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  • Wednesday, 14 August 2019

    Star Plus Show Sanjivani 2 Episode Written Update 14th August 2019 " Dr. Juhi At Sanjavni, Sid-Ishani Argument "

    Star Plus Show Sanjivani 2 Episode Written Update 14th August 2019 " Dr. Juhi At Sanjavni, Sid-Ishani Argument ".

    Star Plus Show Sanjivani 2 Episode Written Update 14th August 2019 " Dr. Juhi At Sanjavni, Sid-Ishani Argument ".

    Today's episode start's in the hospital. Dr. Ishani's, imagines of attacking Sid, but it was just an imagination.

    Ishani asked Sid, he could have helped her during operation, while Sid says that she doesn't need anyone helps as she is already so perfect in handling patients. 

    Ishani says that, she will do complain of Dr. Sid to his boss. Vardhaan walks into Sid's room and mistakenly Sid threw hid shirt on Dr. Vardhaan to, which he gives rude lecture of throwing Sid out of the hospital.

    Star Plus Show Sanjivani 2 Episode 3 Written Update 14th August 2019

    Meanwhile, Ishani friend saw Dr. Anjali and runs behind her to introduce herself but in a very hasty manner with hastily she refuses to shake hand and says that her hand is wet. Ishani too, runs behind Dr. Anjali, but she says she doesn't know who she is in a very hasty manner with hastily and adds that Ishani doesn't require giving introduction.

    Ishani complains about Dr. Sid but Dr. Anjali becomes aggressive and says that Sid is one of the best doctor of Sanjevani and if she has problem she can leave the hospital. Anjali gets a call. Dr. Ishani comes to know that Dr shashank is suffering from Brain tumor. Dr. Vardhaan visits to Dr. Shashank with flower and tells him to get well soon.
    Dr. Shashank says that he is still alive and suggests him not to celebrate early.

    Dr. Vardhaan says he will do whatever is good for Sanjevani. Dr. Vardhaan, says that he hopes that this is not their last meet. Dr Shashank says that this might be true. Ishani friend discuss Doctor Juhi carriers and achievements. Juhi visits Sanjivani and before entering hospital she recalls everything, the time she has spent with doctor Shashank. Anjali saw just entering they both stare at each other Anjali, leaves Sid and Shashank talk to each other and Dr. Shashank appreciates Sid for helping poor patients.

     Dr. Ishani rush into the room as she came to know about tumor, guard insist that they have tried to stop her but failed. Sid was asked to leave the room as he wanted to talk to Ishani personally. Ishani cries that she just came to know about tumor today only. Ishani ask Dr. Shashank if she wants to do complain where she should go for complaints but refuses to tell complain of Sid to him as he was not well. Juhi comes to Anjali and asks how is she. 

    Sanjivani Written Update 14th August 2019

    Anjali does not respond and says that she has to go for surgery. Juhi enters Dr. Shashank rooms where he is lying on the patient's bed.

    Dr Shashank ask if she can forgive him to which she replies that he have done nothing. He says that because of him she has left Sanjevani she replies it might be for her better only. Juhi ask for reports from nurse. Dr. Shashank says that he has given the name big bang to the disease.

     Juhi says that the case is complicated and ask if his eyesight is good to which he replied that she is wearing pink, and he could see that. Juhi says if she tries to remove tumor he might lose his brain sense, but he insists that she has to do this operation. Dr. Shashank says if she can leave him to die by not doing operation.

    Dr Ishani was taking pictures and Sid comes and ask how does she know doctor Shashank. An argument starts between them and Sid at one point says sorry to her, but she replies to save sorry for future.

    PRECAP For Sanjeevani Written Update 15th August 2019 :

     Juhi Asks Anjali Why She Called Him At Sanjvani if she is not Happy.

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