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  • Saturday, 9 November 2019

    Kasauti Zindagi Kay 9th November 2019 Episode Written Update " Anurag Finds Prerna and His Photograph Asks Questions "

    Kasauti Zindagi Kay 9th November 2019 Episode Written Update

    Kasauti Zindagi Kay 9th November 2019 Episode Written Update " Anurag Finds Prerna and His Photograph Asks Questions ".

     The episode starts at Anurag’s office. Prerna stops when her hands touched with Komolika’s and turn back to see this is but couldn’t see and thinks that it feels like some devil has touched her.

    Anurag thanks Sonalika for bringing the file and she tells that she wanted to give him surprise. She tells that she was missing him and he gets disturbed and tells her to wait at his cabin. Sonalika asks the manager to show her the full office and Prerna is busy searching for the file.

    Kasauti Zindagi Ki Written Update 9th November 2019 Episode Full Written Update

     A file falls from Prerna’s hand and Sonalika comes there but she goes from there after getting Anurag’s call. The manager tells that he wonders how she got this job and she gets call from reception that the conference is over so that she can take the file to Anurag’s room. Anurag comes to the cabin and sees their photo there. Sonalika asks whether he is surprised and Anurag is she fond of giving people surprises.

    Anurag tells that he is not comfortable with showing his relations by keeping the photo there but he keeps it there seeing Sonalika sad. Anurag gets uncomfortable when Soanlika touches him and he tells that she should have suffered to bring this file. Sonalika tries to get close with her and Anurag tries to escape from her. Prerna knocks at the door and Sonalika thinks that the person came at wrong time but Anurag thinks that it is at the right time.

    Prerna goes from there seeing that she took the wrong file and leaves when Sonalika comes to look who it is. Anurag tells that somebody has knocked the door unknowingly and Sonalika is angry that somebody spoiled her romantic moment.

    Manager asks Prerna whether she is confused with file numbers 14 and 41. Prerna tells that she got confused in hurry and he tells that she is not focussed on her work. Anurag asks Sonalika to go back to house as he will be late and Anurag asks her not to wait for him at dinner when she tells that she will wait for him at dinner. Sonalika asks receptionist to tell Anurag’s secretary about changing his lunch time and not to keep any meetings for him at that time.

    Prerna brings a file to Anurag and he tells that he thought that she had taken leave. She tells that if that was the case she would have informed him as he is her boss. Anurag asks she was the one who knocked the door before and tells that she did good. He tries to explain and she tells that she understood. Prerna gets flashback and she goes telling that her extension is not working. Anurag asks whether to drop Prerna and she thinks that if he comes here he will understand that their house burnt in fire.

    Prerna tells that she will manage and Anurag goes. Sonalika opens that door when Anurag comes there and tells that she was waiting for him. Sonalika serves him and plans to get Anurag feed her but that gets a flop when Moloy comes there.

    Anurag feeds Moloy as that was his favorite dish and Sonalika gets angry seeing this. Sonalika goes inside telling that she will bring another fork as the fork in her hand fell down. Moly takes Anurag to room and Anupam comes there to congratulate him for joining the company. Anupam tells that Sonalika didn’t even tell a word when Niveditha and Mohini congratulated her for motivating Anurag to work even though she hasn’t done anything.

    Anurag tells that it’s okay as girls love being praised more than getting oxygen. Anurag goes to the storeroom seeing light flickering there and he takes a box from there but stops when he sees a photograph fell on the ground. He takes the photo and sees himself with Prerna in that. He wonders and starts getting blurred memories of the past. He gets confused about seeing their photos together.

    Shivani takes Prerna’s phone for attending a call and gets shocked hearing Anurag’s name from Mala telling that she got a picture together with Anurag. She tells that Prerna’s photo of welcoming Anurag is also there and Shivani tells Prerna that Mala told that she and Anurag are there in the pictures taken today.

    Shivani questions her and Veena asks her to leave the job tomorrow. Veena tells that how much distance she keeps with Anurag is better for her good. Anurag asks everyone about the photograph and all get shocked. Mohini worries about Sonalika and Anurag tells them that he told before that something big happened and he is not remembering it.

    Niveditha tells that what they told him before are the things happened in these two years and tries to convince him that he is getting confused. Anurag takes the photo to Sonalika and asks her what she is feeling about the picture. Moloy tells Anurag to tells what he feels seeing this picture and tells that maybe they have missed something to tell him. Mohini cooks up a story for the moment and Niveditha asks them to sleep by taking the photograph from his hand.

    Kasauti Zindagi Ki season 2  Upcoming Written Update and Spoiler

    Sonalika tells Anurag no family will tell lie to their son and if they do then they are so bad but his family cares for him much. Veena tells Prerna that they didn’t think that she will hide this thing and tells that she knows that still her heart is searching for Anurag but she doesn’t have any value in his heart as Sonalika is his wife now.

    Veena asks her not get hurt by doing these things and Prerna tells that she didn’t tell lie as when she went for interviews Anshul was the boss and the next day Anurag bought the company so he became the boss. She tells that she is just his secretary and Veena asks her who he is for her. Veena tells that she knows the answer even if Prerna doesn’t reply and asks her not to work in Anurag’s office.

    Sonalika tells Anurag that his family loves him the same as he loves her and Anurag tells that he loves her. Sonalika tells that she loves him too and Anupam sees this. Anurag tells that when she loves him as he remembers that he married her just to save her from forced marriage.

    Sonalika tells him that he loved her so much and tells that it is her bad luck that he doesn’t remember anything. Anurag feels disturbed hearing her and she hugs him. Anupam sees that Anurag is going to hug her back and Anurag stops himself from hugging her back. Sonalika remembers their first night when she was Komolika and thinks that his attitude never changes towards her. Anupam is switching on and off the lights in the room.

    Niveditha asks Anupam what happened as he is awake when it is too late and he tells his doubts about Anurag’s feelings to her. Niveditha tells that maybe Anurag is feeling comfortable and gives their relationship as an example. Mohini is preparing food and Sonalika tells that she is planning to make something for Anurag. Mohini gets happy knowing that Sonalika is planning to take lunch for Anurag and tells that she doesn’t her permission to have lunch with him.

     Sonalika impresses Mohini with her words and she falls for it by praising her. Prerna goes to office remembering Veena’s words and she goes to Anurag’s room. Anurag tells that they will go to the conference room as they are having meeting and she breaks the photo unknowingly. He stops her from picking the glass pieces and Prerna looks at him holding her hands while he is calling someone to clean. Anurag takes his hand off and he moves her from getting hurt by glass pieces. Anurag asks what she was going to tell and wonders hearing that she is resigning.

    Anurag tells that she can’t resign like this and says that this is their company policy as it will take time for replacement. Prerna asks whether he won’t asks for the reason and he tells that he knows that she will be having some strong reasons for resigning.

     He goes telling that he knows the reason and Sonalika comes to the office. Sonalika gets a call from Ronit and tells that she will tell him the whole story by replacing herself instead of Prerna being kidnapped.

    She tells that she will steal Prerna’s love and also story from her. Prerna is bringing coffee for Sonalika on Mala’s insistence and Sonalika tells her brother that she will destroy Prerna if Anurag remembers her face. Prerna knocks at the door.

    PRECAP FOR Kasauti Zindagi Kay 10th November 2019 Episode Written Update :

     Anurag asks Prerna to get more information so that he can move correctly and she tells that they are having the information in the file at the storage. Sonalika locks the storage room when Prerne enters and Sonalika calls Anurag telling that she forgot her way out in the office. Sonalika takes off the fuse and Prerna panics.

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