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  • Thursday, 10 October 2019

    Kasauti Zindagi Kay 10th October 2019 Episode Written Update" Komolika is Back Prerna is Angry with Anurag"

    Kasauti Zindagi Kay 10th October 2019 Episode Written Update" Komolika is Back Prerna is Angry with Anurag".

    Kasauti Zindagi Kay 10th October 2019 Episode Written Update" Komolika is Back Prerna is Angry with Anurag".

    The episode begins at Basu house. Prerna tells Bajaj that for which love she has left everyone that love has snatched everything from her.

    Anurag comes there and Bajaj sees him. Prerna tells that Bajaj didn’t change and didn’t forget his vows. Bajaj holds her and says that he never breaks promises. He asks her not to worry about him thinking about the happenings today. He tells that he is not angry but just became emotional.

    Kasauti Zindagi Ki Written Update 10th October 2019 Episode Full Written Update

    Bajaj holds her hand telling that he never want this happen again and even if it repeats he will consider himself as stupid. Anurag looks at them jealously seeing Bajaj holding Prerna’s hands. Bajaj tells Prerna that this was Anurag’s last chance and if he does anything after this Bajaj can’t be responsible for his actions. Prerna goes to take water for Bajaj and he smiles thinking that Anurag will not be able to suffer this so he will react against this.

    Anurag thinks that Bajaj has done something against him to get into Prerna’s head. Prerna in the kitchen recalls goon taking Anurag’s name and also about Bajaj’s warning. Anurag comes to the kitchen and stops Prerna from leaving there angrily. Prerna asks what he is doing and asks doesn’t he want to live. Anurag gets confused and Prerna blames him for hiring goons to kill Bajaj. Anurag gets shocked hearing Prerna’s allegations.

    Bajaj is in his room thinking about Anurag’s reactions when Prerna was affectionate to him. He thinks in his mind that today Anurag will get wounded by Prerna’s words as she will take Bajaj’s side and blame him. Anurag asks Prerna whether she thinks of him like this and tells that if he had to hurt Bajaj then he would have hurt Bajaj himself.

    Kasauti Zindagi Ki season 2  Upcoming Written Update and Spoiler

    Prerna doesn’t believe Anurag and blames considering his past actions. Prerna tells that she believes Anurag more and says that this time she heard with her own ears the goon taking Anurag’s name. Prerna asks Anurag why he became like this and tells that this is one of the bad days in her life. Anurag tries to explain himself to Prerna but she doesn’t believe in him. Anurag stops her and asks Prerna why Bajaj didn’t get him arrested if the goon had taken his name.

    Prerna asks whether he is so interested in going to jail as he is doing all the activities according to that. Anupam comes there asking what happened and Prerna tells that Anupam has disappointed her as he is giving support to Anurag in doing everything wrong. Anupam gets angry telling that Prerna has also disappointed them by leaving Anurag and tells that it would be better if they don’t speak about expectations.

     Anurag stops Anupam from talking and asks what happened to him.Anupam angrily asks Prerna why she left Anurag on their wedding day and Anurag tells that it is a talk between him and Prerna. Anupam shouts telling that it is not between them but between their families and he goes on arguing.

    Anurag unknowingly pushes him in anger and Prerna looks in shock. Anurag apologizes to Anupam but he goes and asks Prerna whether she could see how she changed their Anurag like this. Anupam is hurt in hand and he tells that Anurag listens to Prerna always but doesn’t tell her anything. Anupam tells that Anurag even hurts others if they tell anything about Prerna and Anurag stops her when she starts leaving.

    Prerna tells that she has cheated Anurag and had her own reasons. It is shown that somebody’s face’s bandages are being removed after surgery. Prerna asks what Anurag has become and how could he raise his hands on Anupam. Anurag asks what he should do then when Anupam was telling against Prerna like this and she asks him to stop it. Prerna tells him that she can’t handle this madness and asks him to stop running behind her as she is his past.

    Anurag asks her not to break her heart and she tells that her heart has already broken. Prerna tells that Bajaj didn’t hand over the goon to police as he wanted to protect Anurag and he asks why Bajaj is protecting him. Prerna goes without giving answers and Anurag apologizes to Anupam but he goes in angry.

    Prerna is recalling the incidents and cries remembering her past life. Bajaj comes there asking why Prerna is crying and tells that he knows because she had talked to Anurag. 

    Kumud tells her husband about the incident happened today what she witnessed but he assures that Mohini will handle it. Bajaj tries to provoke Prerna and wipes her tears.

    The doctor tells Komolika that she had survived even after the attack and shows her new face as her face got destroyed and she screams.

    Precap For Kasauti Zindagi Kay 11th October 2019 Episode Written Update:

     Anurag tells Prerna that Bajaj did the attack himself and tells that he will only talk to her after getting proof against Bajaj. Voice is recorded when Prerna is telling Bajaj about the reasons for their marriage. Anurag tells Bajaj that he came to know all the truth.

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