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  • Saturday, 17 August 2019

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 17th August 2019 Written Update " What Kartik Got Married Naira-Kartik Hug "

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 17th August 2019 Written Update " What Kartik Got Married Naira-Kartik Hug "

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 17th August 2019 Written Update " What Kartik Got Married Naira-Kartik Hug ".

    The episode starts with Liza saying to Tina that she is going to the church till Kairav's. Kartik asks Kairav are you afraid then Kairav replies why is he asking this if he going somewhere.

    Naira says to Kairav that his parents will always remain with him. Goenka family also reaches to Kairav seeing them Kairav feels happy and asks Gayatri about Vansh. Suhasini hugs Kairav then Kairav says that she is too heavy then everyone starts to laugh there.

     Suhasini asks Kairav not to say her child thief aunt. The nurse asks them to get aside as they have to take in. Kartik says to Kairav not to afraid as he will be absolutely fine and then the nurse takes him inside. The nurse comes to Naira and Kartik and asks then to sign the consult form, in which written as is something happens during the operation then they will not blame the hospital. The nurse asks them to sign fast then they both do it.

    Kaira Mahamilan : Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode Written Update 17th August 2019

    Kartik says to Naira if something happened to his child then she will see his that face which she had never seen before. The nurse asks the doctor that this injection is from Delhi so put it with care. Akhilesh asks about the injection then Samarth replies that it's a life-saving drug which used during heart surgeries. Manish says its good that they are well prepared. Kairav asks the doctor that he wants to go to his parents then Dr.Pallavi replies that they will call his parents here and asks him to close his eyes as they are going to start their work.

     Kairav asks the surgeon that he wants to go home today and he wants to live with his father's big family then the doctor replies he will try to do so. As kairav's surgery starts everyone gets worried and Kartik says that he can't see this and leaves. Suhasini taunts on Naira and says now Kartik comes to know about his child in such a condition when he is not able to celebrate and even not able to hug him as he has such a big disease that anything can happen anytime.

    Naira replies to Suhasini that thinking like a grandmother she forgot to think like a mother and among his parents who feel worse no one can predict and it has no link with it that go spends more time with whom. Dr. Pallavi comes out of the operation theatre then Naira asks her if everything is fine then Dr. Pallavi says something to her and she goes to call Kartik.

    Monica Work: Suwarna asks Dr. Pallavi is everything is alright but Dr. Pallavi asks about Vedika then Suwarna replies that she is at home with Surekha. Dr. Pallavi asks them that none of them was able to stop their son then Manish replies that they are not prepared and asks her not to worry as they are with Vedika.

     Suwarna asks Dr. Pallavi about Kairav and what was she talking with mother. Vansh asks the servants where were the family members had gone but they answer him two different answers. Vansh asks Surekha but she doesn't answer his question properly and leaves,  Vansh says that's not fair. 

    Naira that at this time they both have to support each other. Naksh talks to Kirti then Devyani comes there then Naksh says that he lied to Kirti but if he tells her the truth then she brokes and no one is with her who can take care of her. Naksh further says that he also talked with Luv-Kush and they already know about Naira. Naksh says because of Naira's doing everyone suffers and she did the same in her childhood also and now he wants to ask her what was running in her mind then Devyani says it's not the time for that as now they have to pray for Kairav. Naksh says that they all will pray for him and nothing is going to happen with him. Kairav asks Dr. Pallavi, can die too then she replies to him that is he thinking like this as they are just going to remove germs from his stomach. Kairav asks Dr. Pallavi that if he dies then she asks his parents to live together and his father not to live his mother alone then she replies that no one is going to live anyone and he will live with parents.

    Surekha calls Akhilesh and asks him about Kairav as Gayatri has told her everything. She asks how could she can do this and Kartik comes to know about now as he today is his wedding and is going to move on but Akhilesh asks her that he will talk to her later as the surgery is going to start then Surekha says why he always not listens to her when she tries to talk. 

