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  • Wednesday, 9 October 2019

    Kasauti Zindagi Kay 9th October 2019 Episode Written Update " Anurag-Bajaj's Dance Competition Prern's Concern For Bajaj"

    Kasauti Zindagi Kay 9th October 2019 Episode Written Update " Anurag-Bajaj's Dance Competition Prern's Concern For Bajaj"

    Kasauti Zindagi Kay 9th October 2019 Episode Written Update " Anurag-Bajaj's Dance Competition Prern's Concern For Bajaj".

    The episode starts at Basu house. Anurag is capturing Prerna’s photos and Shivani tells that she will do that for him.

    Anurag goes and Bajaj comes to Shivani who is shooting Prerna’s video telling that Prerna is now his wife, she should not forget that. Shivani doesn’t give care to his words. Mohini gets happy to see Anurag with drum and Prerna smiles recalling dancing like this for the previous Durga pooja.

    Kasauti Zindagi Ki Written Update 9th October 2019 Episode Full Written Update

    Bajaj also comes there with a drum and starts playing it. Everyone including Prerna gets a tensed face. Both play drum in a competitive manner and Bajaj stops when his stick falls down. Bajaj starts dancing with others, seeing this Anurag also starts dancing leaving the drum. Both get into competitive way and Prerna looks at them tensed.

    Some people surround Bajaj and he acts like he doesn’t know anything. Bajaj asks them what they are doing and the goons put burning coal over him. Bajaj’s dress gets fire and everyone remains shocked. Goons runout and Bajaj goes behind them after putting off the fire. Prerna and Sharda go behind Bajaj. Anupam puts off the fire in the mattress and everyone gets relieved. Mohini asks everyone to continue as there are no issues. Anurag asks Shivani why those goons did like this to Bajaj and she tells that he must have done something to them also.

    Security stop one of the goons and Bajaj hits him asking who send them to kill him. Prerna and Sharda come there and get shocked seeing Bajaj’s reaction. Basu family is discussing the attack and Tapur asks who would have done this attack.

    Moloy’s brother asks whether Anurag did this and everyone looks at him angrily. Anurag gets a phone call and goes from there. Mohini questions her brother-in-law why he asked like this and he tells that he asked because once Anurag created his own accident in anger. He stops seeing everyone being anger towards him.

    Veena tells her family that it is late so they have to leave. Anurag where they are going this soon and he insists them to go after having prasad. Goon tells that he got money for doing this job and takes Anurag’s name when Bajaj asks for whom he worked. Prerna gets shocked and Bajaj asks the goon to leave. Sharda asks Bajaj why he left the goon and he tells that he doesn’t want to create any issues. Sharda scolds him and he tells that he has promised to someone. Bajaj goes and Sharda tells that she doesn’t know for which promise he is putting his life in danger.

    Kasauti Zindagi Ki season 2  Upcoming Written Update and Spoiler

    Sharda and Prerna come into the house with Bajaj and goes inside. Anurag was standing there with Tanvi and seeing Sharda Tanvi also goes inside with them. Anurag thinks why they are so upset and Mohini also looks on. Sharda gets worried seeing Bajaj’s wounds and Prerna comes there with a medical kit. Sharda takes the kit from Prerna but Bajaj asks her to leave this to Prerna as she is good in that.

    Prerna puts medicines on his wounds and he looks at her affectionately. Shrada and Tanvi look at them, both gets tensed. Sharda tells that she will come now and leaves from there with Tanvi. Bajaj recalls Prerna’s moments with him and Anurag sees Prerna taking care of Bajaj. Anurag gets jealous seeing their closeness and Bajaj smiles seeing him there.

    Anurag tends to go inside but Mohini stops him and takes him with her. Mohini starts to talk to Anurag but gets interrupted by her sister-in-law. she asks Mohini why a great man like Bajaj married Prerna and tells that he would have married for taking care of his daughter. Hearing Kumud’s words Anurag tells that Bajaj did this marriage with Prerna for Kukki and hurries out from there.

    Mohini stops him but Anurag tells that he can’t listen to her words as he cannot stop talking to Prerna. Bajaj comes out of the room and Prerna talks to him. she tells that for which love she left everything that loves snatched away everything. Anurag comes there and Bajaj looks at him.

    Precap For Kasauti Zindagi Kay 10th October 2019 Episode Written Update:

     Bajaj holds Prerna’s hand and tells that even if this happens again he will think that he is stupid. Prerna blames Anurag for hiring goons and Bajaj tells Prerna that whenever she comes after talking to Anurag her face is full of sadness. Prerna tells Anurag that Bajaj is trying to protect him even when Anurag is hating him and he asks why.

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