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  • Sunday, 11 August 2019

    Zee World Mehek 11th August 2019 Sunday Written Update " Shaurya Saves Mehek New Twist Ahead "

    Zee World Mehek 11th August 2019 Sunday Written Update " Shaurya Saves Mehek New Twist Ahead "

    Zee World Mehek 11th August 2019 Sunday Written Update " Shaurya Saves Mehek New Twist Ahead ".

    Episode starts with showing play going inside the ground, family members are undergoing security checking, Shaurya thinks why his family members bags are being checked.

    A knife is caught from Karona’s bag, she gets questioned, Nikitha smiles seeing this from the crowd, Ravi gets into argument with security guards, women security uses bad language and also pushes Ravi, Shaurya also gets angry, security doesn’t allow anyone of them to go inside. Security tells that she won’t allow anyone of the family to enter the ground, they take family members individual photos and sticked it on the entry.

    Everyone gets worried thinking that they should have been more careful, Ajay tells that he is proud of Nikitha, she asks what is his game plan, he tells that they won’t get Mahek. Play is going on in the ground, Mahek is suffocated, Shaurya throws the things in his room, Vicky stops him from throwing his wedding photo, Shaurya cries and breaks down, he recalls their moments. Next morning, Dolly wonders seeing her family members photo outside the ground specifying that they can’t enter the ground, she looks on. Dolly comes home and informs them about this, everyone gets worried, Shaurya gets Ajay’s call.

     Ajay mocks at Shaurya, he gets furious, Ajay threatens that Mahek will die at the end of the festival. Family thinks of saving Mahek, Karona tells that they will give all property to Ajay without filing a case over him, Khurrana asks police to stop investigation on Karona’s request. Shaurya finds a paper fell from Dolly’s bag, he gets idea to enter the ground. Play is going on, Ajay tells that Mahek’s family will not enter the ground today, Ajay tells that Shaurya will try once again to protect Mahek, but he will not succeed.

    Mahek tries to escape, she shows signs to children, they go near Raavan effigy, Ajay comes there and scold children to go away. Ajay comes to Mahek, he tells that when he get property papers he will kill her, he tells that he want to see how Shaurya protects her. Shaurya and family comes there disguised as drama actors, they are determined to save Mahek.

    family with Shaurya entering the ground disguised as drama actors, Shaurya explains their plan, asks them not to get in front of security guards. Shaurya wishes everyone good luck, they vow to find Mahek. They search for Mahek everywhere with her photo, Shaurya sees Ajay, he tries to follow him, but misses him due to crowd trying to take selfie with him as he was disguised as Rama. Ajay comes to Mahek, he gives her food and asks her to eat, Mahek tells that she will eat only when he gets destroyed, Ajay goes from there telling her to enjoy.

    Mahek tries to escape by cutting her ropes by breaking glass bottle, she suddenly gets a feeling that Shaurya is near her, Mahek sees him through the hole, but Shaurya can’t see her. Ajay calls and threatens Shaurya that he will kill Mahek, Shaurya calls Khurrana and asks him to bring property papers soon. He tells everyone that they have only fifteen minutes to protect Mahek, everyone prays to God to help them.

    Sonal with her family members enters the backstage, they give food items to play actors, they make drama actors unconscious and occupies their place on the stage. They acts and Shaurya is looking into the crowd to find whether he could find Ajay or Nikitha. Pammi and Nikitha watching the play, Nikitha recognises them, and goes from there.

     Pammi continues to enjoy the act, Ajay and Rohit is seen around the shops. Ajay stops Mahek from escaping, he ties her again and takes her to a smaller Raavan effigy, Pammi sees Kanta and recognises them, the drama gets messed up due to them disguised as actors, she informs Ajay. Ajay thinks that Shaurya is playing trick on him, he decides to end Mahek, drama is continued in the stage, the actor playing Raavan is confused watching his co-stars performance, Shaurya sees Ajay and Rohit.

    Shaurya seeing Ajay and Rohit, he recalls Ajay’s words and thinks about it to find Mahek, drama gets messed up completely. Shaurya gets outside the stage, he gets interrupted by the crowd, he pushes them, Ajay and Rohit run towards Raavana’s effigy. Shaurya comes there and sees Mahek inside the effigy, Ajay tells that he again tricked him, he didn’t bring property papers. Ajay burns effigy, he laughs devilish, Shaurya runs and helps Mahek out, family members also comes there.

     Mahek is too tired even to stand properly, people chant Jai Sri Ram, Kanta and Karona hugs each other. Mahek hugs Shaurya, family members hug each other, Shaurya goes and fights with Ajay who was trying to escape, Khurrana comes there with police, they arrest Ajay. Pammi, Nikitha and Rohit tries to escape, but police arrest them also, Nikitha and Rohit tries to escape by blaming Ajay, police doesn’t believe them. Mahek stops police when they start taking Ajay away, he thinks that Mahek is going to forgive him, she slaps him, everyone stuns, Ajay shouts at Mahek that he won’t leave her, Mahek threatens her, police take him away.


    Vicky and Ravi go to police station for filing FIR, Khurrana warns police about Ajay’s criminal nature. Mahek hugs Shaurya, they both smiles telling that they won’t do any drama now. PD does aarti for Shaurya and Mahek, she thanks Shaurya for bringing Mahek back, Rajesh tells that everyone will have dinner together. Shaurya holds Mahek’s hand, everyone notices this, they smile, Shaurya sees Karona watching them, so he withdraws his hand.

    Karona asks them to go their room and freshen up, she tells that when the dinner gets ready she will bring it to their room, Shaurya and Mahek gets up to go, Mahek suddenly faints. Doctor checks Mahek, Shaurya gets worried, doctor tells that Mahek got dehydrated and ask them to make Mahek have food. Shaurya asks Mahek to have medicine, she refuses, Shaurya tells that he will show that he is world’s best husband. PD tells Shaurya that Mahek will come to Sharma house now as he made her sign divorce, everyone supports this decision, Shaurya looks at everyone, Jeevan tells Shaurya to come to their house tomorrow and ask to give Mahek, Dolly tells Shaurya to agree. Shaurya gets into a fix, Mahek also mocks at him.

    Mahek comes to Sharma house with Mahek, everyone gets happy that there is some peace, Kanta sees Mahek looking into phone, Mahek tells about the feelings she had when she was captured by Ajay. Sheetal and Ratan comes there, Sonal avoids her mother, Mahek sees this and thinks about why Sheetal was stopping Sonal. Mahek asks Nehal and Sonal to go without disturbing her, she starts preparing food, Shaurya calls her and tells that everyone is snatching her from him.

    Shaurya tells that he wants to meet her, she tries to mock at him, but he pleads her to come. Mahek tells him that she will see him tomorrow, Shaurya tells that she is murdering their romance. Mahek utilises the opportunity to mock at him, Mahek stops seeing a shadow at the window, she thinks who it is.

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