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode Spoiler Upcoming News

    Surekha says that Naira is far better than her as she has her friend Liza but doesn't his husband or any friend then she hangs up the phone. Akhilesh feels worried due to Liza. A servant comes to Surekha and asks her that Vedika has gone to somewhere in the car. Kartik sits outside the hospital and recalls all the memories.
    Naira sees him but she stops there as Vedika comes to him. Vedika says to Kartik she has listened Surekha and Akhilesh's talk that's why she comes here and asks him if he is fine. Vedika asks Kartik to just think about Kairav and not to worry as nothing will happen to him as he arranged the best surgeon for him as Kairav is a very good child, God will do nothing wrong with him. Naira listens to them and is about to leave but she shocks to see that Vedika is married as she has Mangalsutar on her neck and Sindoor on her forehead.

     Manish receives a call from media but he says them not to interrupt him then Suwarna come there. Manish says to her that its time to pray for the child and he is busy with the media it's just because of that girl. Suwarna asks him  "that girl" means Naira then Manish asks her not to speak her name when the first time he listened to her name that time also he got bad news that his son is in the jail. Suwarna asks him, that time it wasn't her fault in that condition as she also blamed her but she never says something to her. Manish asks her that because of Naira there is always trouble in his son's life but Suwarna asks him to support her then he replies that if she is angry with Kartik then she could come to us as he always supported her more than Kartik and what she has done. Suwarna tries to make Manish understand and asks him to forget all things. Manish says that he recalls the time when he stopped her to meet Kartik and after Kairav's surgery when he becomes healthy, he is going to use the same words for her and leaves. Suwarna says to herself that he is in anger now and she knows that he loves Naira the same he loves Kartik.

    Vedika says to Kartik that she knows its a very difficult day for him where they got married and here all this. Naira loses her balance then Vedika and Kartik see her. The three looks at each other. Suhasini asks God why he did this with Kartik as there he got married and here he comes to know that Naira is alive, it is also bad for Vedika and Kairav too. Samarth consoles her and says that a moment ago everything was fine but now nothing.

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 17th August 2019 Mahaepisode Full Episode Written Update

      Suwarna receives a call from Surekha then she asks that she has gone somewhere, listening to this everyone becomes more worried. Manish says where and why she has gone then Samarth replies why she has is clear as she came to know about Naira. Suhasini says even they don't understand what to do as all the wires have tackled and what is going to happen now. Kartik says to Vedika that she is Naira his ex-wife and then he introduces Vedika to Naira saying that she is his wife. Naira says to Kartik she has come here to call him as the doctor said that Kairav's parents can see his surgery and if wants then he can come as the surgery is about to start. They both leaves and then Suhasini sees Vedika alone.

    Surekha calls Gayatri and asks about Vedika as along with Kartik, Vedika and Kairav are also Suhasini's favorite then she says her to call her if she comes to know anything about Vedika and she will also call her if she knows anything. Gayatri is afraid that Kairav will take Vansh's place. Kartik and Naira come there and goes to the operation theatre then Suwarna says all the relations are on one side and parent's relationship are on another side. Suhasini says that but now Kairav's father is someone else's husband and his new bride is here in search of her husband. Vedika comes there and consoles Suhasini that nothing will happen to Kairav. Dr. Juhi and Dr. Sid say to Kartik and Naira that it's their right to see the child and not to panic as everything is under control and asks them to remember that not to make noise in the OT and if they feel they don't want to then see then they can come out. Naira thanks them and then Dr. Sid says that they are not present during the surgery as Dr. Pallavi and Dr. Mehta will do. Dr. Juhi asks them not to worry as if the doctors need their help then they can call the Sanjeevani and says their wishes all with Kairav, he will be fine soon. Kartik and Naira go to the OT there Naira holds Kartik's hand but Kartik releases his hand. As the surgery is about to start then Naira again holds Kartik's hand and Kartik also holds her hand. As the doctor cuts Kairav's chest Kartik and Naira hugs each other as they can't see this.

    Precap For Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode 19th August 2019 Written Update :

     Kartik and Naira become worried as the doctors are about to give Kairav the life-saving drug but the bottle fall and breaks.

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