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  • Tuesday, 14 January 2020

    Kasauti Zindagi Kay 14th January 2020 Episode Written Update " Prerna-Anurag's Dance Ronit To Get Expose "

    Kasauti Zindagi Kay 14th January 2020 Episode Written Update " Prerna-Anurag's Dance Ronit To Get Expose "

    Kasauti Zindagi Kay 14th January 2020 Episode Written Update " Prerna-Anurag's Dance Ronit To Get Expose "

    The episode starts at the Basu mansion. Anurag comes to his room unhappy seeing Prerna with Viraj and he thinks why he is feeling like this.

    He thinks that he cannot handle this and he calls Sonalika to come as he needs her. Mohini asks Sonalika what happened and she replies that Anurag called her for telling something. Sonalika goes to look Anurag and Prerna thinks that she is thinking of new plans. Viraj enters a room thinking that he wanted to talk with Prerna as her closeness to Anurag was affecting him and he tells himself that he couldn’t tell about breaking the relationship and he felt that he won't want to leave her.

    Viraj says that he agreed for the marriage as he felt that she is also incomplete like him and they both can complete each other. He tells that now he has feelings for Prerna as she is so good and Veena overhears him. Sonalika starts to get furious at a waiter for hitting with her but gets surprised to see that it is Ronit. He asks what she would like to have and Sonalika tells that she needs Prerna. Ronit tells that he will bring Prerna with good planning and tells that this is his promise. Ronit recalls Prerna sapping her before and thinks that this is going to affect her badly.

    Anurag is restless thinking that why Sonalika didn’t come till now and Ronit asks his fellow goons disguised as waiters to kidnap Prerna by showing her photo. Ronit hits with Shivani and he tries to go away when she asks him to wait. 

    She follows him and he calls Sonalika to tell about Shivani. He asks her to tackle the situation and Sonalika comes there to divert Shivani’s attention when Ronit hides. Sonalika sees Viraj looking at Prerna with a smile and Shivani asks her to look behind where she sees Anurag smiling and Prerna. Shivani makes Sonalika furious and Ronit goes from there in between. Moloy invites the youngsters to dance at the party and everyone laughs when he tells that he is young among them.

    Viraj and Anurag walk towards Prerna and she looks at Anurag. Veena is looking at them and everyone looks in wonder. Shivani sees Ronit again and starts following him. Viraj stops seeing Anurag advancing to Prerna and Sonalika asks Viraj to dance with her. He agrees and offers his hands to her while Prerna sees this. She thinks that Sonalika understood that if she tries to push Anurag away from her, he will get close to her more. Ronit is trying hard to escape from Shivani and thinks that he should do something.

     Shivani thinks that if he was a waiter he had no reason to hide and he hides in the room. Shivani shudders as Anupam comes there and he asks why she is frightened. Shivani tells that she feels that someone is here and Prerna is in danger. 

    Nivedita takes Anupam from there and Shivani again looks for Ronit. The dance begins and Anurag asks Prerna to dance with him. Viraj sees Prerna agreeing to dance and Moloy and Anupam get happy seeing both of them dancing together.

    Viraj tells Sonalika that he doesn’t think that Prerna is tired and asks Sonalika whether he can dance with Prerna. Sonalika tells him that Anurag wants to dance with Prerna as he likes her and Viraj looks confused. Sonalika tells him that this time Anurag should know that Prerna is Viraj’s and asks him not to tell Anurag about this matter. Sonalika tells that she is also struggling with these matters and she didn’t want to discuss this with him. Viraj tells that he understands the situation and Moloy signs Anupam to dance with Nivedita.

     Anurag tells Prerna that he likes dancing with her and she says that she knows. He asks her whether they have danced many times before and she nods. 

    Goons look at Prerna dancing and pairs get exchanged during the dance so Prerna goes to Viraj and Sonalika goes to Anurag. The dance ends and Anurag gets concerned when Prerna is in pain. He helps her to sit and Viraj looks at them. He goes to them when Sonalika provokes him and she looks on.

    Precap For Kasauti Zindagi Kay 15th January 2020 Episode Written Update:

    Viraj sees Anurag massaging Prerna’s foot and Ronit hits Shivani with a vase. Prerna tells Veena that Anurag cares for her even though he doesn’t remember anything but Veena tells that this doesn’t mean that Anurag is for her and she tells that Anurag will break this marriage. Viraj asks Anurag whether he loves Prerna and he tells yes. Viraj looks shocked.

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