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  • Thursday, 10 October 2019

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 10th October 2019 Written Update " Vedika Gets Shocked to Know about Kaira's Marriage "

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 10th October 2019 Written Update " Vedika Gets Shocked to Know about Kaira's Marriage "

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 10th October 2019 Written Update " Vedika Gets Shocked to Know about Kaira's Marriage ".

    The episode starts with Naira, who refuses to marry there and says she want to marry in a temple.

    Kartik and Naira come out the room as the goons are busy in extinguishing the fire. They both lock the goons in the room and they leave from there. 

    Kartik and Naira reach to the Singhania house. Kartik says to Naira that she is so good and asks her to remain the same. Kartik thinks that it's Goenka's house but Naira tells him that it's Singhania house.

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode Written Update 9th October  2019

    Kartik asks her why they are there as if the wedding happens there then you'll cry a lot your vidaayi. Naira says all the temples are closed now but they can make their own house's god. Naira and Kartik say that now Kairav can also see their fourth wedding. Kartik and Naira are going to Naira's room at the same moment Naksh reaches the house with Kairav and thinks to make Kairav sleep in Naira's room.

    They both decide to get sleep before their marriage and lay on the bed. They both fall asleep and Naksh comes to the room but before he sees Kartik, Kartik falls down from the bed. As he falls down from the bed, Naksh hears the sound but he later her think that it's the sound of the window as it's blowing.

    Naksh switches off the lights of the room. In the early morning crying Vedika comes to Suhasini and tells her that Kartik doesn't come back yet. Suhasini says that they thought he came with her then Vedika says he is with Naira.

     Vedika tells her that she called Kartik but Kairav received the call and said that Kartik is there. Vedika says to Suhasini that when Naira left you said me to took care of my married life but she has nothing to take care of. Naira wakes up and remembers some part of their kidnapping. Kartik also wakes up and Naira asks him that what is he doing here.

     Kartik says how he reached there then Naira asks him to do something before someone comes. They both remember only the things happened before the injection then Naira remembers that they planned to kidnap a child but kidnapped her. Naira asks Kartik to try to remember something as they were together all night.

    They both receive the messages from their lawyers that they have to come to their offices as it's urgent. They hear Naksh's voice then Kartik runs out from the window. As Kartik reaches his house, he sees his thumb and thinks how it gets hurt.

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Upcoming Spoiler 9th October Full Episode Written Update

     Everyone is standing in the corridor for him. Vedika asks was he went for Kairav last night but he refuses and narrates the last night incident to them. Manish gets worried and asks him is he fine then he says he is absolutely fine. Later Kartik reaches Damini Mishra's office and Naira is also sitting there. The assistant asks them to wait because Damini is busy in a meeting.

    Kartik asks Naira whether she remembers anything but she refuses and asks him the same. Kartik says it's weird that they Goenka's what they did. Naira says that they should get some hint that they didn't do anything wrong. Some papers fly away then they both recollect them and there is a marriage picture with them. Naira recalls something looking at picture and asks Kartik that she remembers something about the marriage. Kartik asks her does she mean that they got married in intoxicated condition but Vedika listens all this and she leaves.

    Damini and Mr.Kumar also reach the room and ask them that they need to talk to them and Damini asks them to sit. Mr.Kumar gives them the papers to sign but it seems difficult for them. They both sign the papers then Damini taunts Naira and says she'll make sure that she doesn't need to come again. 

    Damini sees both of them and thinks a strong connection is seeing in their relationship and it's not good for her. Damini asks them to go as all the work was done. Damini stops Naira and says that the decision of the case doesn't depend on that who is right but it depends on the capability of the lawyer. 

    Further she says that they will not give weightage to a mother's emotions and she is telling all this to her because it's all very hard in reality and no one gives her the favor for being a woman. Naira replies she doesn't need anyone's favour and asks her that she doesn't know about a mother's powers.

    Precap For Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 11th October 2019 Written Update :

     Suwarna talks to Naira about the case and Kairav listens to all.

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