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  • Tuesday, 10 September 2019

    Kasauti Zindagi Kay 10th September 2019 Episode Written Update " Prerna Confronts Bajaj About Anurag's Accident "

    Kasauti Zindagi Kay 10th September 2019 Episode Written Update " Prerna Confronts Bajaj About Anurag's Accident "

    Kasauti Zindagi Kay 10th September 2019 Episode Written Update " Prerna Confronts Bajaj About Anurag's Accident "

     The episode begins at hospital. Doctor asks Prerna to leave Anurag’s hand and she recalls Bajaj’s words at their marriage. Prerna leaves Anurag’s hand sadly.

    Anurag is taken for the operation. Prerna sees Shivani and asks her how she knew that Anurag is in this hospital. Shivani tells that she brought Anurag to this hospital. Prerna hugs her thanking but Shivani pushes away from her. Shivani blames Prerna that today Anurag is in hospital and fighting for life because of her.

     Prerna slaps Shivani when she says that Prerna will make Anurag suffer until he dies. Anupam gets restless calling Anurag. Niveditha blames Prerna for the incidents happening there. Niveditha tells that her brother Anurag has changed a lot and she tells that she doesn’t even know whether he will become as he was before again. Anupam tells that it is never going to happen and gets into argument with Niveditha.

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     Prerna asks Shivani to think before she tells something and tells her that she should say anything about Anurag. Shivani asks Prerna what concern she is showing when she is not bothered about Anurag’s happiness. Prerna tells that she has concern for Anurag but Shivani tells that if she had concern she would have not left Anurag in their wedding place. Shivani tells that because of Prerna Mr. Bajaj and Anurag are fighting each other.

     Prerna tells Shivani that Anurag has to understand that she is now not the same girl he loved. Prerna tells that Mr. Bajaj accepted her and has no problem about she is living under the same roof with Anurag. Shivani asks then why Mr. Bajaj hit Anurag with his car. Prerna gets shocked. Mr. Bajaj comes to the same road where accident took place and recalls the incident. Bajaj feels guilty for leaving Anurag in the road.

     Prerna tells Shivani that Mr. Bajaj will never do anything like that and says that he can’t kill someone. Shivani tells that Prerna is having a lot of trust on Mr. Bajaj and Prerna tells that she trusts Anurag more than herself. Prerna tells always it is not about trust and says that Shivani is blaming Bajaj as she doesn’t like him.

     Shivani tells that she is not accusing Mr. Bajaj simply and tells that she was there when accident took place. Prerna is in shock and Shivani tells that if Prerna doesn’t want to believe this she can’t do anything.
      Bajaj checks the accident spot and enquires about Anurag in the nearby shop. Bajaj gets relieved when he comes to know that a girl has taken Anurag to hospital.

    Shivani explains the whole incident to Prerna and tells how she found the culprit was Mr. Bajaj.

     Prerna is not willing to believe Shivani’s words. Shivani tells that if the accident was not done intentionally then Bajaj would have not run away from there. Shivani asks Prerna to choose anyone in his life either her love or her husband. Shivani tells Prerna to stand with the person who is right if she is not able to make a choice.

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     Shivani asks Prerna to get the culprit punished and warns Prerna that if something happens to Anurag today then she will be responsible for that. Shivani tells that Mr. Bajaj made Anuarg in this condition due to jealousy. Prerna watches Anurag from outside the room crying and then goes from there. Shivani looks on. Ayushman Khurrana and Nushrat come to Basu house. They pray to Lord Ganesh and hears Tanvi asking someone not to suicide. Ayushman and Nushrat introduce themselves as Karan and Mahi. Karan asks whether there is any tension and Tanvi tells that her friend is upset because of her love matter. 

    Karan gives them a contact number and tells that Pooja will give solution for every problem in a call. Bajaj comes there thinking that Niveditha would have taken Anurag to hospital and thinks that he didn’t do right by going from there. Bajaj sees Niveditha there and thinks why she is here.

     Bajaj thinks of telling everything to Prerna. Bajaj asks Sharda whether she saw Prerna. Sharda shows fake concern to Bajaj asking whether he is fine and tells him that Prerna went out panicked. Sharda tells that Prerna was rushing from there as if something dear to her is snatched away. Tanvi asks if Bajaj is here then for whom Prerna rushed. Sharda tells that some of the guests told her that Prerna was running calling Anurag’s name and acts as if she said this unknowingly.

     Bajaj worries that Prerna got to know about Anurag and goes from there telling that he has to talk with Prerna. Guests see Prerna coming to Basu house and she sees Bajaj there. Someone calls out for her but Prerna angrily walks towards Bajaj. Guest tells that Prerna is seen disturbed. Bajaj calls Prerna coming to her room and she comes there searching for him. Bajaj tries to tell her but Prerna says that she wants to ask something to him. Prerna asks Bajaj whether he hit Anurag and he is left shocked hearing this. Bajaj tries to explain but Prerna repeats her question to him. Bajaj admits that he caused Anurag’s accident and Prerna is shocked.

    Precap: Prerna confronts Bajaj for leaving Anurag there after the accident. Prerna tells that Shivani was there and she told everything to her. Shivani calls Mohini and tells that Anurag is in ICU as he met with an accident. 

    Mohini cries near Anurag asking him to open his eyes. Sharda tells that Prerna’s and Anurag’s relation will break Bajaj’s relation with Prerna. Sharda says that this break will give rise to new relations like Anurag and Prerna, Tanvi and Bajaj.

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