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  • Friday, 9 August 2019

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 9th August 2019 Written Update " Kartik run Away from Marriage "

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 9th August 2019 Written Update " Kartik run Away from Marriage "

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 9th August 2019 Written Update " Kartik run Away from Marriage "

    The episode starts with Naira whoo by mistake send a message to Kartik instead of Dr.Pallavi.

    Seeing that it's Kairav's mom message, he thinks what happens to her today but he read the message Samarth arrives there and asks him to get ready. 

    Vedika looks pretty in the wedding dress everyone praises her. Kartik is going downstairs with Samarth then Akhilesh comes there and tries to tell him something but Samarth stops him.

     Naira asks the nurse whether his child is fine or not if there any complication then the nurse asks her to stop for a while. Kartik reads the message which is for Dr.Pallavi in which Naira asks her to comes fast in the hospital, and she also mentioned for his surgery also then Kartik worried about Kairav then suddenly he remembers that Dr.Pallavi also talk about a years-old child that there a hole in his heart.

    Kartik comes to know that for which child he talks to the Doctor, is Kairav and says that Kairav also told him that he saw him in the hospital, but he unable to understand. Naira asks the doctor about the surgeon and what happens to his child but the doctor refuses to explain anything to her and says that only the senior surgeon will explain her. Naira becomes more worried.

    Liza asks the doctor to tell them then the doctor says that there is a rare complication shown in the readings but not by seeing the patient's physical health and asks them to pray. 

    Liza says to Tina that she should call Kartik as the surgeon is also his known and when Dr.Pallavi also comes to know that Kairav is Kartik's son then everyone will tries the best to save him and asks her to call him. Naira replies that today is his wedding how could she call him.

     Kartik tries to go in Vedika's room but Suhasini stops him and reads the message from Naira then she asks him not to go as he can't do this Vedika. Kartik asks her that he doesn't know what connection he has with this child, he just wants to see him after that he will come and marry. Suhasini says that he has feelings for him but what about her and Vedika, who are waiting for many years, you don't have any responsibilities then Kartik replies that he is not running from his responsibilities but only once he wants to see this child then only then he feels relaxed, he comes there to tell Vedika and after then he will go.

    They both argue but Suhasini doesn't let him go. Liza asks Tina what happens to her then Tina locks herself in the room and cries, Liza asks her to tell her but Naira says to God that why is he taking an examination of a little child, she lefts Kartik that why he is doing so so that they collide with each other, she couldn't tolerate more now and asks God to finish this all. 

    Suddenly she remembers about Kairav and opens the door. Liza takes her aside.

    ‌In the Goenka house, everyone stands in front of Naira's picture and Suhasini says that she didn't think that this day will come, everyone, remembers her and asks her to give blessing to the new bride. Liza says to Tina that these tears, this pain is not only for Kairav, as she knows her she knows that she is tensed about Kartik's marriage also but she didn't admit it and asks her to go in front of Kartik and stop the marriage.

     Suhasini says that 5 years have gone, now they want Kartik to marry again and wants to see his child. Liza says to Tina to forget all things as they love each other and asks her to just think about Kairav, who needs his father and says her to think before anyone from Kairav or Kartik slips from her hands.

     Further, she says why is she punishing Kairav, despite everything why is troubling his life and why is she also suffering, the things which are not in her hands, she asks her to leave them to the God but the things which are in her hands, she should take action for them. She again asks her to go and stop the marriage. There in the Goenka house, everyone talks about Vedika in front of Naira's picture then Akhilesh asks them to stop.

    The priest calls them and Akhilesh thinks that he is wrong as nor Kartik refuses for the marriage and neither she stops him. Liza asks Naira to decide until then she is going to Kairav. Vedika comes to the pavilion then Vansh comes and says that Kartik isn't present there. Everyone goes to search for him. Naira thinks about whatever Liza said.

    Gayatri says to Suwarna that she said that Kartik isn't happy from the marriage, now you can see the results then Suwarna asks her to stay quiet. Naira thinks that Liza is right, there is any reason that after a long time they all met again. Vedika says that Kartik leaves her on the day of the wedding, she knows that he doesn't want to marry her and runs from the pavilion then Kartik comes there. Liza sees Naira going in the taxi and feels relaxed.

     Suwarna asks everyone to stop there as she wants to talk to her son. Naira says that Liza is right and she is now going to Kartik for her son's happiness and removes the scarf from her face.

    ‌Precap For Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 12th August 2019 Written Update :

     Naira locked in a room filled with liquid nitrogen and falls unconscious there. Kartik goes to save her and shocked to see that she is Naira.

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