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  • Saturday, 5 October 2019

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5th October 2019 Written Update "Naira-Kartik's Almost Kiss and Romance " Maha Episode

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5th October 2019 Written Update "Naira-Kartik's Almost Kiss and Romance " Maha Episode

    "Naira-Kartik's Almost Kiss and Romance " Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Maha-Episode 5th October 2019 Written Update.

    Episode Start with Naira Tells Kartik That Something Was Going One after Another It Like Signal that I shouldn’t have go to Court Kartik too Thinks About those Sign, He Jerks away the Thoughts and Tells her to come on time next time.

    Both get their lawyer's Call,Naira’s Lawyer tells her that Naksh Told Him The Reason Don’t worry, Here Damini tells Kartik that Her Time is Wasted, Damini and Naira’s Lawyer Both tell Naira and Kartik to Meet Together at Office, Naira’s Lawyer Warns Her to Prepare for the meet.

    Naira Thinks That Its Waste of Time to tell anything to Kartik and She Should Meet Naira.
    There Two lawyers who Filed Naira-Kartik Divorce Papers Suggested Damini what Happened Last time how Kartik and Naira Divorced Last time and Married again That too at Hospital, Damini is shocked But She Thanks Them.

    Here Vansh and Kairav are Talking Kairav is Telling Something That he is hiding from Naira Vansh Tells him About Dandiya and Garba.

    At Goenka house, Surekha is telling Kartik to Eat But He Says He is not Hungry, He Gets Manager Call and He Shouts On Him That He won’t come to Factory. He Shouts than on Servant that He Should Accept the Mistake, Vedika is Listing and She Thinks She too tells Kartik What She told Naira about Dirvoce, She About to tell Him But Samarth Calls Him and Vedika Stops and Thinks How will She tell Kartik, She Hates herself.

    There Kairav is Searching His Red Car toy In the Car, He Hides inside the Car and He Listens Naira’s Talking with Naksh that She is Waiting for Kairav to be Inside So That She can come Out, Kairav Thinks That His Mumma is Planning some Surprise for her.

    Naksh Suggest her to be Careful Naira tells That Yes She will, Naira Reaches the Lawyer’s office and kairav Sees Kartik too, He Gets Happy to see Both are Planning Something He Hears About Custody But Unable to understand What it Means.

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Upcoming Spoiler 5th October Full Episode Written Update

    Damini sees Them and Invited them. Kairav Follows them But Naira Takes him to Corner and Tells him to Take Her Pictures, She Takes Him to Another place Because She has Seen Kairav was coming Out of the Car. Damini is Seeing All This But Not Understanding.
    Naira Shows Kartik That Kairav is Seeing them, He Asks Her How He Came here?

    She Says That She Doesn’t Know But Do Act Like This That You are Planning This and both talk that They Should Give Surprise Dandiya Celebration to Kairav.
    Naira and Kartik come to sit in the Car and Kartik Signals Damini That He will call her, Inside the Car Naira-Kartik Scold Kairav That He shouldn’t come without telling anyone.
    At Singhania House kairav Narrates Vansh About Surprise Celebration Both Singhania and Goenka Family are Talking and Naira and kartik are telling them That How They Said Yes for Dandiya Celebration and They gets Agree.

    Both Family Decides Not to talk about court in the Celebration.
    Scene Change to Dandiya celebration Venue.
    Event Manager Welcomes Kartik and Vedika and Tells Them as Mr. and Mrs. Goenka But Kartik tells Him not to Address Them Like This.
    Vansh Asks about Kairav and Kartik tells Him That he Just talked to Naira and they are coming soon.

    Vedika texts Pallavi to come soon because she is feeling so lonely.
    Kairav comes running to Kartik and He Hugs him,Kartik Kisses him all over face and Tells that He Misses Him So Much.

    Naira comes and Kartik Gets Lost in His Beauty, Kairav about to tell Something But Stops Seeing Kartik and Turns Around and Both Says “ Haaye” Together.
     Kartik’s trance breaks when Vansh comes and Hugs him and Singhania's too come.
    Kairav Asks them did both Families fought They get shocked but Pretend that nothing Happened and Hug each-other.

    All Family members went for Pooja Vedika and Naira Talk about They both Didn’t Know Divorce Thing come to this.
    Host Announce to take Their Dandiya and Kairav Takes Naira and Kartik with him.
    Here Pallavi comes and Vedika Tells About Thinking to tell truth the Kartik But Pallavi Puts Venom In her Head Not tell Anything and She tells About How Kaira’s Bond Gets Stronger after Kairav She should do something soon Because Naira Never Left Kartik’s Life.

    Here Naira and Kartik Get Into Cute Argument Over Dandiya Sticks, Naira tells That She Has Put Hands First But Kartik Tells That He has Seen First.
    Naira Tells That This Colorful Stick will Look Good in Mendak’s Hand and Kartik tells That This will Look Dhinchak in Sherni’s Hand.
    There Vedika is Now Full Jealous to See Kartik and Naira and Kairav are having Fun Together as Family.

    Pallavi Tells Her that Naira will never leave and Kartik won’t leave her ever and She leaves.
    Host Announces Tonight Tonight Theme is “Milan “ Yes Tonight Who Love Each-other but Gets Separated will Meet Today That Too In front of Matran, So let's Start the Dance.
    Dance Started and Naira and Kartik are Danding in Circle Soon Both Come in front of Each-Other, Vedika Has Enough She runs outside.

    She thinks about All the Old Moments and Cry at the same time.
    She Hears How Manager is talking to an electrician about Current and How They Should Stop this Dance.
    Vedika Runs inside to Stop The Dance But Someone Closed the Door,She Calls Naira But Someone Pushes Naira while Dancing and She lands In Kartik’s  Arms.

    She Tries to Make excuses But Kairav Tells That He Wants to Dance with both.
    Vedika sees The Light Strip is About to Fall, She Knocks on the Gate, Shouts and Even Call but Nobody is Listing.
    Pallavi Comes to Gate and Both Try to Open The Gate.

    Here Kartik Sees Naira’s blouse String is Loose and about to come off, He Takes her to Side and Tells her Same, She Tries to Knot But Her Hands are Not Reaching.
    Kartik is watching all This He Pins her to wall when He sees Samarth is coming That Way, He Tells Naira Same.

    Vedika comes inside and Pallavi Asks What Happened She About to tell But Collide with someone and That Lady’s Food Fall from her hand She Scolds her and Tells her to pickup She Sees Kairav and Vansh are Dancing Below the Pole.

    There Naira Tells Kartik to Leave But He Sees Some Men are Staring He comes and takes her In His arms and With Reliving Old Moments He ties the Knot of her Blouse.

    Both About to Kiss Each Other.

    Precap For Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th October 2019 Written Update :

     Naira is Dancing and Vedika is running towards her and Kartik Sees Pole and Electric Bulb Strip to Fall On Naira.

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