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  • Friday, 8 November 2019

    Kasauti Zindagi Kay 8th November 2019 Episode Written Update " Anurag-Prerna's Office Romance"

    Kasauti Zindagi Kay 8th November 2019 Episode Written Update " Anurag-Prerna's Office Romance"

    Kasauti Zindagi Kay 8th November 2019 Episode Written Update " Anurag-Prerna's Office Romance".

    The episode begins at the office. The employees are informed that their new boss has arrived and Prerna is asked to welcome him.

     Anurag comes to the office and Prerna is complaining about the welcoming method there. Anurag looks at her but couldn’t see as she is standing to turn back. Prerna gets to know that her boss is standing behind her and she turns with the garland and sees Anurag there. Both wonders and Prerna recalls Anurag filling her hairline with sindoor.

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    They look at each other and Prerna makes him wear the garland. And every one welcomes him by applauding. Anurag thanks for the welcome and he thinks why Prerna was looking at him like this. The staff tells that Prerna was frozen seeing such a good- looking boss. Prerna is asked to go inside as she is the new secretary for their boss and goes inside the cabin.

     Anurag gets to know that Prerna is his secretary and others leave from the cabin. Anurag asks her how she came here and tells that he didn’t think that she will be here. She tells that she got a job today and Anurag tells that even this is his first day. He tells that they will understand the company together and asks her to sit. Papers fall from the file as she passes that to Anurag and she tries to get the papers.

    Anurag helps her in this and prevents her from falling down. Anurag gets blurred memories of the past and Prerna recalls them working together before. The flashback is shown and they get disturbed when his phone bell rings. He sees that Sonalika is calling but he didn’t attend that call and tells that Prerna is a little strange.

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     Both fights and Prerna goes out when he tells that she is a non- stop chatterbox. Anurag calls her out but she doesn’t hear. She gets happy thinking that her heartbeat got faster being nearer to Anurag.

    Anurag sees her standing there and goes inside. Prerna thinks that it is good that Anurag came here. Sonalika calls him again and asks him how was his day. He tells me that his day was good. Sonalika asks whether he misses her and he avoids the question when he someone at the door and cuts the call. Anurag searches for a file which was a contract to be signed and tells that he forgot that file at home. Anurag calls Niveditha asking to bring the file in the study room and she tells that she will bring. Sonalika asks whether she can take the file which Anurag askes Niveditha to bring so that she can surprise him.

    Komolika comes to the office and asks for his cabin at the reception. She tells that there is no appointment fixed there and asks Sonalika who she is. Sonalika tells that she is the owner of the company and asks her not to ask twice.

    The receptionist calls Prerna to tell that the boss is calling her as the meeting have started. Sonalika hits Prerna but didn’t see her face and the office staff asks her to go and apologize to her. Prerna tells that she said sorry and the fault was not completely her. He tells that he doesn’t like people arguing and says that he will apologize as she has to go for meeting. Sonalika enters the room and couldn’t find Anurag there. Sonalika keeps their photograph on the table and sits in his chair. Prerna comes for the meeting as it was going on and she gets into trouble.

    Everyone looks at her and Anurag thinks that Prerna will feel bad if he says she is clumsy. Anurag helps her and staff ask Sonalika what she is doing there. He introduces that he is the manager of this company and asks sorry on behalf of Prerna. The manager tells that Anurag is in the conference room and goes there. Saree gets torn as Anurag tries to take it off from the door handle and both standstill.

    He resumes the meeting and asks Prerna to bring the file from her table. She stops as she feels something when her hand touches with Sonalika’s.

    Precap For Kasauti Zindagi Kay 9th November 2019 Episode Written Update:

     Anurag feels disturbed when Sonalika is near him. She tells that she likes his smile and says that he can also compliment her with heart. Prerna hears them. Anurag gets a photograph of him with Prerna from the storehouse. He gives this to his family and all are shocked to see this.

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