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  • Monday, 16 September 2019

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 16th September 2019 Written Update " Kartik Gives Promise To Naira to Support her "

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 16th September 2019 Written Update " Kartik Consoles Naira Vedika feels Insecure ".

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 16th September 2019 Written Update " Kartik Consoles Naira Vedika feels Insecure ".

    The episode starts with Kartik hugging Naira. Naira asks Kartik what she can do for Liza then later she asks whether he trusts her or not then she remembers Kartik's question and says that he doesn't believe her.

    Kartik holds her with and says it's not only his fault, they both were wrong as he asked her a question but she didn't answer it, neither he believes her nor she Answered. Kartik asks her why she didn't trust on their relation.

    Naira suggests Kartik pick up talk about Liza and Akhilesh only. Kartik replies Liza isn't lying and the mistake is made by Akhilesh Chachu and now he is lying. Naira says to Kartik that Liza will never do wrong where she and Kairav are involved. Kartik says he doesn't know about the solutionbut they have to do something.

    Naira sits in the car and a part of her dress remains outside car's door then Kartik opens the door and put it in. Tensed Akhilesh comes to home then Suhasini asks him to stop as she wants to talk to him. Akhilesh replies rudely to Suhasini and goes from there. Surekha sees all this. Kartik and Naira reach the home and Kartik asks Naira to take rest and he will try to talk with Chachu. As Naira is about to go, Kartik stops her and asks her not to think that she is alone as he is with her and Liza.

    Naira suggests Kartik Chaturthitell Vedika everything as it's her right and she leaves. Vedika reaches there and says to Kartik that she isn't following him but she saw him there in the cafe. Kartik tries to make Vedika understand that he can't tell her anything because it's complicated. Vedika says to him that she is his life partner and she has the right to say all this and leaves.

     Kartik takes a car to meet Liza and Naira then the servant asks him to take the other car as petrol is less in this car. Kartik asks him that it's enough that he reaches to Singhania house and he will pick up petrol while returning and he goes. Vedika sees all this then she asks the servant about the white car and he replies that Naira has taken that car.

     Vedika becomes angry. Suhasini says to Suwarna that Ganesh Chaturthi is coming and this time they will bring Ganesha to their home and it will make Kairav happy and she will also be at peace.
    Suwarna asks Suhasini why she is disturbed then she replies that weird dreams keep on coming then Suwarna asks her that now Ganpati will remove all the sorrows.

     Liza is packing her bags then Naira asks her to stop as they will do something and give closure to this matter as she said. Later she says that they will just make Akhilesh accept it then Liza asks what she will get. Liza cries reaches and Naira tries to console her. Kartik's car stops in the way then stop her car and ask him what's he doing here.

     Kartik tells that he is also coming to meet Lizabut his car stops. Kartik asks Naira about Liza then she replies she isn't good and is about to go back to Goa but she stopped her. Kartik sits in Naira's car and asks her whether she think anything to get out of this problem then she replies that she isn't understanding anything. Kartik says what will happen when Surekha comes to know about this as Chachu did wrong to the whole family.

    Naira holds Kartik's hand and Vedika sees this. Kartik sees Vedika and asks her what she is doing here early in the morning. Naira says her that she had gone to meet Liza and Kartik says he met her as his car's petrol was finished. Vedika asks them as her car isn't starting can she also come with them then Naira asks her to come. Vedika comes to Naira seat then Naira gives her the seat and asks her to take care for the rest then Vedika replies rudely and Naira sits on the last seat. Vedika drives fast then Kartik asks her to drive with care.

     As they reach home Kartik asks Vedika to take driver with her from the next time so that she doesn't hurt. She replies she daily hurts but he never pay attention to it. Akhilesh cries and feels bad for what he had done to Liza. Kartik sees all this and he asks him that he did it wrong.

    Naira sees from the kitchen that Surekha is chiding the servant as he asks her what to make for Akhilesh's breakfast. Vedika comes there to make tea for Kartik then Naira seeing the ginger asks her that sometimes seen things can also be wrong. 

    Precap For Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 17th September 2019 Written Update

     Goenkas celebrate Ganesha Chaturthi and Kairav brings Liza there. Will Akhilesh's face will come out?

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