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  • Monday, 13 January 2020

    Kasauti Zindagi Kay 13th January 2020 Episode Written Update " Anurag recalls Past Gets Jealous to See Viraj "

    Kasauti Zindagi Kay 13th January 2020 Episode Written Update " Anurag recalls Past Gets Jealous to See Viraj ".

    Kasauti Zindagi Kay 13th January 2020 Episode Written Update " Anurag recalls Past Gets Jealous to See Viraj ".

    The episode begins at the Basu mansion. Anurag tells Prerna about his memories that they were dancing close and tells that it was above friendship.

    Nivedita tells that this photograph Anurag saw that day and he tells that it is not the same. Nivedita takes him for having breakfast and Anupam asks Prerna how is she. Prerna tells that she is okay and happy. Anupam tells her that he feels that Anurag will get back his memory soon and Prerna tells that she is feeling the same and waiting for that. Mohini asks servant why he didn’t throw these sleeping pills away and tells that because of this pill she was sleeping when her son was at the hospital.

     Anurag comes there consoling Mohini and she apologizes to him. Anurag tells that he is happy and seeing Prerna there she tells that she is also happy if Anurag is happy but the reason for his happiness is not right. Mohini asks him to eat and Moloy makes Prerna sit for breakfast. Anurag asks the servant to bring rasagula as it Prerna’s favorite nowadays. Moloy asks Nivedita why she didn’t remind him about the party for the new year and she tells that the preparations are almost made so to relax.

     Moloy asks Prerna to bring her family to the party and Mohini asks her to bring Viraj also as he is a part of the family. Sonalika also tells that same and Anurag agrees to this. Shivani tells that she did a mistake by provoking Komolika and says that Komolika will get angry thinking about Anurag’s memory coming back. Shivani tells that they should remain cautious at a party and Prerna asks her not to get tensed and tells that she is ready to face Komolika.

     Prerna tells that she will go to the party with Viraj so that it may cause an impact on Anurag’s memory. Prerna tells that she will not, this opportunity. Sonalika tells Ronit that she should move Prerna from her life and asks him to kill her. Ronit tells her that seeing Prerna in danger Anurag may get back his memory and says that they don’t want to trigger his memory. Ronit tells that they will kidnap Prerna from there. Anurag is confused about his memories and dreams. He thinks that he feels like something going away from him. Viraj is looking at their tilak photos and thinks that he should talk to Prerna tomorrow at the party.

    Prerna comes for the party with her family and Moloy thanks her for coming. Mohini asks Prerna to focus on her husband not on other’s husband and she tells that she is focussing on her husband only. Mohini gets angry with her answer and Sonalika asks Prerna whether she saw any dreams again.

     Sonalika tells that she saw a dream that Prerna getting married to Viraj and says that everyone tells that the dreams seen in the morning will come true.

     Prerna tells that she is seeing her dreams with open eyes and tells that Anurag will come towards her as much as Komolika tries to keep away from her. Mohini calls Sonalika from there and Prerna thinks where Anurag went.

     Anurag calls for Sonalika and Mohini but no one is there. Prerna blouse gets some tear when she tries to get her saree from getting stuck and thinks that the needle will be there at Mohini’s room. Prerna goes to the room looking for needle and thread while Anurag sees her. Anurag asks her she needs something and he sees her blouse unhooked a bit through the mirror. Anurag takes needle and thread telling that he will help her as he knows to stitch.

    Anurag thinks that he has said this before and gets vague memories. Sonalika and Mohini come there and sees Anurag with Prerna. Mohini tells Prerna that her mother is calling her and Prerna goes. Anurag tells that he needs to talk with them but Mohini refuses to hear him changing the topic. Mohini takes Sonalika with her and asks Sonalika to avoid if Anurag talks anything about Prerna. Mohini tells Sonalika that Anurag had a relation with Prerna and tells Sonalika that Anurag should not remember this matter.

    Viraj comes for the party and gets into awkward gestures seeing Prerna. He gives bouquet to Prerna but she tells that he should give this to Moloy as this is his party and Viraj tells that this is for her and he needs to talk with her. Viraj thinks that he will not be able to tell Prerna that he won’t be able to tell Prerna that he cannot marry her. Anurag sees Prerna taking bouquet from Viraj and Prerna asks Viraj what happened. He tells that he needs to make a phone call and compliments that her smile is good. Prerna tells that Anurag also tells the same and Anurag goes from there. Ronit is disguised as a waiter and tells in a phone that he will reach soon to kidnap Prerna.

    Precap For Kasauti Zindagi Kay 14th January 2020 Episode Written Update :

     Sonalika asks Ronit to bring Prerna for her. Ronit shows the picture of Prerna to the goons for kidnapping. Viraj is looking at Prerna dancing with Anurag and Sonalika tells him that Anurag likes Prerna.

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