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  • Wednesday, 18 December 2019

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 18th December 2019 Written Update "Naira Reaches For Sangeet Vedika Gets Jealous "

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 18th December 2019 Written Update "Naira Reaches For Sangeet Vedika Gets Jealous ".

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 18th December 2019 Written Update "Naira Reaches For Sangeet Vedika Gets Jealous ".

    It starts with a worried Suhasini, who asks Kartik to go and find Naira as none other is listening to her.

     Kartik runs in a hurry towards his car but before he sits into the car, he listens to Naira's voice. He sees her hanging on a truck and then he lays her down and starts questioning her. Naira makes him silent as Vedika is still sitting in the truck and he doesn't even notice. Vedika feels very bad as Kartik doesn't notice her. There Vedika hangs while coming down from the truck and at the same time a dust particle goes into Naira's eye. Kartik shows his concern only for Naira and he doesn't even see that Vedika is hanging then she comes down by her herself.

    Kartik asks them that's why they came here by truck then Naira tells him that their car's key was lost. Kaira thanks the truck drivers. Kartik asks them to come inside eat the food. Kartik asks a servant to take care of both the drivers and attend them nicely. Kartik tells Naira that everyone is worried about her specially Daadi. Kartik takes Naira into the house and Vedika. There Kartik asks Suhasini to take a breath of relief as Naira is back now.

    As Naira enters the house Suhasini hugs her and shows concern only for her. Vedika recalls starts how earlier Suhasini used to take care of her but now she isn't even asking her if she is fine. Kairav says to Naira that his friends are eagerly waiting for him then Naira says sorry to everyone.

     Manish asks to start the Sangeet ceremony and Kartik asks everyone to take their positions. Kairav fills with joy and excitedly remembers them about the competition among them. Kartik again asks Kairav that he is in which time then Kartik and Naira start arguing over this.

    Samarth asks them to stop the debate. Suwarna says to Kairav that they'll let his parents perform in the last so that he can also choose the team. Everyone to the dance floor and Kairav takes Kaira too away from there and becomes alone. 

    Gayatri asks Vedika that why she is going to there room then she replies that she is not well and wants to take rest in her room. Vedika becomes more upset when Gayatri tells her that her room is no more now and asks her to take rest in her and Samarth's room.

     Kairav announces that he is lucky that he is going to attend his parent's wedding then Kaira reply that they can do anything for his happiness. Vansh announces that Manish and Suwarna will perform first then Kartik remembers the earlier time when he asked Manish and Suwarna not to attend his wedding. He hugs both of them and says sorry for whatever he did with them.

    Manish changes the upset moment into the enjoyable by saying that they'll beat Kaira in the dance. Vansh asks to start the music for Manish and Suwarna. While Manish and Suwarna are performing, Kartik thanks Naira for everything. 


    They perform very well, everyone enjoys and later joins them on the dance floor. Here everyone is enjoying and there as Vedika listens to the voice of the ceremony she becomes restless.

    Naira asks Kartik about Vedika then he replies he doesn't know. Later Naira says to him that she might be feeling awkward then he replies that they can't do anything for that as it's her choice. Vedika says to herself that everything has changed as no one thinks of her and no cares about her but earlier everything belongs to her. She thinks that Pallavi was right that it'll be very late when she realized her doing but she says that it's not too late yet. Kartik and Naira appreciate everyone's performance then Naksh asks them to be ready as it's time for their performance.

    They realize that Kairav isn't present here. Vansh asks Kairav that why he is hiding then he replies because his parents will ask him about his team. But Kaira catches him and starts asking him again that he is in whose team. They both again start debating on this then Surekha asks everyone to relax as they'll take some time in their debate.

    Kairav shouts loudly and asks them to be quiet and stop their fight. He says that he loves them equally and is in both the teams and he wants both of them always. Everyone praises Kairav's answer and say it's all because of Naira's upbringing. Everyone is eager to see Kaira's dance. Later they start their performance.

    Precap For Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 19th December 2019 Written Update :

     Kaira's performance very well and the lawyer comes to remind them about the divorce.

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