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  • Monday, 2 December 2019

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 2nd December 2019 Written Update " Naira Scared To Accept Kartik's Love "

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 2nd December 2019 Written Update " Naira Scared To Accept Kartik's Love "

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 2nd December 2019 Written Update " Naira Scared To Accept Kartik's Love ".

    The episode starts with Kairav, who comes back home with Vedika and Naksh. Kairav goes and hugs them.

     Later Suhasini too hugs them and she thanks Naira. Suhasini hugs Vedika too then she starts crying and feels sorry that because of her they suffered. Kartik says to her that it's not her fault and Naira says that she saved our child. Manish also says to Vedika that everything was unfortunate and asks her not feel guilty.

    Kairav hugs Vedika and thanks her and says that she is so brave then she replies that his parents are brave. Akhilesh says when police will catch Akshat then everything will be fine. Later Naira goes to her room and opens the window and starts crying. She remembers the moment when she confessed her love to Kartik and starts regretting this. There Kartik also remembers the same moment and he seems to be very happy.

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode Written Update 2nd Decemmber 2019 

    He starts smiling then later realizes that everyone is watching him. Naira feels wrong that she confessed to Kartik, she cries and says why she said that to him as she still loves him like she earlier used to do but she shouldn't tell him that. Later she says that it's was in her heart that's why it came to her tongue. She realizes to herself that it can happen because he is married and Vedika is his wife now and later she decides to forget that moment.

    There Kartik feels that he know what's her choice and now he knows what to do. Samarth receives a call that the police caught Akshat then Manish says he'll be punished for all his wrongdoings. Later Suwarna says to Goenkas that it will be a difficult situation for Vedika and Naira then Suhasini replies she too worried about them.

    Surekha asks her to leave everything to God. Vedika takes his father's picture and says that she and Kairav were hanging and something bad could happen with them. She remembers the moment when Kairav hugged each other but later she thinks that she is overthinking. Vedika says she doesn't know that she is in between Kaira or Naira is in between her and Kartik. Later Kartik sees Naira and raises his hands to hug her but she runs away.

    Naira feeds food to Kairav and Vansh then Kartik also comes there and then she leaves. Later she goes to the temple and Kartik follows her there too. There too she is about to go but Kartik stops her by holding her hand and she tries to make her hand free from him.
    Naira leaves. Kairav and Vansh are watching something in the camera but later it shows his parents video but the audio isn't audible.

    Later Kartik follows Naira to the garden also and there he hugs her. Naira asks him to leave her but he refuses to leave her and asks her why she is running away from him. Kairav goes to Vedika and asks her to connect the camera to her laptop and Vedika gets worried to see the video in it. Naira asks Kartik to leave as it's wrong and if someone sees them then what will they think.

    Kartik asks her why she isn't accepting what they both want. There Kairav asks Vedika to do hurry as he wants to listen his parent's conversation as it seems that they are angry. Vedika thinks she too wants to watch this but is it right to watch. Naira says to Kartik that they are divorced for the society and his wife is someone else now and she is nothing then he replies that there is no need to tell that what she is for him and says now he'll not let her go.

    Vedika plays the video but before she can she anything, Naira comes and removes the Pendrive and sends Kairav and Vansh to eat the sandwiches. Naira lies to Vedika that they have prepared a surprise for Kairav that she doesn't want him to see now and she leaves.

    Naira comes in her room and says it's not Vedika's fault but what happened if she watched that.  Kartik goes into the darkroom and Naira cries in her room.

    Naira asks the god why he is creating such moments for that if he already knows that they can't live together. Kartik fills the entire wall by writing Kaira on it and says he'll not let Naira go away from him.

    Precap For Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 3rd December 2019 Written Update :

     Kartik tells Naira that he has nothing for Vedika in his heart and he only loves her.

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