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  • Thursday, 15 August 2019

    Star Plus Show Sanjivani 2 Written Update 15th August 2019 " Dr.Ishani Behind Sid to Expose Him Shashank Ready For Surgery"

    Star Plus Show Sanjivani 2 Written Update 15th August 2019 " Dr.Ishani Behind Sid to Expose Him Shashank Ready For Surgery".

    Star Plus Show Sanjivani 2 Written Update 15th August 2019 " Dr.Ishani Behind Sid to Expose Him Shashank Ready For Surgery".

    Today's episode begins in the hospital where a number of people rush into the hospital with a critical condition patient, The doctors and nurse took the patient to the room.

    Dr. Shashank asks Juhi to remember what she used to say when Dr. Juhi says that the case is complicated, he reminds her, and she says definitely she remembers, she says if the work is difficult and risky she definitely does that work. Dr. Ishani comes to Sid, he asks her if she has seen so complicated case in her life, on the other hand, a nurse comes and informs to Sid that Dr. Juhi has come, and ask Dr. Ishani to stay with her for important work.

     Sid rushes into Dr. Shashank room with the file. Dr. Shashank introduces Sid to Dr. Juhi, Sid appreciates Juhi and everyone has a beleive on Juhi regarding Dr. Shashank case. Ishani rushes into the room and says that the surgery which was done in 2005, she has to do the same surgery.

     Ishani was about to ask if she can get involved in Dr. Shashank case but Sid changes the topic and asks Ishani to come out with him. After they leave the room Sid says that she was going to complain about him but instead he should have complained about her as she has come through nepotism. 

    Meanwhile, Dr. Vardhaan comes and inform Sid that he got he complain, and he will ask Juhi to stay Sid away from Dr. Shashank case. Sid gets shocked and asks Ishani what has he done, Dr. Vardhaan asks Ishani to show proof and Dr. Ishani says that Natasha is in the hospital only, and she will reveal. Anjali comes to Dr. Shashank room, he says that flowers love him because they know hr is going to die. 

    Anjali gets aggressive and asks not to say such things. Anjali asks if she is not a good doctor to which he replies she is the gene he further explains to her that the doctor should not only have knowledge but should know how to protect rights of the hospital, lay politics and help poor patients.

    On the other hand, Ishani and Dr. Vardhaan visit Natasha where she refuses to admit that Sid has tried to charge more by fooling her. Ishani convinced Natasha to tell the truth but she denies. Dr. Vardhaan gives a card yo Natasha in case she needs help, Ishaani aggressively leaves where Sud becomes happy to hear that. Dr. Vardhaan says to Sid that he got saved this time but not next time. Sid leaves. 

    Dr. Vardhaan calls Ishani and the normal conversation starts between them about Arjuna. Dr. Vardhaan says that he need whole heart doctors like Ishani. He says that he hates the people who break rules because people who break the rule are weak Ishani knows better. Dr. Anjali says to Dr. Shashank that being a daughter is a blessing but at the same time being in her gene and profession is punishment. He calms Anjali and asks her to sit and adds that he can't die leaving Anjali upset. Anjali encourages her father.

    Anjali while coming out of room meets Juhi and Juhi says that surgery is quite difficult where Anjali shows her rudeness. Juhi asks what problem she has from her, she replies she wishes her and leaves.

    Sid plans to target someone to arrange money for poor children operation. Dr. Ishani notices and points out the rich family to target. Sid says that they have to do a lot of preparation for Dr. Shashank operation. Sid gives her the patient file and does not involve her in the case and calls Asha to be in that case but Asha insists that she is not in her team, but he says that he will talk to her senior. Ishani gets upset as she wishes to do this case.

    Dr. Ishani gets busy in checking patients, whereas Juhi and everyone starts their preparation for Dr. Shashank case. Ishani founds a patient tearing her hair and eating she then leaves. Dr. Shashank was taken in the wheel chair to the room when he came out of the room to go to the operation room. 

    The complete hospital staff came together to show respect and love to him. Dr. Ishani comes and hugs him and says that she knows he can fight. It was an important operation for him he can even lose his life in this operation hence everyone is scared. Dr. Shashank arrives in the operation room. Juhi closes the door of the operation room.

    PRECAP For Star Plus Show Sanjivani 2 Written Update 16th August 2019 :

     Juhi Performs Surgery. Ishani Records Sid and Tells Him That Now She Has Proof.

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