure mother and tells that a good mother will be happy with their child’s happiness. Mohini asks whether he is telling that she is not a good mother and he tells that she is not. Moloy asks her to get sympathy from her child with her tears and Nivedita tries to calm Mohini. Suman tells that there is much difference between Basu’s and Viraj’s family, Shikhar and Mahesh agree with it.

    Anupam sees one waiter looking upstairs and recalls Shivani’s words that someone is here to attack Prerna. Anupam goes upstairs and the person runs from there. Anurag helps Prerna to sit on the bed and massages her feet. Viraj comes there seeing this and Prerna thanks, Anurag, telling that she is feeling better. Anurag makes Veena sit there and tells that he read about pregnant women getting sprain on the internet as she is pregnant. Prerna smiles at him and he goes by asking her to take rest. Viraj tells that he wants to talk to Anurag and he agrees.

    Prerna tells Veena that whether Anurag remembers anything or not, he cares for her still now. Veena agrees to it and tells that he is a good person but it doesn’t mean that he belongs to her. Prerna tells that she believes that Anurag will be her own and tells that Anurag will break her marriage. Veena goes telling her to take rest. Anurag gets tensed when Viraj tells that he wants to talk about marriage and tells him not to thinks bad if Prerna has told him anything as she is like this always.

    Viraj tells that he doesn’t want to be in a relationship where there is some confusion and asks whether he loves Prerna. Anurag tells yes and Viraj is left shocked. Ronit thinks about how to kidnap Prerna and he hits Shivani with a vase. He puts her in a cupboard and ties her there. Anurag tells that he loves Prerna like a friend and tells that he has an extra concern, care and love for Prerna.

    Anurag tells that this is because she is Rajesh’s daughter and tells that he will be there when Prerna needs something. Anurag tells that these are misunderstandings beside he is married and tells that if something was there, he won’t have put effort to bring them together. Anurag apologizes to him if he had been uncomfortable because of him and Viraj thanks Anurag.

    He tells that he is feeling things as he loves Prerna and Anurag looks at him. Viraj tells his thoughts to Anurag and Anurag tells that it is better to speak out the doubts better than keeping in his mind. 

    Viraj hugs Anurag telling that he is going to propose Prerna and he goes. Anupam follows the waiter and he calls Ronit. He hears the phone ringing and starts searching for the phone. Ronit held Shivani at gunpoint and picks the call. Anupam goes inside as Nivedita calls her and Shivani thinks who is this person as he kidnapped her when she was following him.

    Anurag thinks why Viraj thought like this and starts thinking that he is doing something not right. He gets confused thinking about his approach and thinks that Viraj is right telling that he crossing his limits by caring for Prerna. Anurag thinks that everything about Prerna is connected to him and he decides to keep away from getting too much involved with Prerna as it may affect her relationship with Viraj.

    Anurag gets back some memories telling Prerna that someone is not good for her and Sonalika comes there hearing Anurag telling that he remembers. Ronit asks the goon to handle Shivani by keeping her at gunpoint and tells that he should kidnap Prerna. Ronit slaps her when she tries to speak up and Sonalika asks Anurag what he remembered. He tells that he was asking Prerna not to marry and thinks that maybe that person left Prerna.

    Sonalika tells that she is tired and tells him that she is not too good not to feel jealous when he tells about some other girl. Anurag that it’s not like that as he comes to her first for telling about his feelings and says that his heart hasn’t forgotten things even though his brain has forgotten things. Sonalika recalls Prerna’s words and looks on.

    Precap For Kasauti Zindagi Kay 16th January 2020 Episode Written Update :

     Sonalika gets the medicine so that Anurag doesn’t remember anything and Prerna gets the water from his hands mixed with the medicine. Prerna drinks it and she says that he loves Anurag. Viraj sees Prerna hugging Anurag.

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