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  • Sunday, 18 August 2019

    Zee World Mehek 18th August 2019 Sunday Written Update " Mehek Gets Flashes of Her Memory Shaurya Gets Attract to her "

    Zee World Mehek 18th August 2019 Sunday Written Update " Mehek Gets Flashes of Her Memory Shaurya Gets Attract to her ".

    Zee World Mehek 18th August 2019 Sunday Written Update " Mehek Gets Flashes of Her Memory Shaurya Gets Attract to her ".

    Episode starts with Archie holding tightly Neev’s arm and asking whether he is fine, Shaurya wipes his tears and asks him not to worry, Archie cries and tells that some power doesn’t want them to be together, Shaurya asks her to relax and tells her that they will not be disturbed again.

    Archie hugs Shaurya, Karona tells them to start rituals, Shaurya asks Neev to have as many ladoos he wants and tells him that he will take him to Chandni chowk. Archie gets angry, Banwari takes Neev away, in the room, Mahek tells Neev that if he needed ladoos he should have told her, Neev tells that the aunt is not good and he will pull her hair if she does like this.

    Mahek tells that Neev cannot go there from now on, otherwise they will go back to home, he tells no, Mahek hugs him, she tells that something familiar is there in this air as she is feeling restless from the moment she came here. Mandhar finds the driver who was hired by Shaurya when he was there, he beats him up to know about his boss, he tells Shaurya’s name, he tells that Shaurya is from Delhi, Mandhar decides to go to Delhi. Ceremony ends, Archie’s father apologises to Shaurya, Archie tells Shaurya that they will go out to get some fresh air, Shaurya tells that he can’t go today as he promised Neev to go to Chandni chowk today, she gets angry and clutches sindoor powder in her hand.

    Karona apologises to Archie for Shaurya’s behaviour, she tells that she can tolerate this as she loves Shaurya, Archie and her father starts to leave, she sees Neev playing in the garden, she tends to beat him, her father stops her, he tells that if Shaurya sees this he will get angry, Archie leaves in car without her father, he asks driver to follow her. At night, Banwari tells Karona that they will come after 2 days as the marriage is then, she tells that they can stay there as they are there guests. Shaurya calls Neev, he tells that his mother can also come as Banwari is also coming, she tells no.

     Banwari tells her to come, she slips and her veil falls off, before Shaurya could see she puts her veil back, Banwari tells that she can take this veil off as they are in Delhi, she tells that she is okay with this. They all are in car, Neev is fascinated seeing cars, Mahek gets some flashbacks, they comes to Chandni chowk. They start having gol gappas, Mahek stands aside, she gets flashback, she just has blurred visions of her past, she feels familiar seeing the board written Meera Sharma.

    Mansi and Sonal are buying vegetables at the market, Mahek faints, people gather around. Shaurya while having gol gappas remembers eating here with Mahek, Neev starts searching for his mother, Banwari worries as she doesn’t know the way, Shaurya.

     Someone sprinkling water at Mahek’s face, she gets up and puts her veil, Neev, Shaurya and Banwari comes there, Shaurya asks her to have energy bar, she still thinks how she is feeling familiar to this place. They sits in car and leaves, Shaurya tries to look at her face, but she keeps it covered always, he gets a call from Archie and goes to the hospital. Flashback is shown where Archie is hitting her father to call Shaurya near her, Archie hugs Shaurya.

    He brings her father to house, makes him lies on the bed, Shaurya asks him not to worry about next day’s puja, Archie’s father tells that Archie will come even if he can’t come, Shaurya says okay, Archie thanks Shaurya, he leaves. 

    Banwari says that Mahek should have a proper check-up, she tells that she is alright, she have the turmeric milk which Banwari gave, she tells that she is feeling better after having this, he nods and leaves.

    Archie tells her father that he said what she wanted him to say, he tells her that if Shaurya catch their lie then it will be a problem, she tells him that Sahil was only a way for her to meet Shaurya, she tells that Mahek was not up to Shaurya’s standards, she tells that she impressed Shaurya using human psychology. Banwari is sleeping on the floor, Mahek comes to the pool side, she gets a blurred flashback, she gets confused on the happenings, Shaurya is in the garden talking with some client over the phone, he sees Mahek sitting near the pool, her back is towards him, he recalls his moments with Mahek, he goes to her, he stops thinking what he is up to, he steps on a water pipe, Mahek sees him and runs away before he could see. In the morning, Shaurya calls Archie telling that there is no need for her to come as it is only Diwali puja, she tells that her father is okay so she will come.

     Dolly comes there telling that the sweets are bad, Shaurya tells that if Mahek was there she would have prepared everything, Shaurya ends Archie’s call, Archie asks driver to take her to the sweet shop. Neev is telling that he won’t bath as he is getting bored here, he complaints that he doesn’t have any friends to play here, Mahek tells Neev that she will prepare sweets for him, she asks Bnawari to get the ingredients for preparing the sweet.

    Archie looks for sweet at every shop, but couldn’t get any as it is sold. Archie comes to Khanna mansion, she hears Neev singing that his mother made sweet, she acts crying that her mother in law asked her for one thing and she couldn’t even bring that, Banwari tells that he will bring sweet for her, Neev protests that it is for him, Banawari tells that Mahek is making more. Archie gives sweet to Khanna family telling that she prepared it, Shaurya wonders tasting it, he thinks that it tastes same as Mahek made, he worries how to tell them this, Archie asks him to have it.

    Archie giving sweet to Shaurya, he remembers Mahek making this, she asks what happened. Neev tells Mahek that she  gave his sweets to others, she asks him not to be a bad kid. Archie tells that she prepared specially  for him, Neev comes there telling that his mother made this  for him, Banwari asks him to stop, Archie asks him not to scold Neev, she pulls his telling that she thought sweets was kept for Neev also, she tells that she didn’t say that she prepared it, she  took it from his grandfather as he insisted, Shaurya tells Neev as he is his  friend he should not  speak to elders like this. Karona asks  Neev to come and gives him sweets.

     Shaurya  stops seeing a car when he was on the way, Neev is crying out loud, Karona checks, Mandhar tells that he is taking his whole family with him, he tells that Banwari  brought them here without his permission.  Doli tells that  Banwari has come here after taking money for his services, Mandhar tells that he is taking his wife and son with him, Neev asks him to leave his mother’s hand and bites him.

     Karona  tells that they are her guests so he can’t behave like this to them, he tells that he will take his family with him, he  is about to hit Mahek. Shaurya beats him asking whether he doesn’t know how to behave with women, Neev cries that he doesn’t want to go, Mandhar takes them with him. Shaurya wonders why Neev didn’t want to go, Mahek also feels uneasy, Mandhar decides to make Mahek his after going home.

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