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  • Saturday, 17 August 2019

    Zee World Mehek 17th August 2019 Saturday Written Update " Shaurya-Archie Engegment Mehek Comes Hit and Miss "

    Zee World Mehek 17th August 2019 Saturday Written Update " Shaurya-Archie Engegment Mehek Comes Hit and Miss ".

    Zee World Mehek 17th August 2019 Saturday Written Update " Shaurya-Archie Engegment Mehek Comes Hit and Miss ".

    Episode starts with Shaurya asking guard t keep the luggage in the room, Neev runs, Mahek tries to catch him, she passes Shaurya but he didn’t see her face.

     Neev sees swimming pool and tells that he wants to bath in that, Shaurya tries to see Mahek’s reflection on water, but Vicky comes there calling him, Shaurya asks Banwari to rest. 

    Rajesh and Karona are looking decorations, Dolly tells that the house is prepared like this after a long time, Karona asks her to call Vicky and Shaurya as priest tells that they should start puja. Vicky compels Shaurya to get ready, he is working in the laptop, Vicky tells him that he will wait until the work is done, he says that he will get ready.

    Banwari prays for making his first performance a success, Neev gets curious seeing a door locked, he tries to look through the door, Mahek comes there asking him to be out of his pranks for some time, he asks whether they had locked someone inside. 

    Mahek tells him that this is not their house, she tells him that he can’t touch everything, he tells that he want that big car, she tells him not to disturb and unpacks her belongings, Neev goes to Shaurya’s car. Function begins, Sonal and Nehal comes there, Karona asks Sonal how her life is in Dubai, she says not good as home. Nehal tells that PD was unwell, so others couldn’t come, Karona tells that she know that Mohit and Kanta are still angry at them.

    Shaurya and Vicky comes downstairs, Nehal and Shaurya teases each other, priest ask groom to sit near bride, Shaurya sit near Archie, he recalls his wedding with Mahek. karona makes Archie wear chunri, Neev comes there seeing ladoos, he goes to get it, Mahek comes there. Priest ask Shaurya to keep his hand on brides hand, he wipes his tears and keeps his hand, she asks him why he is lost, suddenly he takes away his hand, he leaves the function, Archie gets angry.

     Shaurya is crying in his room looking at Mahek’s photo and recalling their good moments, Karona comes there telling to him that he can’t run from his life always. Shaurya tells that he can’t love anyone else, flashback is shown where Shaurya break things getting drunk and calling Mahek’s name, nobody was able to control him, Archie comes there telling that Shaurya is in depression as he loved Mahek so much, Karona worries.

     Archie tells her that she can make him normal, Karona welcomes her, Shaurya remembers once Archie calmed him hugging and gave him medicines when he broke down, he tells Karona that Archie is his friend but he can’t love her. Shaurya tells that he can’t cheat Archie by marrying her without love, Archie calls Karona standing near the door, Shaurya and Karona sees her.

    Shaurya telling that she can’t love Archie, she is only his friend. Archie overhears this and asks Karona whether she can talk to Shaurya alone, Archie tells  Karona to go downstairs and tells that they will take a decision together, she leaves. Archie’s father tells Rajesh that this is embarrassing, he tells him that Karona will bring him down, Nehal tells Sonal that Shaurya is not ready for this marriage, Sonal tells her that Shaurya  can’t be happy with anyone else than Mahek.

     Dolly tells that they should make Shaurya happy, Sonal tells that Shaurya has to move on in life, Neev comes there to eat ladoos. Shaurya apologies to Archie, she tells him she can understand him, for her also it  was not easy to forget her first love Sahil. She talks to him, she makes him sit and tells him that they can’t forget their first love, but they can share the pain, she tells him that from the moment she came to his  life he is concentrating on his business, she tells him that they both need someone to support them. Archie tells that f he don’t want to share his miseries with her then she will make everyone understand and asks him to be happy. 

    Archie counts till five silently, Shaurya  tells her that he will come, she smiles. Shaurya and Archie comes downstairs, they sit down for rituals, Archie smiles at Shaurya, Nehal tells Sonal that Shaurya’s smile has disappeared.

    Kanta is trying to control baby crying, she asks Mohit to call Sonal back, Jeevan stops him telling does they want everyone in the family to cut their ties with Shaurya. Mohit takes baby away, Kanta tells it has been just one year that Mahek left them and Shaurya’s family is eager to get him married, Jeevan tells that Shaurya was dying consuming alcohol, Archie helped him, Kanta tells that as a doctor her duty was to treat him not to love him or marry him. Jeevan ask what does she want, whether she want Shaurya to die, Kanta tells him that Shaurya can do whatever he wants, but she will forgive him only if she get her Mahek back. 

    At the marriage function, Vicky is donating money, Mahek in veil has some flashback related to her marriage, she then thinks of Neev, he hides and try to get ladoos, priest tell Karona to make Archie wear chunri, Mahek sees Neev eating ladoos. 

    Sonal goes out to call Mohit, Karona makes Archie wear chunri, Neev sees Mahek coming towards him, he start fan, chunri fall on Mahek’s head. Neev thinks that he will get beaten up, Archie’s father bring Neev out, priest says this as bad omen, Shaurya tells that he will bring that chunri back. Mahek takes off the chunri, she tells that she should lock Neev in a room, Mahek says Banwari about Neev’s actions, he apologises to Shaurya and tells that he will set Neev right.

    Shaurya tells that there is no need for that, Mahek gives chunri when Shaurya asked, but it fell down, Shaurya catches her hand unknowingly, he feels something strange, he apologises to her and leaves. Banwari asks Mahke to go and he will bring Neev, Archie asks her father to take Neev away as he is irritating, he goes to slap him for destroying the function, Shaurya comes and holds his hand.

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