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  • Monday, 7 October 2019

    Kasauti Zindagi Kay 7th October 2019 Episode Written Update" Prerna Lost In Anurag's words "

     Kasauti Zindagi Kay 7th October 2019 Episode Written Update" Prerna Lost In Anurag's words "

     Kasauti Zindagi Kay 7th October 2019 Episode Written Update" Prerna Lost In Anurag's words ".

    The episode begins at Basu house. Prerna is worried thinking about that she is not able to control herself when she is with Anurag.

    Prerna tells that she is tired of hiding her feelings and telling that she belongs to someone else. Anupam informs Anurag that Prerna is sitting in front of God’s idols and he goes to her. Anurag asks pandit to bless Anurag and pandit blesses Prerna that she will come out of her miseries soon.

    Kasauti Zindagi Ki Written Update 7th October 2019 Episode Full Written Update

    Anupam calls Anurag and he goes to him. Kukki comes there and holds Prerna from behind. Bajaj and Sharda come there and sees this. Kukki accidently breaks Prerna’s mangalsutra when she gets up from there and Prerna is in shock. Tanvi asks Bajaj whether this is some bad sign and Kukki is afraid. Anurag also looks on and Kukki hugs Bajaj.

    He tells that they will make another mangalsutra and this is fine. Bajaj consoles Kukki asking her not to worry as she didn’t do this intentionally. Mohini asks everyone to be present for evening’ aarti and everyone applauds. Anurag goes to Bajaj and tells that they both will participate in the pooja. Anurag calls Shivani and asks why Sharma family hasn’t come for the aarti. Shivani puts the phone on speaker and asks veena to answer Anurag. Anurag asks why they didn’t come and Veena tells that Shikhar went to office and Mahesh went for tuitions and as soon as they come they will be there for pooja.

     Anurag asks Shivani whole day she calls him without any reason and asks her why she didn’t inform that no one is there to bring them to Basu house. Veena asks Anurag not to get tensed and tells that they will come soon. Shikhar’s wife tells that Anurag is such a nice human being and asks Veena who does she thinks is a perfect match for Prerna.

     Veena tells that she wanted Anurag to be with Prerna as he has love for her even now. Anurag prays to Goddess Durga to destroy the evil and to make good to win over bad.
    Bajaj goes to meet someone and gives Anurag’s photo. Bajaj tells them to do as his lawyer told him to do and the goons tell that they know that they should try to burn Bajaj but he should not be harmed either. Bajaj thinks that whatever he wanted he has acquired and this also he will get. Prerna sees Anurag and he asks did she understand what happened.

    Anurag tells that Prerna will be free from her so-called relation soon. Anurag tells Prerna that she is very pretty and he adjusts her bindi. Anurag puts kaala teeka for Prerna and tells that now it is perfect.

    Kasauti Zindagi Ki season 2  Upcoming Written Update and Spoiler

    Anurag stops Prerna when she starts to leave and tells that it is difficult to be away from the person whom they love. He tells Prerna that when she feels that she should go near the person whom she loves she should remember that he will be waiting for her. Both get emotional and Anurag wipes Prerna’s tears.

     Prerna asks Anurag why he loves her so much and he tells that honestly even he doesn’t know why he loves her so much. Anurag tells that but he knows that after meeting her he has realized the meaning of love and also about the pain. Anurag tells that his heart stops beating and everything stops for him when he sees her even now.

     Anurag tells that he doesn’t want anything more but needs her with him. Anurag tells Prerna not to tell why she loves him more and says that he knows. Anurag tells that maybe he will die if he hears her telling about that and if she denies he will become mad. Anurag asks Prerna when she has him in the heart why she chooses Bajaj but she leaves without answering. Prerna comes to her room and thinks about the Anurag adjusting her bindi.

    Bajaj comes there and asks whether she is fine and gives her water. Bajaj asks what happened but ignores her words when hears about Anurag. Bajaj tells that he doesn’t want to hear about Anurag and asks her to go through the mansions he has shortlisted.

    He takes her hand and gives the phone to her. but then takes back and she goes. Sharda brings kurta for Bajaj and he thinks goons telling him to wear the dress which can easily get fire. Bajaj thanks Sharda and she thinks that he is in quite anger mode.

     Anurag gets happy seeing Sharma family and goes to them. Anurag and Prerna hug Veena at the same time accidently. Veena is happy and Prerna looks shocking to Anurag.

    Precap For  Kasauti Zindagi Kay 8th October 2019 Episode Written Update:
    Veena blesses them that Goddess Durga will fulfill all their desires. 

    Bajaj sees this and Anurag tells that since Veena had blessed their wishes will come true. Prerna accidently slips on the carpet and Anurag holds her before Bajaj. Everyone is taking part in the dance and Bajaj’s dress gets fire. Everyone gets shocked seeing this.

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