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  • Monday, 12 August 2019

    Star Plus Show Sanjivani 2 Episode 1 Written Update 12th August 2019 " Meet Dr. Sid and Dr. Ishani "

    Star Plus Show Sanjivani 2 Episode 1 Written Update 12th August 2019 " Meet Dr. Sid and Dr. Ishani ".

    Star Plus Show Sanjivani 2 Episode 1 Written Update 12th August 2019 " Meet Dr. Sid and Dr. Ishani ".

    The Episode begins with Sid where he spends time with his friend, the girl insists that he doesn’t even remember her name even after spending the whole night with her.

    On the other hand, the group of children’s were playing and one of the child droves  In water, Sid realizes that the child is in trouble and runs to save him, Sid jumps into the water to save the kid, he brings out the kid from water but still the child was unconscious and hence Sid do attempts to save the life of  a child .

    He asked her mother to dial for the ambulance since the child was under critical, Sid makes a call and says that home minister child is under critical condition though the child was not home ministers child to call for help more earlier he had to say lie. After reaching to the hospital Sid suggests a doctor that if they want opportunities then they should focus on possibilities.

    Sid relaxes the child’s mother by saying that he won’t let anything happened to her child.

    On the other hand, Dr. Ishani Comes for the first time to the hospital and feels proud and happy to join the hospital as it was her first day as a doctor.

    Suddenly Sid and Ishani come in the contact where Sid says that Ishani has an anger issue, while Ishani gave chocolate to Sid and says that he doesn’t look well, his blood pressure looks high, while Sid says that Ishani needs psychiatrist and Leaves.

    Ishani meets her new Colleague and Have introduction conversation she asks Ishani to shake her hand while Ishani refuses to shake hand because she says she is hygienic.
    On the other hand, Dr. Shashank introduction comes and he looks caring, loving doctor but at the same time weak and unwell. The doctor asks if he has updated his speech for new doctors because New doctors would love to hear different but he denies He says that he will never change his speech.

    Mr. Shashank says that few things don’t Require change while doctor says that he everyone knows that he is soon going to leave his post-Mr Shashank replies that he is leaving post but not Sanjivani, while the doctor seems to be jealous of dr Shashank
    On the other hand, sid was asked to attend the orientation but he denies and says he knows all the rules of dr Shashank and listening from the past 3 years.

    Sid searches that the tumor is bleeding and says to inform dr Shashank to visit the surgery room after Orientation as it is important.

    The child asks Sid if he will live or die but Sid encourages him by saying that he won’t let happen anything, on the other hand, the other doctor forces Sid not to do operation of child as the treatment cost is 2lakh and ask who will pay the bill as it is a private hospital and the child is poor won’t Be able to pay bill.

    Sid says that he will arrange 2 lakh but he will do the operation at his own risk.

    Sid explains child-mother that surgical treatment is necessary, her mother insists that she could not arrange 2 lake amount.

    Ishani gets her doctor coat and she feels proud and happy to wear it while Ishani gets a call not to eat non-veg as it is Purnima ,Ishani gets hug from her friend as it is her birthday and her friend ask for a party, while Ishani asks her friend to throw glass on right dustbin as there were 2 dustbin.

    On the other hand during child treatment, Ishani suggests not to fight if doctors will fight who will see the patient.
    They try to help the child and get succeeded in saving a life
    The doctor says that he couldn't understand the problem Ishani says to focus on possibilities if he wants opportunities. The doctor asks Ishani to meet Sid Malhotra and Says that she has already started her duty.

     While Sid was busy buttering one of the patient to spent 7-8 lakh for beauty treatment, he does this to arrange money for a child but Ishani hears and becomes aggressive.

     After the lady leaves Ishani catches Sid and says that she will tell everyone about taking extra money from a lady while Sid says That he doesn’t care whatever happened.

    Ishani says that she is her resident and it will be the last day of Sid in hospital. Sid says that it is his 3rd year and he knows better than Ishani about hospital rules.

    PRECAP  For Star Plus Show Sanjivani 2 Episode 1 Written Update 13th August 2019:

     Nurse Tells That No One Can Give Life to Dead, Someone Tells Dr. Ishani's Full Name. Shashank's Daughter comes to Know That Her Father has Cancer.

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