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  • Wednesday, 27 November 2019

    Kasauti Zindagi Kay 27th November 2019 Episode Written Update " Prerna Confronts Komolika Anurag Believes on Prerna "

    Kasauti Zindagi Kay 27th November 2019 Episode Written Update " Prerna Confronts Komolika Anurag Believes on Prerna "

    Kasauti Zindagi Kay 27th November 2019 Episode Written Update " Prerna Confronts Komolika Anurag Believes on Prerna".

    The episode starts at Ronit’s house. Shivani tells Prerna that Sonalika is Komolika. Shivani tells that Sonalika completed the function which only Ronit’s sister can perform for him.

    Shivani tells that they should leave now but Prerna tells that she will confront Komolika. Anurag is busy working and he sees Prerna’s resume in it. He decides to go through it and wonders seeing that she has worked for Basu publication. He gets vague memories seeing Switzerland as her favorite destination and gets confused.

    Kasauti Zindagi Ki Written Update 27th November 2019 Episode Full Written Update

    Prerna sees Ronit talking to Sonalika and she tells that she should go from here as some may get doubt at her behavior. She goes to get something from room and Prerna follows them. Prerna gets inside the room and holds Sonalika’s hand. Prerna slaps her and Ronit shouts at her. Prerna addresses her as Komolika and both get shocked. Prerna tells that she has learned the truth and it is time for everyone to know about this truth.

    Sonalika gets tensed and Ronit tries to protect her but Prerna asks him to be quiet. Prerna tells not to waste her energy to prove that she is Sonalika, not Komolika and says that she got this doubt when Sonalika came to her house for confronting her. Prerna tells that Sonalika was taking exactly the same way Komolika used to do when she gets angry and says that she got her belief proven as she saw her at Ronit’s function.

    Sonalika tries to tell that she came for the engagement of her friend and her fiancée was trying to help her in finding washroom. She tells that she doesn’t know who is Komolika and Prerna tells that Komolika is the devil in human form. Prerna asks her if she is Shanaya’s friend then what she was doing in the ritual which only a sister can perform.

    Kasauti Zindagi Ki season 2  Upcoming Written Update and Spoiler

    Sonalika tells that she is Komolika and tells that she changed her face and came again so that she can make Basu’s life hell. She tells that she will take revenge on them and she tells that she wants to get back Anurag. Komolika tells that only Anurag may believe her words and she tells that she knows how to stop Prerna.

    Sonalika leaves and Ronit holds Prerna by her neck. Shivani hits Ronit and Sonalika comes to see this. Prerna pushes Sonalika and escapes from there with Shivani from thereafter locking the room. Ronit and Sonalika try to open the door.Ronit breaks open the door and they go behind Prerna. Sonalika sees them leaving in car and Ronit takes the gun. Shivani asks Prerna to go slow and think about baby but Prerna doesn’t slow down.

    Both are rash driving and Shivani gets frightened telling that Komolika is behind them. Ronit fires at the car but nothing happens. Ronit tells Komolika that their car is too fast so to slow down. Prerna and Shivani get alerted when Sonalika takes another way. Ronit asks Sonalika why she is going through another way and she tells that it is a shortcut so that easily catch up Prerna.

     Komolika waits for Prerna’s car and Prerna gets shocked seeing Komolika in front of her. Sonalika hits Prerna’s car and Ronit and Shivani get unconscious. Shivani wakes up and helps Prerna out of the car. Prerna leaves in auto and Komolika regains consciousness. She sees Shivani there and hits her with a stick. Prerna comes to the Basu house calling out Anurag’s name and she tells Mohini that Sonalika is Komolika.

     Sonalika comes there and Mohini supports her telling that she is her daughter in law. Mohini tells that Sonalika saved Anurag’s life and tells that if Komolika was alive there would have been drama every day as she hated everyone. Mohini tells that Soanlika loves everyone and Sonalika confronts Prerna about Komolika. Prerna goes upstairs to tell Anurag and Mohini tries to stop her but she couldn’t.

     Sonalika goes behind her and Anurag hears them calling Prerna’s name. Prerna comes to Anurag’s room and locks the door. She asks Anurag whether he believes her and he tells that he trusts her more. Anurag asks her why she is afraid and Prerna tells that she wanted to tell everything. Sonalika asks Anurag not to believe Prerna and Anurag are confused.

    Prerna holds his hands and asks whether he is feeling strange by her touch and he tells no. Prerna tells that they both loved each other in this 2yrs and Mohini gets shocked hearing this. Prerna tells that she is not lying and Anurag tells that he has heard Komolika’s name he gets memories. Prerna tries to get his memory back and she tells that they were going to get married that day of accident.

    Prerna tells that Komolika has changed her face and tells that Sonalika is Komolika who came to snatch their happiness. Anurag opens the door and Soanlika asks Prerna to leave.

     Kasauti Zindagi Kay 27th November 2019 Episode Written Update " Prerna Confronts Komolika Anurag Believes on Prerna".

    Anurag asks her to stop and confronts her as Komolika.

    Precap For Kasauti Zindagi Kay 28th November 2019 Episode Written Update :

     Anurag pushes Komolika out of the house and faints after that. Niveditha tells that because of Prerna her brother died.

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