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  • Monday, 7 October 2019

    "Vedika Knows About Kartik-Naira's Marriage Blames Naira For This " Yeh rishta kya kehlata hai Upcoming Spoiler video and written update”

    "Vedika Hears Kartik-Naira's Marriage Talk Blames Naira For This " Yeh rishta kya kehlata hai Upcoming Spoiler video and written update”

    The segment starts with Naira comes to court for Hearing and She sees Vedika is Sitting outside and she is crying.

    Naira comes to her, Vedika gets up and wipes her tears,Naira asks her what happened?

    She Looks angrily towards Naira and asks her Why naira why? you promised me that You leave after Kairav gets Fine But You didn't leave...You left Goenka House but Still in Kartik's Life what do you want Naira.

    Naira asks her why is she talking all this?
    Vedika gets angry and asks her where were You and Kartik Last Night?

    She Blames Naira that if she was Kidnapped why didn't any ransom call,or hurting and snatching your phone or jewelry or anything They just left you without doing anything.

    She continues blaming Naira that She Knows that the whole Family believed her but she won't, she knows you spend night with Kartik and she asks her is this your character Naira?

    Naira gets angry and tells her to be in her limit not to talk nonsense.
    Vedika Calls her characterless and She Finally Revealed that She Heared their Talking of Remarry In Drunken State and She runs away Crying.

    Kartik comes and sees Naira is angry and crying and He asks her what happened..Naira explains to him that he Needs to make Vedika understand that Nothing is between them But Kartik says that He has Custody case to focus and he doesn't believe anything she is saying.

    Kartik explains In his interview that He is not aware of what Naira and Vedika are talking or any talk of divorce talk. He just came and seen Naira and Vedika both are upset over something.

    Stay Tuned into for Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hai Episode Spoiler and On-location segment Written Update and must watch this segment:

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