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  • Tuesday, 3 September 2019

    Kasauti Zindagi Kay 3rd September 2019 Episode Written Update " Bajaj Gets Friendly with Prerna Anurag Makes Fun of Prerna "

    Kasauti Zindagi Kay 3rd September 2019 Episode Written Update " Bajaj Gets Friendly with Prerna Anurag Makes Fun of Prerna ".

    Kasauti Zindagi Kay 3rd September 2019 Episode Written Update " Bajaj Gets Friendly with Prerna Anurag Makes Fun of Prerna ".

    The episode begins in the Basu house. Bajaj gets angry as he thinks that Anurag tried to bribe his employee.

     Anurag tells him that his employee has come to him with an offer to share all the tender of Bajaj’s company and in return he just wanted a good post. He tells Bajaj that he has rejected the employee’s offer. He tells everyone that Bajaj wanted his employee to act as a spy in Basu publication so that he gets to ruin the Basus.

    Bajaj asks Anurag to stop making stories. Anurag taunts him as his plan failed and leaves the house. Prerna asks Bajaj the details of the matter. Bajaj isn’t ready to explain Prerna. He decides to go to office to check all the documents. Nivi comes to Anurag’s room and packs his clothes and asks him to go as he always wanted to leave the house. Anurag doesn’t understand what Nivi is trying to do. Nivi shouts at him for still caring for Prerna.

    Kasauti Zindagi Ki Written Update 3rd September 2019 Episode Full Written Update

    Anurag tells her that Prerna is his need to live. Nivi asks Anurag to stay somewhere else so that he can forget Prerna. Anurag can’t live without Prerna. He leaves the room. Nivi feels bad for Anurag. Bajaj tries to find his wallet. Prerna gives him the wallet. She asks Bajaj about his troubles and thinks that he is upset seeing Anurag with her in the kitchen the last night.

    Bajaj tells her that he trusts her. Prerna asks him why he’s not talking to her properly. As Prerna keeps on insisting Bajaj, Bajaj tells her that he didn’t like how she distanced herself from him when the photograph was taken in the party.

    He felt disgusting as Prerna removed his hand from her waist while clicking the photo. He asks Prerna to stay at a distance from him so that she feels comfortable. Prerna clarifies him that she never takes his intentions to be wrong and tells him it will take time to make herself comfortable. She tells Bajaj that she can’t share her pain with anyone, unlike others. Bajaj feels sorry as Prerna cries.

    Bajaj leaves as he is unable to console Prerna. He thinks how he apologized to Prerna when she ill-treated him. He doesn’t understand how Prerna’s tears matter to him and why he’s feeling bad for her. He goes back to the room and tells Prerna that she can talk to him sometimes if she wants so that she can share her pain. He promises not to judge her and wants to try to be her good friend. He informs Prerna that he will be late as he has lots of work in the office.

    Kasauti Zindagi Ki season 2  Upcoming Written Update and Spoiler

     Anurag keeps looking at the moon from the terrace. Prerna comes from behind. As she was going to leave secretly, Anurag calls her name without seeing her. Anurag asks Prerna to take her time to talk to the moon. Prerna sees the moon. Anurag tells her that he also comes to talk to the moon when he misses her badly.

    He tells Prerna that they are soulmates. Prerna asks him not to talk over the same topic. He hides Prerna as he notices Sharda in the terrace. He tells Prerna that Sharma may misunderstand her seeing her with him. He tells Prerna that he wants her to come back to him leaving Bajaj but only when she realizes her love for him.

    He asks Prerna to hide as he’s going to distract Sharda. He goes to talk to Sharda and meanwhile Prerna tries to sneak out of the place. He leaves the terrace. Prerna thinks about Anurag’s words. Anurag meets Prerna in front of the stairs and asks her if she’s thinking about him. He asks Prerna if she’s regretting as she left Anurag to marry Bajaj. Prerna tells him that he’s sweet and the girl who’s going to be with him will be lucky.

    A stranger peeps from the main door. Anurag wants Prerna to be that lucky girl to have him. Prerna asks Anurag not to speak on the same topic again and again. Anurag tells her that she’s the most special person in his life.

    Precap for Kasauti Zindagi Kay 4th September 2019 Episode Written Update :

     A stranger comes to Anurag’s room to kill him. Anurag blames Bajaj for trying to kill him by hiring goons. He tells Bajaj that he has proof on the CCTV.

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